Simultaneously listen to subclub and youtube subliminal?


There are subliminals on youtube for various goals, and their effectiveness is dependent on the creator, but that’s not the point of this post

Simple question: Am I able to listen to both a youtube subliminal and a subclub product simultaneously?

My hypothesis is yes as the subconscious is incredibly powerful enough to absorb both subliminals at once.

Changing Physical appearance
Regarding subs that can change your eye color

I’m also interested in knowing this as well. Since there are some lottery and Law of Attraction subliminals as well.


Reminds me a bit of dual induction techniques, like Glauberman’s HPP an Scheele’s Paramliminals. One story for each ear. Or the Sphinx of Imagination, that one’s a trip. Completely different, but it reminded me.

Can you do it? Sure. Does it work? Who knows? Everybody’s different. Maybe you’re already so awesome that the subclub sub barely has anything to add and it’s easy to add something new to the mix. If you truly believe that you can do it, that your subconscious likes getting two messages on top of one another, then why not? Belief can play a big part in its success.
On the other hand, it could make your subconscious give you the finger and refuse to process either, shutting the audio out until the barrage stops.

Give this a try: take your subclub subliminal and listen to it for 16 hours straight. Don’t walk away, keep listening. Do you get tired? Feel any side-effects? No? Then go ahead and try it. If on the other hand you do feel as if your subconscious has enough to get through already, you might not want to add even more. Maybe you don’t listen for 16 hours normally, but what if listening to overlapping messages for 8 hours is just as heavy?

Next, keep in mind we don’t know how the subclub products are built. Are they slightly faster? Are they already overlapping? I believe Shannon has one of his many, many TM’ed things that include overlapping scripts. Who knows what Saint did?

@Pwnie21 You should know that LoA/Manifestation tends to take longer than habit change. You can program the belief that you are worthy of having a million bucks in 30 days, but it may take the universe a bit longer to actually get you that million bucks. Also, do remember that there are many ways to get a million bucks, the lottery is just one of them. And a bad one too, considering the LoA is all about abundance and yet thousands of people have to lose their money to the lottery to make one person win. Doesn’t sound like abundance to me.
Don’t close yourself up to all the other opportunities that come your way. Although if you find a suitcase with a miliion bucks of unmarked bills in it and traces of white powder, you may wish to tell the universe you’ll take the next opportunity. Just saying. :slight_smile:


I took an hour out of my subs routine (consisting of limitless,emperor and sparton) for the famous “get green eyes fast” sub from quadible integrity. I used to listen to it for an hour at night. Strangely, I saw results way quicker than before when I didnt use subclubproducts. I believe they ampliefied my result.


So I guess your eyes turned green faster than you expected?


Thanks for your input.

Did you listen to it simultaneously with subclub or listen to the youtube sub individually?

What time frame (in terms of weeks and months) did you listen to green eyes sub before you got results?


Did anybody else notice? Maybe your mind just thinks they are turning green. IDk I never thought that was possible.


I wouldn’t take anytime out of listening to my subclub subliminal stack to watch YouTube subliminals. I never got results of any sort listening to them years ago when I was first introduced to subs. And I tried plenty of them. I prefer to take my knowledge/subs from people who have and are credible for it. Especially if you are getting results from quality subliminals. These are the only subs that have worked for me. There is much more involved in building subliminals than just basic affirmations in audacity vocode. Don’t mean to sound rude. I may be wrong but this is my opinion on it.


Forgive me for not giving proper context. I had been listening the youtube sub since months. Things were progressing slowly. My eyes were dark brown. I started listening from January this year till March. My eyes become only a little less brown.when I found out about subclub, I started listening to their subs stopped all the previous ones. Recently I experimented a bit and added that yt sub. I listened to it night after I slept and in a Week, my eyes were much much lighter.

And no I didn’t listen to them simultaneously. I played it for an hour.


sorry but it sounds absolute nonsense a subliminal that can change eye colour.


Well you are not alone, me and my friends were in the same boat when we came to know that such a thing exists.


Since it’s a matter of changing pigmentation, it might very well be possible. Pigmentation is more flexible compared to other traits.

Keep in mind though, eye color is a genetic trait, so unless periodically reinforced, it will change back eventually as the cells renew themselves. And don’t expect green-eyed kids either, unless your partner is the perfect Celtic redhead with piercing green eyes.

Makes me consider if it might be possible to get a nice sun-tanned skin through sheer willpower.