Custom Journey (Seeker)

Had a change of heart and will be going down the custom road for the foreseeable future. Three customs, all ZP Terminus Squared with Solace mask. Listening to Number 1 and Number 2 on Mondays, Number 3 on Wednesdays. Listening to the first 5 minutes of the day’s track(s).

Number 1
  • Emperor Core
  • Renaissance Man Core
  • Wanted Core
  • Mind’s Eye Core
  • All-Seeing
  • Organization Perfected
  • Ego Adsum
  • Everpresent
  • Khronos Key
  • Elegance
  • Ethereal Presence
  • Harmonic Singularity
  • Starfilled Night
  • The Wonder
  • Dominion
  • Divine Will
  • Tyrant
  • Yggdrasil
  • Omnidimensional
  • Deus
Number 2
  • Emperor Fitness Stage 1
  • Quantum Limitless Stage 1
  • Spartan
  • Apollon
  • Facial Morphing
  • SPS: Fat Burn
  • APS: Hair
  • SPS: Skeletal System
  • Blink
  • Equilibrium
  • Master’s Coordination
  • Thunder
  • Inexhaustible
  • Asclepius
  • The Streams
  • The Lines
  • The Single Point
  • Epigenetics and DNA Modulator
  • Omnidimensional
  • Deus
Number 3
  • Dragon Reborn Stage 1
  • Paragon
  • Ares
  • Discordia Deliverance
  • I Am
  • Blue Skies
  • Depths of Love
  • New Beginnings
  • Pride Unbroken
  • Divine Self Image
  • Attachment Destroyer
  • The Boundary
  • Februus
  • Path of Forgiveness
  • Solitude
  • Natural Winner
  • Untouchable
  • Negativity Displacer
  • Omnidimensional
  • Deus

Yes, I am aware that custom Number 1 and Number 2, my listening schedule, and stacking three ZP Terminus Squared programs all ignore current recommendations. On my own head be it.

Now that I’ve listened to one loop of each, some results:

  • Exponential decrease in mental chatter
  • Improved mood
  • Improved perception (It feels as if a filter between my senses and the world has been removed.)
  • Improved posture
  • Noticeable release of tension in the muscles of the back

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I thought the founders only allowed up to two cores for ZP.

Hope you do great with your goals.

Check out the first post of the Main Disc. Thread - Zero Point Customs NOW LIVE.

They recommend a maximum of two cores:

However, the system does allow for the creation of a custom with more than two, provided one understands the risks of ignoring the recommendations, understands the consequences for complaining, and is advanced enough to experiment:

Edit: Clarity


Thank you. Wishing you the same. :smiley:


How is your results compared to regular ZP?

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I feel the results are coming faster and are more noticeable compared to regular ZP.


Name embedded, modules focused on your desires/needs. Any other benefit or feature to chose customs over major programs?

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Check out Q programs vs. Q customs for some discussion on the subject. It’s an older thread but most of the comments appear to be valid for ZP customs.


Some more results:

  • Increased focus
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Overall better mood
  • Proprioception seems to be improving

how do you test this?

If you pull this off I’ll be very impressed. But this looks like a massive load for your mind to process. ZP standard would be a lot, but then squared also takes it up another notch.

I didn’t do any testing. That was a subjective observation.

Edit: Reworked second sentence.

That’s why I’m only listening to the first 5 minutes, in addition to only listening to each program once per week.


Some more results:

  • Chronic injuries fading.
  • Improved reflexes.
  • Generally better mood.
  • Easier time pushing through hard workouts.
  • No seasonal allergies.

Some more results:

  • Decreased interest in social media.
  • Waking up 5-10 minutes before alarm goes off.
  • Easier time setting boundaries.
  • Improved posture.

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Can you please close this? I’m starting a new journal for stage 2.

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