Ego Inflation on Alpha Titles


Let’s speak about ego inflation on alpha titles.

I have noticed that when I run an alpha title my ego gets inflated so much that I tend to act within that inflated ego framework. This also causes me to speak arrogantly to others and belittle them since my ego is so inflated.

I know some say that having that large of an ego is good and the wealthy posses that ego.

What you guys think?
Kindly share.



I think the keyword is inflated. Anything inflated comes with bagage.

When I was younger I was obese, got bullied etc. I was super insecure, and I felt everyone was judging me. Being insecure about your weight is one thing, thinking everyones judging you (paranoia also thinking the world revolves around you) and feeling worthless is inflated (downflated?). I was just fat and I didn’t like it and perhaps some people didn’t either, but I wasn’t worthless and not everyone are this cruel.

Then I lost alot of weight, got abs, and I felt like a god. My ego was inflated and I judged other people, acted entitled to everything, arrogant etc.

So I think if you come from a downflated background where you have been overblowing your insecurities and status, once you feel confident etc you’ll most likely overblow your confidence and ego. It’s like a pendulum.

But then it will most likely settle.

Another idea is that sometimes you need force to get out of a comfortzone or bad habit, and that force might be strong and push you further ahead the goal line, but should calibrate sooner or later. It’s like if you extremely to one end, you need unbelievable force to push away from it, and think of it like a pendulum.

Extremes happen and are sometimes necassary, but should never be the goal in my experience. Also, one should be aware of this as extremes can bring out the worst in us humans.

So inflated ego is generally not optimal in my opinion, the keyword being inflated.

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There are two possibilities

  • Either you are in recon
  • You are interprering your behavior on Alpha titles wrong.

These people you speak arrogantly to, is it warranted?

Do you have any concrete examples of the behavior?

I guarantee you’re not the only one that this happens to… lol. Well done for being open and transparent about your issue - that’s an indicator of someone who’s actually serious about their growth and wants to truly become the best version of themselves.

Note: This is all of my personal opinion. I really don’t care if someone disagrees with me or gets triggered lol. If it’s really triggering then just view it as entertainment.

Anyways, inflated ego comes from trauma.

Men with inflated egos = traumatized men = textbook beta male = lack of congruence.

I don’t like using the word “beta male” but I have to because it’s lingo that resonates. Always remember that a beta male is nothing more than a traumatized male. You won’t get a more precise and higher ROI description for what a beta male is, anywhere else.

In your subconscious framework, you’re lacking self-love, self-worth and personal power. Also, I’d recommend healing masculinity and getting in touch with the masculine core/spirit. Once you have all of that and you’re less controlled by fear, you become extremely calm, powerful, secure and unreactive. You’ll be present most of the time and shit like “status” or “power dynamics” won’t even cross your mind. Those are all obsessions of the traumatized beta male.

An Alpha Male who is completely secure in himself is NOT an insane bossy bully. Alpha Males know how to communicate respectfully. They’re strong leaders which means that they have high EQ and social intelligence.

There’s a difference between having a big ego and being mentally strong.

There’s also a difference between having a big ego and having high self-worth.

Large ego constantly needs validation, approval, and attention in order to function and that can manifest in the form of seeking status (this is why it’s attractive to them). It’s basically an endless wormhole of insecurity that perpetuates itself in different forms.

If you want to look for congruence, you have to look at behavior. Actions, behavior and the state of one’s life are more telling about the subconscious internal framework more than conscious rationalization stemming from denial will ever be.

When people speak arrogantly, try to dominate people and belittle them… most of the time, none of that is coming from a place of power. Congruent internal power isn’t flashy or domineering. When your internal framework is aligned with true power… you’re actually very chill and relaxed.

An analogy for that is: Say you’re walking around as an 8 ft tall powerlifting juggernaut and some 100lb scrawny drug addict comes up to you and starts talking shit.

Obviously you could easily snap the guy’s neck if you wanted to but you don’t, lol.

When you’re truly congruent in your power, you don’t need external confirmation and your feathers never get ruffled because they don’t dictate how you feel. This is what congruent power looks like.

There are 2 types of actions:

  1. Acting through reacting - where your emotional state is being controlled by something external.
  2. Acting through responding - where your emotional state is being controlled by you.

When you become congruent in real power, you’ll only do #2. Power is not defined by the act, it’s defined by whether or not the action itself is coming from a place of power or a place of fear.

But anyways, I’d recommend doing more healing, lol. Or maybe you’re just in recon as someone mentioned. Who knows hahaha


I think it’s just a maturity thing. If a person never had money and then suddenly they get a lot of it, there’s usually a period of time when they spend too much and unnecessarily.

They still haven’t learned good money management.

And they’re also over-compensating for all of those times when they felt impoverished.

I think something similar would happen vis-à-vis any capacity or power. Once you get used to it, you calm down and find a more balanced and graceful way of moving.


Depends what you already have inside , I know EB has brought out my darker side lol

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The problem with this analogy is that spending money doesn’t involve abusing, bullying and putting down other people on a psychological/emotional level.

I don’t think that has to do with maturity, I think that has to do with something being innately unhealthy in the individual.

