Business/ Wealth Generation Ideas


Hey everyone

I think since most of us here are about creating wealth in some way or creating business opportunities that we should post ideas. And we should also help each other brainstorm ideas for us to make money and create long lasting financial growth. And with us all sharing ideas on this topic a lot of us may see new opportunities that we might have never thought of that we could possibly get into.

Also as a community we should be about helping each other grow in all aspects of life.


Personally lately i haven’t had many ideas come up for business ideas, or other ways to make money. I have thought about making a youtube account to make videos but have no clue what i would share lol. I have thought about getting into stocks but no clue where to start, i was hoping that the market would take another dive back to the lows again so i could get some things way cheaper then they are now.


Figure out where your expertise lies in (basically any topic you know more about than the average Joe).
Define which problem people who are committed to that topic have and which problem you can solve for them of help them solve.
Go to meetups and other places where people who got this problem gather and talk to them and offer your service.

Basically speaking, this is the fastest and easiest way of all, no internet-stuff involved, you can get started right now.
This is what I recommend people do instead all this affiliate-marketing-BS. I was there, I know where these people are coming from, but believe me, you are making it so much harder on yourself than it has to be. All you need is a fitting solution for a target audience who is ready to pay money to solve their problem and a strong character.
May be hard at first but you can make much much money with this.


What ever happened to that drop shipping guide you were going to include into the older subs at some point?


Well thank you very much for the idea :slight_smile: .

But for some people that isn’t always easy, some people don’t know what they are good at. Which is why i started this thread so we could all toss around ideas and help each other brainstorm. This is short term and long term money and wealth solutions, and we have to remember what make work for one won’t always work for another.


Why I described is a general formula, of course you have to pick something that fits you, but it works for everything. What you must understand is that there are many people out there who are ready to pay a lot of money to someone who can guarantee to help them with the next step. Beginners in playing the guitar. Men who never approached women. Students who want to have more free time and need better learning strategies. People who are stressed out and need to learn how to cook quick easy meals. The demand out there is endless. And you don’t need to know everything about the subject. You just need to know more than your target audience and they will see you as the expert.
If you know how to cook, then you are ahead of everyone who doesn’t.
If you know how to cook quickly, you are among the elite.
People are ready to pay lots of money for this.
And we all are experts at something.


I see a lot of people “playing” the trading game. It’s probably one of the better ways if you are capable of it. Been meaning to start myself for years now.

We’re pretty much in the same boat, and the isolation isn’t going to last that much longer, so it is a good time to find out what our “thing” is.

Of course, Astronaut wishes for money, then finds it discarded on the street. :slight_smile:


Interesting. I just thought of manifesting money because I was running out of ideas what to manifest. Thanks for the confirmation


Are you running Mogul, Ascended Mogul, StarkQ , EmperorQ or EOF?


I have a custom with Stark, mogul, and ultimate artist. I think you mean’t EoG right?


Yes, I meant EOG.

Maybe you might get some business ideas from your custom stack


OK, someone has already mentioned trading so lets start with that.

Forex, do some people make money, yes. Are there shit loads of youtube channels and websites selling forex knowledge, yes. What does that tell you?

It means that most people can’t make money from actually doing it, they only make money from talking about doing it. Its also a zero sum game. You are also against large banks who hire phd’s to write algorithms and spend massive sums to deal with latency issues to move both in and out of a trade whilst you are still working out which pair to trade.

Day trading on the stockmarket. Well at least this is not a zero sum game but everything else about forex still applies.

CFD’s and options, if you don’t know what they are then theses aren’t for you, if you do they you already know if they suit you or not.

Longer term trading on the stockmarket, IOW investing. Consider Growth at a Reasonable Price and its derivatives, High yield and Value. A good number of people do this and are successful with trackable records. But guess what, its not sexy and doesn’t have the appeal of “trading” so people don’t try and sell it. OTOH it does work.

So, how do you learn about it, go to places like zero alpha and be prepared to read a great deal to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Pro tip, ignore Buffett, not because he started as an asset stripper and hedgie but because he is a shit teacher.

No idea how subs will help with this as most people would find the required reading to be tediously boring in the extreme (also I don’t know how the subs work as that’s a trade secret).

About business, get good at sales or hire someone who is, then to a great extent it doesn’t really matter what you do. For example Ive recently set up a business to do building work/renovations, we plan to be better at sales than the smaller contractors and when we win contracts we will sub the work out to small contractors and then get big enough to start doing our own projects. Will this work, no idea but at least we are taking action to find out.

Subs will help with this by enhancing alpha characteristics and sales skill.



Here are a couple of business ideas, how about being a digital pimp? On another thread here somebody mention a guy called Andrew Tate as an example of an alpha male and this bloke has apparently made a few million by running cam whores and only fans. It was only a few months ago i realised how big this was and how lucrative it could be which was failure on my part to understand, simply because I would never pay for this sort of thing. However the psychology is rather interesting as a lot of men lack something to give them even the merest hint of a relationship with at least a semi attractive girl. OTOH you aren’t exactly making the world a better place.

So where does that leave us. Ok hire an attractive girl, find a niche on youtube with a number of content makers who have more than 100,000 subs. Copy what they talk about but rewrite it and give it to the attractive girl you hired to read out. Market the fuck out of it and collect the money over and above what it costs to hire the girl. I’ll even give you a niche to get started, watches.

You can send me a share of the profits later.


How about if this attractive girl summarized self help books? Like How To Win Friends And Influence People, or Think And Grow Rich?


Funny you should mention Andrew; got the Onlyfans course and it’s brilliant! The one thing I gotta do is find girls. Had one flake and another just quit only to start up without my knowledge. Don’t suppose any of y’all have experience recruiting women or pimping in general.


Haha, that would work.


Get your girlfriend to do it.

Doesn’t the course also go into detail about getting the girls?

Actually, what does the course include?


And of course, flash a few side bewb shots in yoga pants, with a click baity thumbnail. That always works.


Okay, real question:

On a scale of 0-10, how generous are you feeling about sharing this program with your fellow subliminal users, some of them that have endured hours upon hours of reconciliation with you?

Asking for a f…friend. yeah, let’s go with that.


As interested as I may be myself (I always love learning new things), let’s not answer that question on a public forum, mmkay?

And if anybody has wealth generation ideas that don’t involve scarcely dressed women, now would be a good time to start posting those.