Powerful Subconscious Processing - Speed up and simultaneous subliminals?

I came across this article which claims that the subconscious mind can process information at a near limitless rate compared to our conscious mind. The subconscious can process 20,000,000 bits of info per second, while the conscious can only process it at 40 bits of info per second. If our subconscious mind is so powerful and limitless, I wonder if we can:

  • Listen to the subliminal at a higher speed, 2x, 3x, maybe even 1000x? - This would cut down the time to listen dramatically and exponentially increase results in a shorter period of time. If the subconscious is as powerful as it is, wouldn’t it make sense that it can comprehend the scripts at an incredible speed?
  • Listen to subliminals simultaneously. For example, emperor and primal seduction at the same time - Again, since the subconscious mind is incredibly powerful, can it not process two subliminals at the same time?

I would appreciate your thoughts/opinions and clarifications!


I’ve actually asked both questions and got answers from one of the makers of these subs.

  1. Try it yourself and report the results.

  2. We’re not advised to listen to two subliminals at the same time. Even though our subconscious mind can process a lot of information like you mentioned.


Would editing the mp3 file with an audio editing software like audacity damage it in any way? Thanks.


Such a question is best for @SaintSovereign and/or @Fire to answer. I’ve read that combining subliminals is a no no, but I’ve not read anything about just speeding it up.


My few coins: subconscious is, actually, able to process large amount but each subliminal has a specific intention so running two or more subliminals at once will cause the phenomenon also known as internal conflict: contradicting intentions, all at once.


Yea, this is known as clashing in the subliminal community. However, subclub’s subliminals are meant to compliment each other so they would not clash.


It sounds good on the surface, but if you dig deeper it just doesn’t work, for multiple reasons.

We are pushing the limits of both minds as much as possible, so listening simultaneously and/or speeding it up by yourself would only erode the benefits you receive.

I completely understand your desire for faster and more effects, but faster and more doesn’t always mean more profound and life changing. To get the maximum benefit, take as much action as possible and use the set it and forget it method consistently.

But, of course, if you desire to do so, feel free to try it and report back.


A bit of rambling on this topic. Take what you find useful.

Sometimes less is more. In the end you just want a result.

Of course the subconcious is processing a lot of information at once, but the subliminal is additional information. All the things that you are processing to begin with are also getting processed.

The magic of these subliminals is that you get the results. So it has to make an impact on your subconcious mind. This can happen through different ways.

In my theory the subliminals work (partly) through repetition.

The other way would be through an impactful state - like for example sensory deprevation or hypnosis or large amounts of anxiety. For example when you are a kid your are highly suggestible. A dog bites you, you feel pain. From then on you can develop fear of dogs. That doesn’t always happen, but it’s a moment of impact.

If you can generate high impact moments yourself you can use that for positive change.
That’s not easy and has a lot of preliminary work before it works as you will, so I would stick with the subliminals for a start and use them as instructed.

This is not scientific and just my opinion.


Yes, please don’t do that. Especially with New Dawn powered subliminals. If you want to sped it up, use a player like VLC that has built in controls for speeding up the playback.


The self sabotage is strong with this one!!! :joy::rofl:
@SaintSovereign and @Fire spend a lot of time creating these subs. They seem to be on the cutting edge of this field. Do you really think that if speeding tracks up and so on provided a definite advantage, they wouldn’t have done it already? By the way, how do you know if these tracks aren’t already sped up? Bro, just follow the instructions and use the tracks as recommended and reap the benefits.

A more interesting question is this: why would you even want to speed things up? Why isn’t using the tracks the right way not good enough for you?
Like I always say, people tend to underestimate the craftiness of the subconscious when it sees that change is coming. The subconscious when it sees anything that it considers a threat will sometimes deploy an unbelievable amount of ingenuity to sabotage you.
Leave those tracks alone bro. :smile:


The goal of a mental alchemist is to always push the limit and discover new, innovative ideas. Speeding up subliminals is just one of those, an idea. If you just stay with the grain and not try anything new, how would you improve and change? That’s why I question a potential different way to try the tracks.


Shu Ha Ri.

Before you go about innovating, prove yourself successful with the tradition.
Earn the right to go beyond the masters.

If you practise your alchemy by NOT following who you’re learning from, well, YMMV.



First, we don’t know how the subs are compiled. What I mean is that some providers actually run scripts overlapped or accelerated already. And some scripts are dependent on one another or on the speed that our minds process one before being exposed to the next (which means you couldn’t run simultaneously). Unless we know exactly how the tracks are built, I wouldn’t recommend playing them faster.
Also, consider that running them faster changes the pitch a little, which may interfere. Running at 1000x would sound like the Earth’s atmosphere has been changed to Helium-dominant. Even though you can’t hear it, do you think the subconscious mind will take directions from Alvin and the Chipmunks?
Finally, there is a reason why the recommendation (in S-Clubs case) is to have up to 16 hours of exposure. Even though the subconscious mind can take in loads of data, that doesn’t mean it can process it all. Some of it gets back-logged. And thus requires recovery time. Accelerating your tracks may cause the “backlog” to fill up too much, at which point the mind may just choose to ignore the new cycles until it has made some room again. Which defeats your purpose.
As much as it annoys me that the subs aren’t so super-powerful that the subconscious can only bear to listen to them for a max of 2 hours a day instead of 16, there are simply too many unknowns and variables in the science.

That said, have you already trained yourself to listen and possibly read faster? I play TV episodes at 2.5x speed simply because normal speed is so ludicrously slow for me (yeah, I’m real fun at the movie theatre). I started at 1.2x and built it from there. Now I can do the same to audiobooks and music (although doing it with music is just plain weird, tropical house was not meant to be rave hardcore). One of the observations people have about speed reading is that the higher speeds actually help you get way more into it and amplify the creative mind. I notice the same with TV (and not just because the speed turns even procedural crime dramas into episodes of 24).
If you’ve trained yourself to do that, maybe you’ll be able to increase the speed of subs as well.

As for editing the track, I used to create blended tracks, merging the ultras with the masked. If you want to edit the files, remember to save as lossless and not MP3. Otherwise you stand the risk of recompressing something that was already compressed. No idea what that does to the effects. And as stated above, I’d recommend against alterations that change the wave at all, which includes accelerating it. Just use the player for that.

Final note (finally): feel free to experiment, just realize that no matter how awesome you are, change takes time. General consensus is about 21 days to breach the resistance barrier that makes up your habits and comfort zone. So find a way to measure the effect, make a change, then expose yourself for about a month before making another change. Measure and repeat. The scientific process is slow and tedious, but it works.



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