Change Forum Name?

Hey can we be allowed to change our names like one time?

I’ve been trying to reach Support over this and I know its pushing it, but its very pressing for me as I need to change the name on this forum as I plan on introducing my friends to this.


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I can fully understand you. this is also something holding me back introducing friends to SC who know my nickname.


I’ve contacted Support but its taking quite a long time and I think it is also quite unnecessary to burden the support on doing something that should be easy.

It lessens the load for everyone and its a win-win.

PM me, please.

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PM me, please.


Change your name in real life.


I’d also like to change my name before I start posting properly but I don’t think I can DM you @SaintSovereign

I know this is an older post. Did you get the name change you wanted?

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Would it be possible to change my name?

Just write what you want to change your name to in your reply to this post.


Don’t know if you were originally replying to me but no, I didn’t get my name changed, thanks for the bump!

Would it be possible to change it to “Odin” or “Zeus”? It would be nice to see from Saint or Fire which name they think is more in line with the theme of SubliminalClub (For some reason I feel that it would be Odin).
Thank you very much and have a nice day!

Just reply to this post with what you want your new user name to be.

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Yo @RVconsultant or @DarkPhilosopher I guess

I’d like to go from ItsSymphonie to “Melior”
Could you do so too on my main journal title in ZP please :pray:t2:

Thanks in advance

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Hey man! Yes I did haha

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Putting that request a bit back up in the thread :eyes:

Done, as you’ve noticed. Journal too. Or did you change your mind?

Melior reminds me of something religious.

Meliorism is very fitting for this forum.

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Thanks @DarkPhilosopher your the man!

I made that post in a perfect timing it seems
I feel like a kid receiving it’s brand new transformer with my new pseudo

Thank youuuu :tada: :pray:t2:

Probably because of it’s Latin sound
And yeah it depend on how you see it, might sound extravagant but I see it as ‘’ I get better everyday ‘’ :sunglasses:

Should I start a Nietzsche cult??

Nietzsche doesn’t really fit into meliorism to be honest, he’s a little too nihilistic for that (as are most of his contemporaries).

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