Dragon 🐉 Reborn Journal


I began my journey with the dragon on November 18. I didn’t begin a journal then, because I was ashamed that I shifted subliminals again.
Now I think I need to begin to write a journal publicly because I neglected my private journal for a while.

I listened to one to maximum 10 loops a day. Listening to ten loops was an experiment to see if I get different results. The obvious thing I perceived was that I slept for about 15 hours that day.

In the beginning when I was listening to my first loop I had sensations in the top of my head and in the face - a light tingling. Later I didn’t noticed this anymore.

I started DR because I wanted to become more authentic. I felt a lot like a shape shifter - playing different roles in different situations. Allthough that was just in my head, it drained my energy. Also I am still not able to take action in the direction of creating relationships with women. Even when I was in a good state I sabotaged the situations. My guess is that this has to do with my conditioning growing up with a single mother who seemed to hate men and never had a relationship again after the divorce from my dad. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I hope my behavior in those situations can be changed.
In retrospect when I was having success with alpha titles I still lacked core confidence.
I was just playing a new role, the role of the alpha.

My plan with DR is to strip away the roles and find myself, my own opinions, tastes, likes and dislikes.

I don’t know yet where it will take me.
My old title shifting habit came over me during the last weeks about two times. I wanted and did add other titles to DR, but stopped doing that the next day when I realized it was just the old behavior kicking in.

Tomorrow I can post a detailed list of loops which I have at my computer in an excel sheet.
What I can say now is that in the first weeks I did take the whole weekend as processing time and this weekend I only took a break on sunday.

What did I notice over the last days?

  • At work I got the things done I needed to do, in my private life I procrastinated a lot unless I ran one loop of Executive Ultima. There was less noise in my head during the day job.
  • The social anxiety I had in public transport was no longer present
  • I had a lot of ruminating going on at night
  • I felt sad and angry at times
  • I watched some movies and cried - I guess I had this effectt on either Regeneration or Elixir before, that I am more emotional

All in all I can say that it has been tough and I have to trust somehow that it is working. That I am going through these negative experiences for a reason.

I read some journals here and read a lot about social interactions where the subliminal shows its effects. Myself is pretty much isolated most of the time. I am seeing fewer people because of the lockdown and am seldom in the office - working remotely. So I hope that I still get full benefits of healing without seeing people that much.


That’s week one

Proceed and see

DR is genial
Since I have it as a custom even 5x stronger
Healing can take a little longer but you will be rewarded, that’s for sure

Last week I was jumping out of my old skin so to speak and had something like a Reborn during the night.I Felt like a snake who let the old skin go

Best of success with your journey


The data from the excel sheet:

Date Loops
18.11.2020 2
19.11.2020 4
20.11.2020 2
21.11.2020 0
22.11.2020 0
23.11.2020 3
24.11.2020 3
25.11.2020 3
26.11.2020 2
27.11.2020 2
28.11.2020 0
29.11.2020 0
30.11.2020 5
01.12.2020 2
02.12.2020 3
03.12.2020 5
04.12.2020 5
05.12.2020 0
06.12.2020 0
07.12.2020 2
08.12.2020 1
09.12.2020 4
10.12.2020 8
11.12.2020 10
12.12.2020 1
13.12.2020 0
SUM 67

This week I want to listen to less loops. 1 loop per day to be specific. I am currently listening to this loop. Later I will use Limitless Executive Ultima and write for a bit or work on my day job.


Any target amount of loops per stage?


Nice, let us know how the new Ultima works for you. Best of luck

Edit: and don’t be embarassed to about your journey. It’s your journey mate, and we’re all just here comparing notes. When you feel you’d like to share, go ahead.

If you look at my journal, it’s like I’ve been dancing the cha cha there. My subs are all over the place and I go back and forth. I’m looking for that perfect stack right now, and once I get that locked in, I’m in for the long haul.

Take care


I suggest you could read Malkth’s journal, it’s very inspirational and full of valuable insights on using the subs.


@Voytek: Nope, no target loops planned. I plan to run each stage for 30 days of active listening. So, I am currently on day 20 of these (27 days minus 7 processing days). I think if I had a target number of loops it would lead me to listen to do more loops in a day. And according to some people fewer loops can be more.

@Apollo: Thanks and about the new Limitless Executive Ultima:
I can see the effects of Executive in it as I’ve got things done, like working on a book review, doing something for my day job and some household chores. For the Limitless part I can only guess that I did get the work at my day job faster done. I didn’t have to think about a solution, I just had it already and just had to write it down (as a programmer).

Best to you!


Right on man, that was quick.

I had BLU and Quantum Limitless on my wishlist but this got me very curious. Thanks for sharing your results @Matt


Just listening to my first and only loop of DR for the day.

What I notice right now is that I get a lot of stuff done. In the past, I’ve seen myself as a procrastinator or even lazy. Now I am focusing more on the positive qualities of myself.


I just started another loop of DR - Stage 1.

This day was okay. Yesterday in the evening I drank too much. When I began my remote work I hadn’t slept much and had a little hangover. Now in the evening I am feeling pretty tired and have some remorse about drinking yesterday.