In my opinion, belittling people is not something you consciously “learn” how to not do. Similar to bullying, the behavior is being driven by an internal subconscious framework.

(This is all my opinion, lol)


Good points to consider @Luther24

Elaborate on this.

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I don’t know exactly luthers take on this, but I believe self-worth comes from within and is based on things you can control (internal) and ego is based on things external, usually things you can’t control and is therefore unstable and fluctuates.

It’s complex and weird concept, but just some information and understanding I’ve picked along the way.

Would be interesting to hear some examples of both.


There is a great part in the Sex God Method book that comes to mind when I saw this. I’m not sure where it fits in here. But it is related to having a big ego:

When first trying to improve their level of Immersion, many people try replacing these negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Instead of thinking negative things, they think “I’m the man! I can easily rock her world! Really, I am the man!” While these positive thoughts would seem to help your level of sexual confidence, they actually do not. If you’re constantly telling yourself that you’re a bedroom legend, it only emphasizes the fact in your mind that you are not a bedroom legend. Let me explain:

If you woke up and were going to eat cereal in the morning, you would most likely just wake up and eat it without thinking about it. You wouldn’t try to pump your confidence up with positive thoughts like “Yeah, I can totally eat this cereal! I’ve got this! I’m the cereal master!” This would be ridiculous; you know that you can easily eat the cereal, so there’s no need to pump yourself up.

We only think really positive thoughts and psyche ourselves up for something that is hard for us to do. For things that come easily to us, we do them automatically and without thinking about them.

Although it is counter-intuitive, thinking positive thoughts like “I’m really good in bed” only reinforces the fact in your mind that being good in bed is hard for you. During sex, don’t aim for a head constantly full of positive thoughts. They are equally as destructive to sexual pleasure as negative thoughts. Cut off any thoughts from your mind when you are in bed – they will all take away from the sexual pleasure of the encounter. Aim for Immersion, or the absence of thoughts.


That’s really interesting, it seems like he’s basically pointing conscious compensation for lack of subconscious congruence. Basically incongruent behavior


(This is all my opinion)

Incongruent self-worth is basically inflated ego, lol.

To expand on this more:

Ego inflated self-worth are those insane people (RV please don’t edit me out of context hahaha):

“Do you know who the fuck I am? Do you know what I’ve done?”
“I get paid more than you, sit the fuck down worthless scrub.”
“I’m just better than you.”
-walks around in $5000 sweater, $200k Rolex, and sits with the “I’m the big shot, big dog” sass-
-self-aggrandizement through titles

Hence why:

It’s when external based self-worth is used as a self-defense mechanism. A lot of inflated ego has to do with the inability to cope with feelings of inadequacy/insecurity which results in overcompensation.

It’s like defending a castle. The more weaker the foundation, the more you feel the need to put up defenses, borders, walls, and something to think about… (“best defense is a strong offense”).

The point of congruent growth is to strengthen the foundation and realize that you don’t need the defenses in the first place. When your foundation is strong you kind of relax into it and chill out. You just Are and don’t need to do anything

When you’re completely secure and confident in yourself (congruently) then there is no inflated ego because there is no inadequate or insecure feeling to compensate for. You’re just relaxed and constantly coming from a place of power all the time.


Great stuff!
Makes perfect sense!

So if Ascension is inflating my ego what does it mean in your opinion?
Is it teaching me to dissolve the ego?

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Lol yeah it’s probably part of your internal growth. Most likely helping you become more congruent through introspection and self-awareness, etc.

Also be mindful of recon because sometimes we get angry/frustrated on recon and can easily take it out on others lol. Just always try to be the better man


But seriously you’ve nailed every aspect of character that I can’t stand being witness to or around.


Both can be (and often are) true.

Many dysfunctions involve fixation on (or regression to) characteristics that were more appropriate to an earlier stage of development. Sometimes this fixation is due to fear of the pain or the loss that will be associated with progressing to a more inclusive orientation.

And yes, this does involve subconscious frames (as does all growth and development).

Little bit of a ‘straw man’ here. Was not suggesting that learning or maturation must be exclusively conscious.

Ideally, we do, as we grow, learn (whether the learning is consciously driven or not) to value and to include the experiences, contributions, and perspectives of others. A failure to learn this will (and does) result in minimizing, negating, or belittling the value of others. Happens far too often.

Spending money (thankfully) doesn’t have to involve the abuse, bullying or putting down of others. But we are aware that the two often coexist quite (un-)happily, yes?

I agree with your points and I also agree with my own.

I would even combine them to say:

Trauma-fixated egos (and minds) often do not mature optimally.


I think this is the funniest thing I’ve seen in the past 2 days!

Also I’m surprised how much alpha-head-butting is NOT happening on the forum even though many are listening to EB, Emperor, and/or Khan. I think the ZPv2 is another amazing breakthrough.

@Malkuth I used to think you might be a re-incarnation of Buddha… but now I’m wondering if you might have been Carl Jung in a past life. :grin:


I may have been his cleaning lady.


Only a person who was Carl Jung in a past life would say something like that. :grin:

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