Dimitry’s Ultima 3 Test


Okey, I decided to participate in Ultima 3 test because:

  1. I’m curious what’s new technology brings up.

  2. I have enough time till August, 1.

  3. I met Condition 2 (I have a girlfriend and yes, we have regular sex).

So, let’s begin.

In a few minutes, I will download the Ultima 3 package and run one loop. Will report during the day and in the evening to get more information how Ultima 3 affects me, my psyche and etc.


Day 1

During and immediately after U3 loop I felt a pleasant feeling in my chest and lower back, like a cold stream of energy is circulating, a little fatigue in head but overall is pleasant.

No major changes in thought patterns.

Interesting, I feel that my psyche is “agree” with what is “being said” in script.

Lets see how this unfold during the day.


Day 1 Update

  • Most obvious thing during the day was feelings in body: soothing energy in anahata and svadhistana chakras. Felt some trembling & vibrations in perineum area, like small & fast contractions. No change in sexual desire.

  • After 5 hours since U3 loop Met my GF in store, before we go to home decided to buy some fruits and etc. She tried to be as close to me as possible, touching, hugging, kissing. Its not that unusual since we both enjoy physical contact, but I felt a little “proximity alert” - she really enjoyed to touch me, calling my “my cat”.

  • Interesting methapor has come to mind, like I’m a character from Das Parfum book by Zuskind. I’m not doing something, I emit & radiate something interesting in the area around me, which makes me special. This “special” feeling is similar to celebrity effect. Females usually notice me in my everyday life, I get used to it, but U3 seems create something between me and them.
    I check this feeling more closely.

  • When we come home. Have a food, eat some cherries and gone to bed. One thing is worth to notice: I had no desire for sex, just NO DESIRE at all, it was strange for me, especially when I felt energy in my body. We are in bed and felt asleep. It was long sleep, 12-14 hours. I think that the fatigue I mentioned earlier has some connection to it.


Day 2 Morning

  • After hell intense dreams (I don’t have enough english vocabulary to precisely describe all the shades and tones of dreams) I waked up quite refreshed. 12-14 hours done good things to me. I’m hugging my girl and we enjoy this calm, warm intimate moments.

  • Immediately after wake up, I took AirPods 2 and started U3 loop. As with day 1, I felt breezy energy in my chest area, like the in As Above supercharger, people described. I like this feeling. It makes me calm, but feeling something is going on in me.

  • We planning to go for a walk today (if rain will not ruin our plans) in park.

  • I don’t want to get out of bed right now, I think that I will going to get a massage from my GF.

More later.


Day 2 Afternoon, End of Day.

  • Mental fog, a defocused vision. Dreamlike state. Not uncomfortable but still severely unusual.

  • Have been triggered in the morning by my GF, we talked about investment programs. You can call me retard, but investment needs a professional grade research prior any investments being made. Or one should get results like in Boiler Room movie.

  • Low libido, hmm. I don’t see the correlation with U3 because I had libido low for few days. I secretly hoped that U3 will help with it. For now, It seems deals with some other aspects.

  • We gone for a walk in the park. The weather was good, we were sitting on bench. I looked at passengers and caught some interesting looks from women.

  • In the shop, in the queue I had a small talk with an older women. She seemed glowing. Its okey, I was charmingly courteous: we talk about shop and people and it was a real pleasure. I don’t like small talks, but this one was good.

  • During the day I felt irritation, like testo boost without actual increase in libido. Male aggressiveness without a reason. I watched myself attentively not to get in trouble.

  • After the walk, we came back to home, had a lunch and lay down to bed, listened to 70-80s Italian music, drink a wine, eat fruits. The whole situation is romantic but not artificial. My GF massaged me and done a bj, I become aroused and we had sex. I can’t say that it was non ordinary, just plain enjoyable. I have a theory if a relationship are good in first place then subliminals can make it even better, if not - nothing can help it. Emotional closeness, warmth are almost 100% guarantee that your relationship are good. Libido and my activity in bed were OK.

  • After a few drinks of wine mental fog, this dreamlike state become less pronounced but still noticeable.

  • We were in bed, relaxed, listening this beautiful music like in old porn movies and almost fall asleep. Simple things in life are the most important, I think.

  • My thoughts that U3 changes aura in some specific way that I haven’t felt before. Nor Aura Q nor Primal Seduction like. Something completely different. I guess then fog-like state will fade out I’ll feel more nuances I can describe its effects better. Two obvious things to mention: foglike state in mind and energy circulation in whole body, starting from anahata, svadhistana to Manipura chakras.

