Can I build a custom for 2 people?

As some of you may know, I listen to my stack with my girlfriend at night while sleeping. So far, we’ve been listening to Ecstasy Of Gold ST1, Heartsong, and Ascended Mogul, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings. During the day, I might choose to listen to an ultima like Limitless Executive or RICH.

Would it be possible to build a custom that embeds both of our names? Can I put the name as “Jack and Jill” and have it still be effective?

This is the most realistic option for how I can get a custom and consistently listen to it.

We would get modules that suit both our needs like Natural Winner, wealth generating ones, relationship enhancing ones, and manifestation modules.

The modules we’d use are similar… but the name part… would it lose effectiveness if it said two names instead of one?

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It’s cheating I guess
And you can get banned for lifetime if you try that

I am sure you have to order seperatly

But in the future when I have my harem I will ask if I can build a custom with : Leo and Mariposa, Diana and Nadia, analslut Christine and enjoying Anna, trouble Carmen and tight Miranda


only if it’s a subliminal aimed at mastering coordination when trans-versing hills and downward slopes.

I’ll leave it to the official authorities to verify but my strong guess is the name that is not yours would cause recon, and if I remember correctly we were asked not to try to do that, at one point.

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Theres a high chance the part thats not the name of the person ordering will be removed,lol


Jack and Jill obviously being a stand-in for my name and my girlfriend’s name. And honestly, if I’m going to get banned for listening to subs with my girlfriend, so be it. I’m open about the fact that we play subs at night

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Your not getting banned for listening with your girlfriend

But if you obviously try to get a 2 for 1 then I think they will ban you.

Don’t do it

Stay a little longer here

I think it’s a good question.

There are legitimate contexts for shared listening. It’s even written in some of the product descriptions.

If you have consent from your partner , you can play Diamond Ultima aloud (on a suitable listening environment, click here to learn more about Ultima) to create a bubble of pure lust and pleasure.

I guess this is one of those situations where either you go for a generic (non-name-embedded) or just be okay that the program is primarily directed to you. Any other option might have too much tendency to go off the rails (i.e., unnecessary difficulties for the company in regulating use and misuse).


Of course I know that :slight_smile: was simply making a joke in the hopes that at least one soul would find it entertaining.

The ban is not for listening to subs with your girlfriend -it’s for attempts to find loop holes in the custom naming system, which since your inquiring transparently is obviously not something you are doing

Your’s is a legitimate context

If not answered here by Saint, If you were to send a pm or support ticket asking if using both names could work or how to make a custom you could both listen too… it’s quite possible, if it could work, it wouldn’t be a problem.

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A solution might be a couple/ extra name option build option. It could cost (x*number of names) as normal.


I think that goes against the rules not sure

But i think every sub is meant to be for one person use

As long as the files is not shared and the other person is given knowledge about it playing and his/her consent it should be ok, I think. One person is using it, while the other person is just nearby.

I don’t think it’s possible/allowed with the current build options, but I would love to be able to order customs for me and my gf, in the future, that is allowed.

Sigh… Need to improve my finances so I can spend more here.

Are you sure?

Cause i heared every sub is only for 1 person

If 1 intention to expose another person to the subliminal whos nearby and benefit from one copy of the sub and not buy another for the other individual i think it goes against the rules

Im not sure but i think so

Nope, note sure at all. It was just my thoughts. Who knows if they are true or not.

I don’t think that the question of sharing subs (by exposing others while self using it in the same household/room) is relevant for this thread.

Honestly I’m down to pay what I need to pay to make this happen.

It’s not like I want to get subliminals for cheaper. This might even be a bit of a stretch question/request, but I’m trying to manifest this shit into existence.

In my PERFECT world, this is possible, easy, and recommended.

Ask and you shall receive?