I didn’t use Limitless Executive Ultima today. Just one loop of DR and now another one. Probably will listen to two loops daily for a few days.

This is day 29. Subtract 7 processing days. 22 Active listening days.
This week I will take only one rest day. December 26 could be the first day of using Stage 2.

I am unsure if I am ready for Stage 2. Maybe I should stay with Stage 1 a bit longer until I see more pronounced effects.


Started the day with Limitless Executive Ultima. Good start for work.

Now first loop of DR.

At night, I had many dreams which showed that the Dragon is still working. They were about emotional charged events that bugged me in the past.

Yesterday I listened to one loop of my first Custom (Matt’s Mixtape #1), probably because I didn’t want to wait until I listen to a new sub. Not sure yet if I will continue that.


Listening to the second loop of DR I notice I am totally in my head. Thinking about the things I said to an acquaintance just an hour ago. I was a little bit overconfident in talking. Maybe some of the StarkQ scripting kicking in. My opinion was different then his and I stated that openly. Later I googled a bit and found out that my opinion was based on hearsay and not 100% correct.

Before the talk I was moving around in my place a lot. I had listened to Limitless executive Ultima and was finished with the work for today. Felt restless and needed to move.

I hope that I can stop thinking about the talk now. I feel a bit more relaxed and ready for my next meeting.


Rest day. No LEU or DR today. No work to do. Feeling lazy, but that’s okay.

I could write a bit today. I will do that even if I do it just to not feel lazy.

Listening to Jeff Foster- Sacred as you are (Depression as a call to spiritual awakening). Letting go the idea that there’s something wrong with me or the world. Background noise of someone renovating his apartment. This was the worst for me this year, being at home all the time and listening to all that noise of people now having time to renovate their home. I stop myself here before I get angry about it.
The coming of anger is, the noise is. This is it. This is life. Thinking that this makes no sense is it, too.

Time to go for a walk


DR lowers my irritability / anger for noises. Do you sense any improvement in this area?

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you can always be grateful the noise is at least coming from outside your head :sweat_smile::slight_smile:

May you achieve the non dual realization you already have but may not yet realize, and really needs no realization or achieving.


Yes, I notice that I am not angry when my neighbour is listening to music at low volume at night. It’s getting better.


This morning I was visiting my doctor and the female receptionist was very unfriendly when I asked her a normal question. At this moment it was not yet a pattern. Then I visited the pharmacy and the female employee was offended when I asked her about the opening times during Christmas season. There was a pattern now. The only constant in these two interactions was me. Or it’s just the Christmas spirit.

I listened to a loop of Libertine v1 this morning. Maybe that triggered something.

Yesterday I thought about staying in Stage 1 of DR for a bit longer. Maybe 2 weeks.

This is day 34 - 9 processing days = day 25 of active listening.


Ran 2 loops of DR:Stage 1 today. And currently I feel like that’s enough for today.

No dramatic incidents today. Just worked all day.

Finished work at my day job this evening and now vacation begins.

I have many plans for these two weeks:

Copying some of my private projects to a new server (fun, fun, fun).
Writing/planning a longer writing project.
Cleaning my appartment as I have invited a friend.
And Christmas with family. Mixed feelings about that. Hope for no drama.

Plus maybe running Stage 1 until the end of the year and then shifting to Stage 2.




Beginning the day with LEU.

Yesterday I was really tired while writing and just lay down in bed and slept. But I woke up by myself at 9 am. It must have been really deep sleep because I don’t remember dreaming and when I woke up I thought it is still night because I remembered just going to bed.

I have to activate the Executive with some action now. I don’t feel like doing anything I planned for the vacation. That’s a problem I know from the past when I have free time I cannot motivate myself. But maybe I still need some rest.

About DR I have to say that I was less engaged in negative emotions in the past few days. Less depressed and more in the moment. Okay on Monday I was angry because I felt disrespected but that wasn’t hindering me to go on with my work.

My plan is to continue with Stage 1 until December 31. Then begin the second stage.

I am probably also stacking it with emperor. I have some urge to stack it with another title because the effects of DR seem subtle to me. I don’t think StarkQ is the right option for me because it’s making me shift more into different roles in social situations.

That shifting of roles was something I wanted to change when I began DR. I wanted to find and be my core authentic personality in all situations. Currently I think it’s getting better. There are still state shifts but they are more subtle. And I guess that is okay to shift a bit because different people or different groups of people elicit different emotions which shift my state a bit.

With a loving person I can be more loving myself. With a person who is honest, I can be honest. And with a person who is just herself or himself I can be that what spontaneously arises from my personality. It’s a play after all.


Listened to one loop of elixir this morning. Felt sad and thought that it’s about the missed opportunities from my life. Career and relationship wise.

Now I am listening to the first loop of DR Stage 1 for today. I want to listen to this and elixir exclusively. No more mixing in other subs. I hope I go through with it.

On January 1st I will listen to my first loop of stage 2. already curious about that.

This morning I had the idea to use emperor in a stack with emperor fitness after dr is finished. I would also add emperor hom. May be too much. I have enough time to decide on this.