Elixir of the Golden Dragon - Dragon Reborn Stage 2 + Mogul + ElixirU (FINISHED)


I started that part of my journey in the morning and all I can say for now is that both programs make me feel really good, I feel that pleasant warmth in my chest but, surprisingly, Mogul feels better. Maybe because first I ran two loops of DR and then I moved to two loops of Mogul but I don’t think so. So definitely, I feel the revolution coming. :heart_eyes:

Total Exposure Time to The Elixir of The Golden Dragon: 4/200 hours.


What’s Mogul ‘feel’ like?


Okay, let’s do it!


Do what exactly? This?



Oh fuck, no! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I meant this:
Let’s go to the top and show them all, they were wrong, you’re the King. :sunglasses:


@Voytek Thank you for letting me have fun tonight at your expense


I could tell you the same, dear James. :heart_eyes:


Mogul has kicked in. I’ve started reevaluating the way I spend/invest my time and money. Interesting.


Total Exposure Time: 10/400 hours

It’s interesting but I’ve got relaxed if it comes to my plan on starting my own business, I’m not concerned about that at all since I know I don’t have to have any and still, I can enjoy my life and consider myself a happy person. I can live my life any way I want and deem right. Maybe it’s related to the book I’m reading (The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck). @JCast recommend it to you unless you’ve read it already.

I’ve even started playing an economic PC game (Rise of Industry) which is a business simulator. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

On top of that, I and my gf feel we’re more connected than ever I told her today I love her more every day.




Total Exposure Time: 18/400 hours

I don’t know if it’s Mogul at work but I had some realization about “being rich” in the morning. The common notion of being rich is having “more” (more than you need, more than your neighbour, more than the average Joe, more more more) while being rich is all about having “enough”, being satisfied which what we have but the society, comparing ourselves with other people urge us to struggle for “more” instead of letting us be satisfied with our “enough”. Just a notion of mine.


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I thought DR was supposed to free up from obsessions. :sunglasses: Please, help me keep my journal smooth. Too many old women in it. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: @JCast


Greetings from The Land of Smiles, guys! :heart_eyes:


@Voytek Seriously though very adorable and awesome


It does I’m sure. I’m just having fun


is that you?


Me and my lady. :sunglasses: She is walking the path of my transformation with me. We have the same Arcana cards; The Towe and The Chariot. The Empress is a card related to my presence and future. Apart from it, there’s The Lovers card too. There was The Fool card too which was really strong but that card is usually excluded from the deck

Only The Fool may trick the Devil. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Lovely :slight_smile:
I imagined you with long red hair for some reason

My cards are Hermit and the Moon- illuminating the path in the dark