Decreasing the loudness of the subs on android via Preamp

This is sort of a follow up to my question yesterday about playing a sub and other music from the same source.

So I downloaded rocketplayer to play my stack as it allows music to be played even if another app has audio output.

But, for some reason the mask tracks are significantly louder relative to the other music that I have on. Is it okay to use the Preamp function to decrease the amplitude of the mask tracks? (I know @SaintSovereign does not recommend fiddling with the EQ)

Anyone else having the same problem?

You’re certain it’s not your phone trying to be helpful by lowering the volume of whatever is running in the background?

Messing with the EQ would mean changing separate bands, not lowering them all to the exact same amount (so keeping them ‘flat’). So that might be acceptable. You could also see if it respects ReplayGain tags, which you can then set at negative values.

I get a little shock myself every hour when Aegis comes up, since it is quite a bit louder than EQ. :slight_smile:

As there compressor or volume leveler settings available?

I’m having the same volume problem: StarkQ and Aegis are significantly louder than Khan

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No, because I am on the lowest volume setting possible (ie just above mute). Both audio apps play the tracks at how loud my phone’s volume level is set at.

How do I do this?

What do you mean by “compressor or volume leveler settings”?

This won’t be an issue soon. Like, very soon. :wink:

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So I shouldn’t be messing with Pre-amp right now?

I mean, that’s a lot of work to solve this, lol. If you were going to alter the files (and you really shouldn’t), just open Audacity and change the volume of your other subs to match the volume of the Q-powered subs. Just keep in mind that once you resave, you’ll probably lose a bit of quality.

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Volume leveler: makes all your songs in your library play at the same predetermined volume level. iTunes had this as a feature

Compressor: boosts quiet parts of songs louder.

Find out if your phone offers both.


I use an app called Sound Assistant to lower the volume on Rocket Music Player compared to YouTube/Audible/etc

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And all of this is why I got a Windows tablet. :slight_smile:

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