  • Played CS:GO a little bit. Gee, male aggressiveness helps a lot in competitive gaming!

  • I’ll go to bed earlier today, still need more time to recharge.


Day 3 Immediately after wake up

  • Dreams were intense as usual: “I’m in aircraft, and it climbing high very fast, I’m not scared but that it is intense like roller-coaster”. Waked up quite refreshed, no tiredness.

  • Plugged AirPods 2 and start listening to U3 while browsing internet. Good to point that if days before fog-like groggy state started almost immediately after U3 loop, on 10 or 15 minutes, and on Day 3 (now) it appeared only at the very end of loop, about 3-4 minutes before the end. My brain adapts. This is good because fog is distracting.

  • Now I feel energy circulation almost in all parts of my body. It gives pleasant feeling of fullness and an inner confidence of some kind.

More later.


Day 3 Afternoon, End of Day

  • Energy circulation have reached its logical end: I feel energy fullness. Can’t describe the nature of this energy as sexual one, just fullness. It is very pleasant feeling, like a warm blanket covering me inside and outside.

  • My GF says, that she feels fullness, wholeness and completeness with me. Interesting, huh? I see a direct connection with my feeling of fullness.

  • Presence. I feel much more present and quite pronounced here & now feeling. I noticed it when I was in a shop today. I felt like I’m «taking the place with myself, filling the room with myself». I don’t feel it threatening for myself or people, though.

  • Piercing eye contact with a young girl, maybe 18-19 years old. I was talking with someone, turned my head and saw this beautiful young angel: she was looking at me. I almost stared in her eyes without blinking, she also done that. When she turned her head. And at that moment I felt an energy connection. It was so obvious that I didn’t looked once again to check. When, we (I was with my GF) were heading to home and that girl was following us with quite close proximity. Interesting.

  • Foglike, dreamlike states and fatigue are starting to wear off. I think that in 1-2 days I’ll be okey. Maybe tomorrow I’ll run two loops of U3.

  • Right now, I’m going to play some PC games and go to bed.


Day 4 Immediately after wakeup. Morning

  • Had a very good sleep and… YES! It seems that my sexual circuits are restarting! I have a very strong arousal in my belly, sexual thoughts and erection. Alas, my GF is on her periods. Never mind, we will come up with something. Sexual thoughts, feelings and sensations are back. I 100% sure that «sexual apathy» came before U3 loops.

  • Immediately when I waked up I put AirPods 2 (using them instead Pro because they are more comfortable at home) and started U3 loop. As usual I felt this «my energy batteries are charging», «my energy shield is charging». This feeling is subtle but pronounced. Interesting, it makes me feel more in safety, as I said before like «energy shield feeling».

  • Great news, no mental fog after first loop. I was pleasantly surprised so ran second loop at once. Guess what? No mental fog! I had a theory that mental fog usually appear when running really dense subs but now I think that the main reason not the sub density. Novelty of script is a main reason. After brain accommodates, adapts and understands what the sub suggest, its going in normal mode.

  • Looked myself in mirror and must admit I’m cute :slight_smile:

  • For unknown reason I feel emotional. Have an urge to listen to old songs and music. I don’t link this with U3.

  • Really hungry.

More later.


Day 4 Afternoon, evening, end of day

  • I used special metaphorical cards to project my impression of U3 so far.

For example this one:


Card was chosen blindly.

My question to myself: «what Ultima Stage 3 sub done for me so far (for 4 days)».

Answer: I see different layers of me, my energetic field which is unfolding, unpacking, revealing rose and red energy. This energy is exposed and now detectable by others at least during the time of U3 usage. Blue color is my old patterns of self identity which are changing by new suggestions, of experimental sub. I’m getting used to the fact that I’m now projecting new kind of energy patterns. This energy is sexual, primal nature. No threat. This is THAT kind of energy that usually overcomes Last Minute Resistance with girls, as they feel this powerful surge and let go. Thanks God, I haven’t LMR for a long time.

  • Almost all day I was at home. It was raining outside and besides I really enjoyed playing Starcraft 2. Damn! I’m really sorry not to play this game ten years ago!

  • My girl cooked an incredibly delicious food. We were eating and watching The Master and Margarita series by Mikhail Bulgakov. I really avoided this book before and now decided, at least, watch the series. It made me very emotional. Now, I understands why I avoided it - it digs up very deep issues. Now its time to look at them.

