Dragon Stage 1 + Paragon (Cycle 2)

Previous Journal, now continuing here: Dragon Reborn St.1 + Paragon

This will be my dragon journal continued with the addition of AM(replacing paragon) and CFW(replacing chosen)

I was initially going to replace chosen with limitless executive but decided last minute not to. Since my results were so good during the first cycle I assume some of this came from chosen and wanted to keep that momentum. The reason I’m going with AM over limitless executive is because 2 businesses of mine are on the verge of breaking out and I want to take this momentum and fully unleash it with the help of AM. I figure the timing is perfect. Also the additional confidence/alpha support from AM will not hurt for my goals of this stack. If I continue to have productivity issues after this cycle I can always add LE in down the road and fix it up.


DAY 1: Dragon Reborn ST.1 + CFW Loops done.

During my loop of CFW i started feeling this insanely happy feeling inside my body and couldn’t stop smiling. I also have a very strong urge today to stick to my diet and be very disciplined when it comes to this. (turned down a chocolate croissant this morning which was tough to do lol) Between this and the shake shack last night its almost like these subs are purposely trying to test my will power


I thought it was just me. My first cycle with cfw solo, that’s exactly my experience. I kept thinking “why do I feel so happy!?”

Glad to see it did the same for you. I don’t think I could do regeneration + elixir without cfw, it’s the positivity one needs to keep you moving through the shit.

I know you just started AM but do you think DR stage 1 is being compromised by these other titles or improved? The whole healing trumps non healing titles. Or the argument DR should be run solo.

I’d be interested in your thoughts regarding a full stack with DR vs not.

Keep up the progress :slight_smile:

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Its funny you mention that since thats the one thing i was worried for and ultimately only time will tell… Ive read on these forums how healing will always take power over the other subs since the mind will focus on that. My logic is healing is great of course especially from all the stuff that goes down and beliefs created during childhood. But at same time i think its smart as we heal we also reprogram the mind with positivity/confidence and power and it works together( at least this is my logic). From the results i got from cycle one i would say its fine since i felt massive changes. Also recon has been very minimal so im keeping a close eye on that…

I look forward to following your journey as well since it seems we have very similar goals here. To remove trauma, but also unleash that manly alpha edge. You said it best on your last post in your journal!

A realization i had also was i dont want to be stuck in a constant healing cycle either. So thats why ive tried to merge the 2 and see where it takes me

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DAY 3: Asended Mogul… This one here is a match made in heaven for me. During my loop Ii instantly began thinking of ways to improve my business along with a great new business idea that came to me. I also got rushed with a ton of motivation to go conquer my work along with a weekly game plan laid out on what i need to work on(Yes this all happened during the 15 min loop, 0 exaggeration.)

I also had a another realization hit me like a truck last night. Many people associated anger as a bad thing and they say dont be angry be calm etc. However i feel a little big of anger is actually great and can even be the driving force to get to the next level of where i want to be. Last night i realized just how lazy ive been my whole life and if i even put a little bit of effort in how in shape i would be and successful i would of been. I was just sitting in my room very pissed at where i am currently am in life since i know i deserve so much more. These thoughts started to became filled with anger and rage as i was sitting their and me wanting to pour all that rage into my business and the gym… Will keep updating on how this pans out for me



I am getting slammed with anxiety/negative feelings today… Very bad recon… I may get rid of AM and just stack CFW and Dragon for now. Dragon has enough masculine scripting so i got kinda greedy wanting to put in AM as well…

Maybe ill add paragon back in since that went well for me but still deciding

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To add to this their is good news ive realized. Dragon and CFW should be more then enough to help me financially as well. I notice when im in a rut or feel low value i simply dont think i deserve alot of money which effects my motivation to make money. So once again it goes back to removing my trauma and becoming the person i know i am. AM or another finance sub will be good down the line but fixing this problem will help in every area of my life not just socially which is what im starting to accept.

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Think you can run EOG after your DRJourney to fix those false beliefs about money.
For example ST1 is the healing stage about money. :slightly_smiling_face:

ST 1 – Ecstasy of Freedom
The stage that will release all beliefs that hold your wealth-creating potential back. No more will you be held back by beliefs of your family, friends, society or your self-doubting voice that tell you that lacking and poverty is the only way of life – you will experience true freedom, and the ecstasy that comes from experiencing it and the wealth coming with it. Negative manifestations that you might have been manifesting subconsciously will be removed, as well as any negative beliefs you might have picked up from any other source, be it a less than proper subliminal or simply living your normal day-to-day life and being told that poverty is your only option.

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Well the thing is i dont have false beliefs about money. I was actually making 30k a month with a sales job not to long ago. But when i get into a rut i dont want to do anything and surely dont get motivated to make money so im in a weird situation… The days i feel confident and alpha i see myself as a multi millionaire high value man but when im in a rut i see myself as a loser which leads to the lack of motivation to make money, to go out, to eat healthy and take care of my body etc

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Its like an all or nothing mental thing haha which is wild, thats why i think im copying your plan of CFW + dragon.

Amazing days = wanting to hang out and talk to women, see myself as a multi millionaire and strive to be that, see myself as insanely goodlooking and alpha, dont care what anyone thinks about me

Bad days = wanting to just lay in bed and do nothing, no motivation to make money, see myself as ugly(although dragon actually cleaned this up for me haha) , think every one is staring and laughing at me

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Those highs and lows are pretty normal with DR I think. I have them all the time too. Now with DRST2 everything has become a little easier. Just keep going and get through it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the motivation! Like i mentioned before the roughest parts for me are the lows feel as if all the results have left so that knocks me on top of the recon lol as a double blow

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I do also think AM might of been overkill as well but not sure… i was running paragon as a 3rd with no problem

Yes i hate the lows too but unfortuanetly they seem to be a normal thing.

AM is a bigger subliminal. Take a look at the objectives and you will see how big the sub is. I think its too much and you should be run paragon again if necesseary.
BTW: Sanguine is good against recon

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Yeah that was my one worry… Maybe asention on its own would of been cool but AM is very stacked

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Okay Sanguine looks very good, i may consider this , thanks for the recommendation

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The new Pro-Tips about Sanguine

Pro Tips:

  • Stacking Sanguine with another title in your stack at 1 loop every day (or every other day) will help counteract reconciliation generated by your subliminal stack while also enhancing the healing and mood lifting scripting in any of the titles in your stack.

    Sounds good. :slightly_smiling_face:
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Do you think i should do 2 listening cycles with each stage of dragon or 3? Or play it by ear

I think this is something to inquire about via a support ticket. Would you please post their reply here?

I want to make sure you get some solid guidance because DR plus CFW could be a rough ride.

Do you have something to help with any possible reconciliation such as Elixir, Sanguine, or Love Bomb?

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I think recon is just hitting me hard now so im confused on what to do… I had such a good ride for cycle 1 using CFW and Dragon + paragon… I thinking throwing in AM to this stack was a big mistake lol

Fire dragon recommended sanguine as well… im considering putting this in my stack maybe