Chat room / off topic discussions

No offense to anyone, and I don’t want to stifle the sense of community going on, but lately a lot of threads (especially discussion threads), have been getting filled with off-topic, joking conversations. Nothing against those types of convos, but the discussion thread for the new season or the new title or the latest update is not where shooting-the-shit type conversations belong.

Maybe we can get an IRC style webchat? Or tougher moderation lol

Reading through an updated discussion thread and scrolling past 50+ posts of people joking around is kinda discouraging and makes finding real reviews/results/discussion like finding a Diamond in the rough

Again, not singling anyone out, this is just a trend I’ve noticed has gotten worse lately


I must say I am guilty of that, sorry.

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Finally someone said it. Thank you!

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Hopefully it could be sooner than later.

Me too. Sorry. Will give my best to improve the discipline.


I am guilty too, i love my chimney swiper black jokes 🤦


I hope Sweeping chimney will come before end of the year, I wanna make a QTKS with BDLM.

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I will make a custom with Chimney Sweeper as the only core and 19 result enhancers

Nothing is more important in my life than sweeping the chimney


Strong custom, like it.

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When it drops, it drops.
I was hoping for this for … it feels like decades.
At a certain point, I decided, that I will enjoy what we already have and will be super excited when the last part drops.

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Or getting your chimney sweeped

I will run my CS custom solo

CS will have anything you need, wealth, alpha, seduction, social skills, cognitive enhancement

And most important, a clean ass chimney


@Deadpool @Prioritas

So should we instead of spamming the main threads just quote a post, copy it in here and then answer it?
Would probably be the cleanest solution…

Or maybe link the post (this chain symbol)

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yes that was my doing about Patrick Rothfuss

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@RVconsultant @DarkPhilosopher @Forum_Ambassadors

What’s your opinion on this?

If we could agree to focus our bantering on this more chat like thread, it would increase the value of the main threads significantly for others that are more business-like/ serious in here.

On the one hand I enjoy the community in here, on the other hand, I see it can be annoying if you’re just here for valuable content.


I’m not against it, however I don’t want the forums to be too moderated. But as we know a lot of results get lost in the forums, we decided to start developing the Repository. Once it’s launched, you’ll be able to easily look up over a thousand different reviews/results/experiences.

That should help alleviate the issue of banter while keeping that community feel, without too much moderation. We’ll see how it goes in practice though, as things are always different in practice.


I think we need a whole forum or website for the chimney enthusiasts

Btw you could use the Summarise the topic button on the first post of a thread, it has been quite handy, I will say.


I use this a lot. It’s my favorite function on here.


Heartsong + Rotnw = find your best extractor :slight_smile: