Creative writing challenge... who's interested?


I’m by no means a professional writer, and I haven’t done any creative writing in probably 20 years… but in the spirit of fun and creativity here’s a writing challenge idea that’s been kicking around in my head for a couple of years.

The premise is simple; a scene is provided without any real context, and writers craft a short story around the scene however they see fit. The only requirement is that the scene needs to be included without modification, but how and where is up to the writer.

Is it the opening scene? Somewhere in the middle? The shocking climax?
And what about the characters? Who is the protagonist? The antagonist? What is the MacGuffin the people are after? Is the story a contemporary techno thriller? A scifi story? Fantasy? Something else?

I know @SaintSovereign has mentioned being into creative writing, anyone else interested?

I’ve got a scene ready to go, if anyone wants to play. :sunglasses:


I’m trying to get back into creative writing, though I don’t have any subs/modules for it in my stack :stuck_out_tongue: I’d be willing to participate, if for no other reason than to get the creative juices flowing.


I’ve been practicing writing these last two days. Ran UA for the last three months, let’s go!


count me in


I’m game, though I’m probably incredibly rusty. I haven’t written anything since I got my Master’s degree… which was about 4 years ago, haha.


Let’s roll it!


I’ll try to try


Ok, awesome!

In order to not color each other’s perceptions as to the story frame, please don’t post your version until January 2nd. Or, if you want, PM it to me. I’ve shown the story seed to 2 different people so far, and each had very different ideas of what was going on, which is exactly the intent I had in mind!

Story seed will be posted momentarily. (depends on how long it takes to fix any formatting when I paste from Word!)


Without warning the Ops center doors flew open and Marcus, head of the special projects division, strode into the room with a scowl on his face.

Maya winced as she saw him enter the room. Marcus was an imposing and mercurial individual at the best of times, when he was angry it was infinitely worse. If he’d returned a day early without notice and was in a mood, that really can’t be good she realized. Setting her tea down quickly, Maya leaped up and approached the door. “Sir, if we’d known to expect you tonight-”

“Nevermind! We have a breach, find it.” the man snarled, interrupting and pushing past her to stare at the wall of monitors.

At this instruction, fingers danced across keyboards and eyes scanned monitors. For several minutes, techs called out as each area was checked and cleared. The tall man stood waiting, becoming more agitated with each passing moment that no intruders were found. By now his mouth was drawn and his brow furrowed. If anyone were close enough, they would have heard him quietly whispering as his eyes darted back and forth behind closed eyelids… but of course none dared. Finally, the man’s eyes snapped open and he said “The Level 4 lab. It’s her. Alert security to meet me there… and lock the facility down!” With that, he turned to storm out of the room as quickly as he’d arrived.

Maya began to inquire who he meant, but the question died on her lips. Instead, she quickly said “Yes sir.” just as the doors were closing behind him. She summoned security and shook her head, as the Level 4 lab appeared quiet and deserted. “Check it again” she sighed, as she returned to her seat and picked up her mug. She’d learned to not question the eccentricities of the special projects team; it was too far above her pay grade to worry about. At least, that’s what she told herself. That was more tolerable than admitting how spooked she actually was about what they did.

Elsewhere in the building, Elena’s eyes snapped open from her meditative trance. “Fck, fck!” She swore. Beside her, the Imp whirled around and said “Wha- What is it? What’s wrong?” Elena, heart racing, said breathlessly “It’s him. He’s in the compound, and now he knows I am too!”

From across the room, Max turned ashen. "No, he can’t be. You told us he wouldn’t be back until tomorrow… you’re supposed to be protecting us!”

Elena gave a pained look. “I am! Hiding from security technicians is one thing but I can’t hide us from HIM. He wasn’t supposed to be anywhere near here. Hurry up, we only get one shot at this!”

Max attempted to work faster, with shaking hands. The object was already visible, softly glowing and surrounded by wires. Max was splicing and rerouting wires as quickly as possible to be able to remove the core without tripping any of the security systems for as long as possible.

Then, from outside in the hall, alarm klaxons began to wail. Elena knew they now had just seconds to get what they’d come for and escape, or Sam’s death would be all for nothing.

Sam… the very name made her heart ache, and she choked back a sob as grief and anger welled up inside her. No, she thought viciously. I won’t lose it, I can’t. It’s our only chance.

Realizing subtlety was no longer relevant, Max muttered “screw it!” and shoved a bare hand into the enclosure and just ripped the object out. “I’ve got it!” yelped Max, narrowly avoiding losing several fingers as the security panel slammed into place.

The Imp was already moving toward the door. “Raven is inbound, eta 2 minutes to the evac point!” he said hoarsely. Elena shook her head and replied “We don’t have 2 minutes. What other-“ Elena froze in mid-sentence as a terrifyingly familiar piercing pressure suddenly blossomed in her brain. “Too late” she breathed, with a sinking feeling. “He’s already here.”


X=±3 :confused:

This seems interesting, I like your writing. Now, how do I translate the inspired imagery in my head into words…:upside_down_face:


When my wife read it, she said “What’s an imp??” and I told her I couldn’t wait to find out either. :rofl::sunglasses:


Are we setting a word count limit or any other guidelines?


Let’s say a max of 5k-ish words.


I’ve been working on a deadline, and I need more time!:sweat::sweat::sweat:


Well, clearly you’re the only one who didn’t do it on time… GOSH! :rofl:

I totally understand deadlines… this month alone I need to design and hand-prototype 3 different devices for work, finish formulating a surface chemical treatment solution, design and build 3 different projects as part of an engineering course I’m doing with Mark Rober, plus my wife and I are looking at houses to buy because pretty soon the kiddo is going to need her own room, and we haven’t got any space to spare at the moment. :wink: