Editing Sub Length to 5 min in Audacity

Would it be alright to edit the sub down to 5 minutes so that I don’t need to remember to stop the track?

I don’t mean compressing the 15 min into 5, I mean cutting the last 10 minutes out in audacity altogether.

No trickery, just a quick snip to make the listening process more seamless.

Would this be breaking something in the file or listening experience?

@SaintSovereign @Fire

Some quotes from username SaintSovereign on altering the files with Audacity:

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You’d lose a bit of quality on the export of the new file, but I have no idea how the subs are made so I don’t know what impact it could have on the scripts and frequencies. I wouldn’t risk it.

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Don’t do it.

If this helps, I asked support about my files being converted to a different format - not purposely but because AudioShare (the iOS app) converts my files from my music folder into WAV format unless I download the file and use it from my downloads sections.

I believe it was Fire that said don’t change a single thing about the file so my automatic assumption would be not to edit the file at all.


Ah yeah I figured.

Thanks for the replies everyone.

Seems best way forward is to just set a 5 min timer haha


If you’re listening on your phone setting a timer should interrupt the playback


I use sleep timer app on android and stops playing after required minutes.
I would never want to mess with editing.

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just a thought, what about VLC record? just record and stop at 5 mins. would this change it in any way?

I just pause the subliminal track and move the time marker wherever I want the duration.

I’ve started setting a timer in the iOS Clock app

Works fine