  • At the very end of day, we gone to shop and bought some food and I saw young girl, who was staring at me. De ja vu? Not exactly but with almost same scenario: powerful eye-contact, her involuntary preening and contact. Nothing special, we were hugging with my girl, she was kissing me and hugging tightly.

  • One more thing: today I made a special coaching process to girl. When I described her what we are going to do, she said: «wow, your energy is outpouring, very powerful, what if you talked that way to a group of hundreds of people? They ‘ll be blown away». Well, I guess U3 makes its magic in this way - if I have some intention that requires certain energy U3, seems, gives me it. Interesting thought.

  • And last one before closure: I untimely said that there are no mental fog. Not exactly, I get fog-like state in about 15-20 minutes after my second loop. But, maybe I’m adapting to it, but it didn’t distract me anymore. Anyway, it was not as pronounced as days before. Two loops today were okey.

  • Now, I’m going to watch my girl playing Detroit Becoming Human. This game irritates me with its realism but quite interesting to watch. Like playing/watching film. When we will go to bed.


Day 5 Morning

  • Good sleep with fewer dreams, with sparks of vivid imaginary. No specific theme.

  • Immediately wakeup ran 1 loop of U3. Why one loop only? Well, I would like to run U3 three times today, not consequently but 1x morning, 1x day, 1x evening. Like subliminal supplements :slight_smile: Let’s see what it does to me.

  • NO FOG! I think that my brain finally adapts to subliminal input. My head and thinking are clear. What is left is body sensation, energy fullness & saturation. It is very pleasant sensation as in previous days like a «warm glow in my stomach». Safety feeling is pleasant like «everything just fine».

  • I’m not so emotional as a days before, feel calmness and «looking inward»

  • I have this urge to grab my girl, biting her ass (not very strong, though, we don’t need signs of violence :))) Kissing and acting like mad cat. She says: «you are wild!». Me: «really?». I haven’t noticed how the irritation and aggressiveness integrated and now «added to my whole volume of being». No doubt, dissociated irritation and angry feelings were those wild, primal energy emerged. Just like on my metaphorical card: red energy, primal energy.

  • Sexual mood is quite heightened, thoughts and feelings are aligned. In other words, my desire is back.

  • Here is interesting comparison between U3 and Primal Seduction. Primal Seduction is about acting to get the results and U3 is about «being primal».

  • We had a breakfast, it was very tasty and I was really hungry.

  • Its raining today but I definitely want to go for a walk in the woods.


Day 5 Afternoon, 2nd loop

  • After second loop of U3 I immediately felt pronounced sexual arousal. My thoughts and urges are directed to sex.

  • Pronounced sensations in belly (hara) and svadhistana chakra. The overall feeling is natural, not forced, it naturally grows inside of me.

  • I have a sudden realization that my heightened emotionality is linked not with feelings in chest (anahata chakra) but with sensations in svadhistana (lower belly). Definitely, U3 is awaking something in me, besides the sex energy.


Day 5 Evening, End of Day

  • After second loop of U3 I felt an energy ball in my belly, it was not small, about 70-80cm (27-31,5 inches). I guess my pleasant feeling now has a structure - an energy ball.

  • Watched some materials for my work. Interesting things about the Field and how deep psychological issues can be solved by the matter of disciplined attention.

  • Rain has stopped and sun appeared in skies, so my girl and I gone for a small walk. When we were crossing the road, a Lexus SUV with a brunette inside drove out of the yard. I looked at a driver and saw that she very attentively watched in my eyes. Maybe I reminded her somebody but it was very very straight eye contact.

  • After walk and shopping we were returning to home and met an old lady, that, the closer to her we get, started to smile. I don’t know her, but she smiled so widely that I was almost confused. We passed by, then I turned my head and saw that she still watching on us, then, after she saw that I watching her - instantly changed her behavior to uninterested and continued her way. That was really weird even though I felt her good vibe :slight_smile:

  • One more thing: when we were almost at home, on the street were I live, my gf put her palm on my genital area and started to caress, while we walked. Nobody saw that, so all good.

  • We came back, had a dinner (chicken, rice, shrimps, wine), watched Dark series, I played CS:GO & Starcraft 2 a little bit and my girl - Detroit.

  • Third loop of U3 didn’t felt any special but, thanks God, not exhausting also.

