Changing Physical appearance


Is it possible to change your physical appearance and facial features by using subliminals? If yes any one has any such experience ? Are there any other methods to change your physical appearance and facial features using the power of your subcouncious ?


I believe there is one vendor out there who claims to have cracked the “algorithum” to bring about changes in physical appearance. I personally have not had any experience with this. I know there are a couple of users who have reported physical changes when using emperor. You would have to check with the SC team to see whether this is really possible with their subs.


Huge answer, but you asked for it… :wink:

What can be considered is that what we look like is a combination of the picture in our DNA and pretty much everything we were exposed to (and did) since the day we were born. It always intrigued me how Bones (in the TV series) was able to tell a person’s life story from the way their body had grown up. If science invented a 3D organic printer and it was fed your DNA, it is likely that the “perfect” body that was printed would be different than what you look like.

There is also a theory that the subconscious holds a picture of what you believe you should look like. This is often referred to during diets and fitness regimes, where they urge you to see your body how you want it to be, for if you keep seeing yourself as overweight (for example) your subconscious would adapt your body to ensure that you remained true to that mental “ideal”. Be this through speeding up or slowing down your metabolism, altering your digestion’s effectiveness or your eating habits. A similar thing goes for baldness, it is possible the subconscious can influence whether or not the hair follicles are active or not.

So there is a certain amount of things that can be influenced. If the strength of conviction and the programming held by the subconscious can affect whether you heal yourself from disease of die from it, and cause you to gain or lose weight (and/or hair), then perhaps it is possible to trigger the next cell division that takes place to be more like the unspoiled picture in your DNA. Of course, since it takes about 7 years for your entire body to regenerate itself, it could be a while to see it.

Then again, if we allow for the possibility of spontaneous adaptations (which may be called manifestations or miracles depending on the beholder), it might be possible to defy the natural process.

There is a second category to consider. It is possible (through willpower and belief) to trigger hormonal and chemical changes in the body. A woman lifting up a car because her child is trapped under it would be a massive release of adrenalin (which incidentally also causes a time-dilation effect on the brain, something that scientists love to study). More wondrous still is pseudocyesis (otherwise known as a false pregnancy) where a woman becomes so convinced that she is pregnant that her body physically undergoes the changes to support it, mostly linked to estrogen and prolactin. Amusingly, men can experience couvade (sympathetic pregnancy) where they develop similar symptoms.

This can also enable the ability to trigger changes in pigmentation. Hair color, eye color, skin tone. These are temporary changes (stop the chemicals and the pigmentation reverts back to the original), but much more immediate.

And finally, muscles can affect a lot as well, especially in the face. Carole Maggio came up with Facercise (in the East it is more commonly known as face yoga). One of the exercises is for the muscles around the cheeks. The exercise is the same, but depending on the focused intent behind it, it is supposed to cause the muscles to either cause your cheeks to sink in a bit, accentuating your cheekbones, or expand more, giving you a fuller, less angular look. All because your willpower is telling your body how to develop the muscles you’re exercising.

I know, super-long answer. But it’s a recurring topic and one that does interest me. Where does the limit lie? How much can we do by changing our subconscious programming? I believe @ExploringAstronaut has some theories on how the mind can affect the body.

Then there is this topic by @Sarshet:

It was months ago. Makes me wonder what color his eyes are now.


As they say, sky is the limit.
No seriously, this is a very interesting field and it is just the beginning of discovering how powerful belief is. What I believe in though is the concept of a unique style, let’s say.
Meaning for example I can be a speaker or whatever, but I could not copy someone, instead I would arise to the full potential of myself in this field.
My thoughts on it


Wouldn’t it be easier, faster and more effective to use subs to work on your insecurities about your physical features, rather than actual physical features? Unless you’re a drooling, inbred horror then your mental and emotional state is generally more important for attraction than your appearance.

Then a good diet, regular exercise and maybe consulting a style expert would take care of the rest.

Seriously, nobody else cares if you have a big nose, weak chin or are going bald or whatever. It’s mostly just you.


People still have a subconscious response to “pretty” people. Plus, even if you have the highest self-esteem and the best aura, the first impression happens within moments and can happen across quite a distance. Physical characteristics can help or hinder there.

And of course there are careers where physical appearance is a requirement.

Besides, if it could be done, why not?


Return on (time) investment.

People notice overall image more than small details like the size of your nose, especially at a distance where those details are less visible. A fit body and attractive style, combined with a confident body language and eye contact are instantly noticeable and highly attractive. And those are all definitely possible. But modifying physical features using subs … eh, maybe, or maybe it’s just several months of wasted time. I’m not saying you shouldn’t try it, but I think most people would get far more tangible results out of the other things I mentioned.

BTW, I have a large nose and I’m bald. I’ve also dated beautiful women half my age. And yes I was insecure about my appearance when I was younger, but I found it’s just irrelevant.


@DarkPhilosopher - I had come across Facercise a while back and am wondering whether I should incorporate it. Right now am just doing mewing (holding tongue on roof of the mouth, not the cat thingy lol) but I guess it will take some time to show results. Have you tried Facercise?


@Sarshet - I plan to make enough money to be able to buy a custom subliminal from SubClub to change some physical characteristics (700 bucks!!!). I don’t know if they will make it, but am gonna try asking.

Either that or switch to physical subs by other sub makers once I am satisfied with results from here.

I wish SubClub made more physical subs though. It would be nice to discuss that in the forum here.

