Does Ascension helps with seduction (girls)



I see that a lot of you guys are saying that Ascension is an amazing sub for being an Alpha Male, but does it help in seduction and generaly with women?



Yes and no. I consider Primal to be the alpha sub for attraction. Ascension is for becoming the “stoic” alpha male, Primal is about becoming the… well the primal alpha male lol

Both will attract women, Primal will cause a slightly higher level of attraction in more people


Do you know if Ascension provide anything that running it solo
is not provided by running Emperor, other than speed of results?


So it’s better for me to use Primal if I want to be an Alpha AND attract women?


No you would eventually get everything from Emperor that you would from Ascension. The speed of results is only because of everything else also included in Emperor


In my opinion, yes. Primal is about becoming the base instinct power male. Ascension is if you want to rise to the top of the status ladder (better for business relationships)


Its on topic so I’ll ask it. Why do you guys consider all other alpha programs and not Khan for seduction and alpha male traits?

From what I know its the latest and the one that does bold claims.


For one, it’s a multi-stager. Not everyone wants to invest that much time or money right away.

Secondly, now that all titles have been updated to Q - the older titles are actually on par with the newer ones. Each have different aspects to them. Khan is also wealth focused, it’s like a multi stage ascended mogul, or Primal Seduction with Mogul. It’s not purely attraction and alpha focused.


Ascension will get u attraction …I’m using it and I see it…
But u can’t sit back and watch the show…
Women love alpha males


I’m assuming emperor is more dominant and pushes you more…
It may also manifest challenges to grow you…
Ascension may provide a bad driver which I need to react to but emperor may manifest a group of co workers against you and report to the boss…little different manifestations…
Just my taughts and assumption.


This primer should help you

“ Ascension, one of our first products, specifically based for steadily increasing your status and helping you learn how to attract women, which is one of it’s more powerful sides.

It is one of the subliminals you need to get in order to grow yourself socially and as a seducer. Now, not only is it a sexual product, it is also a very alpha product.

It will change your mindset from that of a weak, frail man to that of an ascended, powerful man.

Hence the name.“

Moreover, it also has passive attraction and manifestation of women, meaning different energetic modifications and improvements (such as an incredibly powerful aura), to kickstart your efforts with it, and extremely potent personal power modules that will make women crave you and men admire you”


This is what scares me about emperor. Fire and saint said you have to be ready For emperor because it won’t be easy. I’m hesitant to run it because of the manifestations/ challenges that will come, one like you mentioned possible issues with co workers etc
I will run emperor at some point this year but out of all the subs that one makes me the most nervous. It was built to push you, challenge you, and evolve you to grow as fast as possible. This is exactly what I need but I’m just not mentally ready for it, and life wise because of COVID


I’m running ascension for a year before I look at emperor…
The challenges on ascension is nice and manageable…


How long have you been on ascension so far ? I agree though ascension manifested things I could control and handle, the things that manifested were out of my comfort zone but I was able to handle them because of the inner power ascension was giving me


Running it now for about a month…it gives so much power that I can tell my boss things. My fear for bullies are gone!..


So guys, should I choose Ascension or Primal?


I would suggest ascension…grow yourself in the process…once you get internal power and the masculine touch…women will chase you…
Just a suggestion.


For me it was getting seduced by a girl to have sex even though I thought I have strong Premature Ejaculation. So to overcome these sexual insecurities, it manifested such situation.
Turned out it wasn’t that bad but also not great xd Still, I really did grow through that.
And to be honest, it wasn’t the worst thing that happened to me :joy:


AscensionQ = your older brother, who you look up to and respect. You feel protected and marvel at how he handles everyday stuff.

Primal = the douche who hits on your girlfriend, but you can’t help admire his balls. Like Julien Blanc :shushing_face:


. Who would Emperor be in lines with these analogies?