  • Suddenly, out of nothing, I felt an acute dissatisfaction with myself. That annoying feeling always appear then I focus my attention anywhere besides social ambitions and general achievements, as my father did. I’m not going to play by rules of that feeling.

  • Anyway, in about 1,5 hours we are going to bed. Even though I don’t have fog or mental fatigue, anyway, I sense that U3 requires much more energy than most other subs.


Day 6 Wakeup. Morning

  • Had some disturbing dreams, waked up quite emotional like tears are going to drop but they are not. Overall emotional state is unstable but I know exactly what is going on. U3 is only a minor reason to it.

  • Ran 3 loops of U3 consequentially. No fatigue, no fog, no dreamlike state, nothing except the familiar energy charging in a belly area. I can estimate that now U3 almost fully accepted by my psyche.

  • One interesting thing to mention: my gf gave me a bj at night and I noticed interesting sequences: high arousal to low arousal and back. It was like my behavior circuits are being aligned with new energy state. I can literally see/sense how my whole psyche and body are aligning with each other. Even though Ultima is fast acting (as I correctly understood from the description) time is still needed for adaptation. After bj I fell in sleep instantly.

More later.


Day 6 Afternoon, Evening and End of Day

  • Energy cultivation of U3 is impressive. If in the morning and days before I felt energy ball in belly area then now I feel energy in all parts of my body, chest and head but the main source is still in the belly. Its felt like fullness, saturation of energy, like my aura is becoming thicker and I feel myself bigger. 3 loops worked as predicted - more pronounced energetic effect, like one big loop.

  • No fog, no mental fatigue. It is very good because even 4 or 5 loops are possible, but I doubt that somebody wants so much energy :slight_smile: 2-3 loops a day is okey for me. If I being asked what listening pattern can I recommend, I think this is it: one loop definitely should be in the morning, immediately after wakeup. If somebody have more time - run once more. And one loop before any social events in the evening. Nothing fancy. Consequent loops are better than my previous scheme (1 x morning, 1 x day, 1 x evening) because, as I said, 3 consequent loops are felt like one big loop.

  • I worked, studied new material, played Starcraft 2 (Kerrigan, I almost vomited looking to zergs, they are disgusting) and CS:GO. Energy was literally outpouring, I was able to rank 1 in one of CS:GO game modes, at last (f*cking cheaters everywhere!). It seems that alchemy process of transmuting energy from belly to other areas is possible with U3, so it makes me think that U3 is Aura Ultima + elements of Libertine Ultima. I may be wrong.

  • We gone for a walk, the weather was good, no raining (at last!), but not hot. We laughed, made a jokes, hugged and kissed almost once in a minute. My voice was louder and stronger, I link this with energy surplus. People were looking at us, somebody intimidated, somebody with smiles, overall it was good vibe.

  • In a shop I felt like a Marshmallow man from Ghostbusters, very big like I filling the whole space with my energy. I had a similar symptoms days before but it seems that adaptations to energy undergoes certain pattern - up, down, up, less down, up, even less down, up. Something like that. I predict that U3 can be very good in public speaking, can fill the entire space with energy.

  • We were going on a pedestrian road and I noticed out of corner of my eye than man was looking at me, I looked at him and he immediately put his eyes down. I haven’t felt any threat from him or from myself and I link it with energy surplus. Energy alpha attitude?

  • I didn’t count eye-contacts from women, because they were numerous. Thanks God, I already worked up with the issues of «fear of being seen». Increased energy can definitely trigger some internal issues around shyness. I felt nothing special, maybe because I didn’t have any agenda, I just enjoyed my presence.

  • We came home, my gf cooked spaghetti, fried some sausages, when we watched Dark series. So far, I like it.

  • Can’t say that my sexual desire is pronounced. Let’s see how things will show up in bed today. Its not that I don’t want sex but want more to be caressed and bj’ed.

  • I feel far less irritation than days before but still I’m watching my myself not to be rude or careless.

  • One more thing: another metaphorical card with the question (chosen blindly not to influence the result): «It is day 6 of U3, how do I think U3 affected me so far?». Answer: yellow ray is energy coming up from my body outside, in the world, green area is my inner attitude to the world is being projected and dark lines on the right - my internal issues that can be triggered by energy projection and can affect my state in a coming days, I must be attentive. Summary: it is good to be seen».


  • We are going to bed right now, I need to replenish my batteries.


After reading most of these Stage 3 tests, there’s no doubt in my mind that there is plenty of pheromone scripting which would be awesome. Awesome results.


Day 7 Wake up. Morning

  • My dreams were about wealth and money, I saw one of infomarketing gurus at his apartment, he was coaching me about wealth and then I saw numerous clients sending me money for my sessions.

  • I waked up, feeling that my gf is giving me BJ. Interesting way to wake up :). One thing is worth mentioning is that I reached climax in about ten minutes. This is very fast for me because usually I don’t reach orgasm during BJ activity at all. U3 seems helps to concentrate energy in right areas. Orgasm was satisfying like drinking water when very thirsty or doing good inhale without muscular tension after massage.

  • Then my gf gone to bathroom I stayed in bed, browsing internet.

  • I started U3 loop almost immediately after wakeup (i.e. during BJ activity). One loop was good (energy saturation) but the second loop was different. At about 15-20 minutes of second loop I felt numbing fog-like state. It didn’t surprised me because I feel that «other parts of me is joining the Ultima party and they don’t know the rules yet». Anyway, I finished second loop but decided not to run the third. So 2 loops U3 in morning.

  • Yes, arousal feeling in belly but unlike one with Primal Seduction. Can’t describe it more precisely now.

  • Good breakfast, juice, coffee, one episode of Dark Season 1 series.

  • My gf is going home for a weekend.

  • General mood is good, numbing foglike is present right now, but not disturbing as with first days. I will watch closely how it will be later.

More later.


Interesting. This is a dynamic I’ve definitely noticed myself as well. I’m hoping Stark will help reduce it somewhat, but now you’ve mentioned it it’s something I’ll be exploring on the weekend. What chakras or parts of your energy system would you most associate with the feeling when these issues are triggered?


Definitely, first (muladhara - fear), second (svadhistana - guilt) and third (manipura - shame) are the most involved, upper chakras seems less.


Day 7 Afternoon, Evening, End of Day

  • I’m super tired. Finally, I started one project that I putted off. Even though, this first step is not that changed everything, it definitely changed one thing - I’m working on it.

  • Fog-like state faded out as soon as I started to concentrate on my affairs.

  • I was in subway today, saw hundreds of people. Covid panic seems ending so most people were without masks. I was in mask :slight_smile: Ran the third loop of U3… maybe because it gave me a confidence boost or better to say- energy surplus. Had enough attention from almost every second person, both male, female. Now I understand when celebrities say that they are tired of attention (and nevertheless, crave it) - when you get so much attention its f*king exhausting.

  • Most interesting thing: I sense which woman has lower chakras activated! Its like looking thru walls experience! I guess this is somehow linked with my activation of belly. I sense mine centers therefore I can sense other people centers.

  • I had a conversation with a girl, which participate in my project. Flirting started exactly from the start, powerful effortless eye-contact. The main word is «effortless», I can say - very natural, indeed.

  • I like that U3 doesn’t «make act cool or alpha». Its just gives me the energy of right kind. The rest is up to me.

  • Strange thing: I ran 3 loops today, got that fog-like state but nevertheless, felt very energized. Its like having enough energy to deal with life’s circumstances.

  • Eye-contacts, business and attention soon made me a little bit irritable, seems I’m exhausted.

  • Now I will have a dinner and go to sleep. Zergs can wait til tomorrow.


Day 8 Wakeup. Morning

  • Sleep was good, refreshing. Had many dreams with different themes. Overall mood is 4 of out of 5 points.

  • Ran 2 loops of U3 and reserved one more during the day. Running morning loops gave me familiar energy state, pleasant feeling in body, especially in belly and genital area.

  • Head and thinking are clear. It seems that fog-like state is occurring once in a while, without obvious reasons. I haven’t realized the pattern yet.

  • Today I recharging my social batteries :slight_smile: prefer solitude for today with walks, little shopping, playing games and studying.

  • One girl invited to go for a walk today, I agreed. We had passionate relationship in past and now have very good soul connection. Will report later what’s interesting this situation will reveal.

  • Had some urge to run other subs but I stopping myself, because I agreed to the terms of test I comply, investing my time and attention to help creating new product. I want to run this test as intended, and, btw, custom sub as reward is all worth it, so I’m not complaining.

  • At this point I can say that U3 steadily putting me in a «special energetic state, which affects genital area, belly and chest and is suitable for attraction and seduction, and maybe other usages». The rest is, as they say, is upon user/operator discretion and intentions.

More later.