Also, just for your information, some subs over here do have some physical modules in them like Spartan (although I have yet to fully confirm this) and “Fat Burner” modules in Emperor, Sex&Seduction and Muay Thai Mastery (I noticed many users of these subs do mention looking slimmer especially on Emperor). But the physical changes you are looking for might be different.

I also remember someone over here in this forum asking whether he can custom order a height increasing subliminal from SubClub. I wonder whether it happened.


I believe certain physical aspects of our bodies like complexion,height or eye colour can be altered with subs. I don’t understand the thing with people on the other side who are sooo sceptical about it that they don’t even try it out.
Some say it’s nonsense but they are the same people who claim to have became smarter by listening to a little watersound titled “limitless”.

I have used the height ehancement sub of quadible integrity and I have seen tangible results with it after playing it on loop at night.
Quable integrity’s sub have been quite effective on me a actually, tho I have heard it’s different for different people(dk how).

I have used the eye colour sub as aswell and have seen changes the very next day of playing it.

I feel sad about the people who pass it on because they can’t gather enough patience to test it out and run it and they go on complaining about it in forums and YouTube comments trying to find something that will instantly change them.


That’s real cool, @Sarshet. Have to try QI someday. If SubClub tries making physical subs, am sure they would be powerful since they do use cutting edge subliminal technologies.


examples? I might have missed those posts or they are older


@rising I did a search but cant find thr posts. Two of users reported a tingling sensation around the face and their faces began to change during listening at night.


Umm… thank you for that super-useful and absolutely non-demeaning comment?

Has anybody noticed that this topic is one of a few topics where you will never find Fire or Saint no matter how much we ask?


Here you go :slight_smile:

Oh and here as well :slight_smile:

That first thread has more on the topic so it’s worth reading through.


Anytime DP , a person needs to think about how they put a question across …now if he’s talking about body proportions in regard to muscle yeah a subliminal can assist but if hes talking about genetics and DNA…its a ridiculous question ! There’s plastic surgery as well but that’s cosmetic which is a physical change via science not listening to a subliminal.

Can you imagine if there was one that you mold yourself into anyone you wanted … there would clones and clones of celebrities walking around plus this would be a billion dollar company to boot …lol


@xanderson83 I don’t understand which part of the question do you find ridiculous .
There are a lot of subliminal makers out there who produces subliminals to change your facial features and by change I don’t mean making you a clone of someone else but to enhance your facial features like giving you a defined jawline, making your cheekbones more prominent etc.
And there are a lot of people who have used such subliminals and got positive results I myself have used one such subliminal in the past but didn’t got any noticeable results. Thatswhy I have asked this questions to know if anyone else here have any experience with such kind of subliminals and what’s their take on it.
And if you think that this is the most stupid question that you’ve read in your existence then you’re highly underestimating the power of the subcouncious mind and you don’t even know what it is capable of.
There have been many instances where the eye colour, voice of a patient suffering from multiple personality disorder changed instantly when he/she shifts from one personality to other personality.The personalities in a multiple have a strong psychological separation from one another. Each has his own name, age, abilities and memories. Many times each subpersonality has his/her own style of handwriting, cultural background, artistic talents, foreign language fluency, and IQ.
With a change of personalities in multiples, scars appear and disappear, burn marks do the same, as well as cysts! The multiple can change from being right-handed to being left-handed with ease and agility they can also speak a language that they has never learned
There is also a case where One multiple, admitted to the hospital for diabetes complications, baffled her doctors by showing no symptoms when, without warning, one of her nondiabetic personalities took control,. The patient instantly showed no signs of being diabetic. There are also accounts of epilepsy coming and going with personality changes.
How could such things be? We are deeply attached to the inevitability and “reality” of things. If we have bad vision, we have it for life; and, if we suffer from diabetes, we do not for a moment think our condition might vanish with a change in mood or thought. But the phenomenon of multiple personalities challenges this belief and offers further evidence of just how much our psychological states can affect the biology of the body.

So if our subcouncious is powerful enough to do all this it might also be possible to change our physical features.
And if you find a question stupid then just ignore it and move on you have no right to judge which question belongs to the hall of fame of most stupid questions .


I agree, Sanket. I had an entire arsenal of “replies” ready, but I opted for the one question.

Understand that xanderson’s reply is not indicative of the rest of us, do read the valuable stuff bujin posted and continue to feel free to ask stuff even if it may seem less probable.

As for this topic, the one thing to take out of my super-long post is that there is a lot of room between what we look like and what our DNA allows us to look like. If each of us had grown up in the perfect air with the perfect food, the perfect parenting and the perfect amount of exercise, I’m quite certain we’d all look like beach-body soap-opera stars. So why wouldn’t it be possible to tell ourselves to start moving in that direction at the next cell-division?


Epigenetics is a new type of science to may understand the mechanisms.

Here’s an analogy that might further help you to understand what epigenetics is, as presented in Nessa Carey’s Epigenetics Revolution . Think of the human lifespan as a very long movie. The cells would be the actors and actresses, essential units that make up the movie. DNA, in turn, would be the script — instructions for all the participants of the movie to perform their roles. Subsequently, the DNA sequence would be the words on the script, and certain blocks of these words that instruct key actions or events to take place would be the genes. The concept of genetics would be like screenwriting. Follow the analogy so far? Great. The concept of epi genetics, then, would be like directing. The script can be the same, but the director can choose to eliminate or tweak certain scenes or dialogue, altering the movie for better or worse. After all, Steven Spielberg’s finished product would be drastically different than Woody Allen’s for the same movie script, wouldn’t it?


Mewing is the most proven method of this as the tongue is responsible for cranial facial development. Are you able to do it correctly? Im having trouble myself.