Building a damn strong foundation (Asc, LB, Stark)

What book?

The gene keys: golden path (or genius: a guide to your activation sequence) by richard rudd.

Cool. Thank you for sharing.

I really like what ive read of the book so far! Really gives me a lot to think about and even made me realise some things about myself that i was never really able to put into words.

It indirectly also made me realise one thing about life.
Life is all about habit, if you want to have a certain kind of life, you should repeat a behaviour that allows you to have that type of life. In this scenario its kind of obvious, but this logic also works the same way for more abstract concepts. If you want to feel happier, simply make it a habit to feel happy and feel gratefull about your life.

For me it somewhat felt like i was hoping to suddenly get a big realisation or something would happen, and now my life would be perfect. This is ofcourse now how it works, change happens with action. I shiuld always chase what i want.

For me right now, some of the things i desire the most right now are a few things:

  • to get more out of my head and into the real world. To achieve this ive, as i already stated before, started leading a more active life and doing more things. Also addinga mindfullness meditation before sleep to this.
  • to take life less seriously and enjoy it more (get rid fully of all anxiety and caring what others think of me). Metta meditation has definitely helped a lot with this so im definitely sticking to that. In addition i also want to add a quick gratitude journalling session immediatly after waking up each morning. Im also making the conscious decision to allow myself to enjoy myself more even if its not always “productive”.
  • build up my confidence and self respect even more.

Improving on These things are definitely gonna greatly benefit all parts of my life.

Looking at the new objectives for daredevil, it seems absolutely perfect! Litterly all the things i mentioned above are there, while in addition also eliminating social exhaustion, wich has also been quite a thing for me, and manifesting a big social circle! It seems tailormade for me!

I guess this also explains where all the ideas above came from lol, Its definitely at work!

Soo im done with my first cycle and washout. Not much that happened during the washout. My grades have been incredibly stellar and are doing amazingly well.
To be honest though i personally never really cared much for my grades or being seen as “smart”. My biggest motivation for the most part is just that competitive feeling of wanting a better grade than my friends lol. I always kind of assumed that this is how it worked for most people, so i was somewhat suprised when i heard that someones mental health was actually incredibly affected just for the fact that her grades started becoming bad. I genuienly didnt really consider how much of an impact such a thing can have on some people.
I guess this just goes to show you that everyone has different demons, different priorities and different insecurities. While my demons are more social and anxiety related, for others, they put far more value on things like school, finances, or whatever else. Some of the things we can take completely for granted as weve never known much struggle related to it, can be huge demons for others.

This isnt a mindblowing revelation or anything like that and we all consciously already knew this. But i still found it extremely interesting

I also started noticing first hand simply how much a lack of sleep affects me. My anxiety lately was on fucking overdrive after missing one nights sleep, i really hated it. I really wish there was some quick way to get rid of my anxiety and overthinking lol. Sadly this seems like the type of issue that cant just magically be fixed with a sub, a habit or whatever else. Second best thing is learning to live with it i guess.

Last thing i wanted to note is directly related to my stack. The goal of this stack is mostly building a stromg foundation as the title suggests. Now that the new love bomb description came out it seems like LB doesnt result in much inner growth. This really goes against the goal of my stack, so sadly it doesnt really fit.
To replace LB for my next couple of cycles ive added WANTED. Wanted definitely seems like a perfect fit for the goal of my stack (as saint said, its some of the most extreme confidence related scripting theyve ever written). Aside from this it also rounds out the expansive, restrive balancing elements of my stack, possibly more so than LB did. Finally, between all the physical shifting, insane confidence, attention from woman and whatever else, i think most people can agree that this might be one of the most fun subs ever once you fully express it lol (as hard as it is to get to that point).

All my friends have corona and ive been with them and have been sick. So i most likely have it as well. Nothing to bad though. Sucks that i cant go to the bouldergym.

If theres any time i could see daredevil shine it is right now. My friend just got corona so he cant go to the festival with me. Its a big holiday in my vountry so litterly everyone else already has plans, or is scheduled to work due to how busy everywhere is right now. Meaning that in a bit ill be going solo to a music festival. Im quite anxious about it ngl and in the past i probably wouldnt have gone at all. But it feels dumb to leave a possibly amazing experience just because im anxious about going solo.

Im already happy that i went at all, but ill have to see how it goes when im there. Worst case scenario i listened to some good live music while feeling anxious, even than it still beats sitting at home doing nothing.


I had a good time. Nothing to special. At first i joined a froend group, but i quickly found out that they werent exactly my people and i didnt feel that at ease with them, so i ditched them and just enjoyed myself. It was actually really fun, i didnt know anyone there and i wasnt gonna see anyone there again so i felt complete freedom to just do whatever the fuck i liked. I really liked that.

I wasnt being as social as id like though. While i did have a lot of quick conversations with people, i didnt neccessairly feel like i made much friends. I guess that what i desire, having an easier time making actual good friends with new people, rather than just a bunch of smalltalk with a bunch of people.

All in all i had a good time enjoying some techno and house and and all that. For now i decided to meet up with some friends tonight in my hometown to go into town, it did feel somewhat lonely so i wanted To get out with some friends too. Cant say that much about the effect of daredevil or ascension or whatever else as i didnt notice that much. Im sure a bunch of changes are happening under my radar though and its only a matter of time until i look back and realise just how much has changed.

Im back in reconville. Im pretty sure its mostly caused by being unable to accept wanteds new reality its trying to impose. After a lifetime of feeling less than other ppl, its not easy to suddenly accept WANTED. The sub is digging deep and my mind doesnt like it. In a weird way recon seems to be getting especcially bad when girls are actually showing interest in me. At moments like that it feels like my mind isnt accepting what is happening and i just kinda wanna run away and be alone. Its very strange.

This pattern is somewhat also there with the other sub. Like externally i act way different than my thought. Like with daredevil for instance, i effortlessly talk to basically everyone around me and have a good time, and than i suddenly get hit by anxiety afterwards. Its very strange and really annoying.

Ascension has been the least noticable sub of my stack at this point. It doesnt neccessairly feel like the suit of armor that others have been talking about. I dont really “feel” any different to be honest. Im not saying it isnt doing anything as thats clearly not the case with all the recon it has given me in the past, but i am hoping to gain more of that internal sense of power

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What solutions have you tried so far?

Im taking it a bit slow. My washout is coming up very soon so im just kinda having faith in the process at this point. I dont think i can do very much aside from just letting happen what needs to happen.

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What about 3 minutes per ZP title? See link below.

In currently averaging about 9 minutes per sub as i did 7 on my previous cycle. My fear with dropping it much lower is that it hasnt been an official recommendation yet. The thing i love about subclub is how reliable it is. When you play a sub for long enough, youll know youll get the results, meanwhile my fear is by experimenting to much with a schedule that seemingly is still in the “testing” phase, i fear i miss out on that reliability and may just be wasting my time.

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Saint mentioned in his journal that anyone who can is free to test 3 minutes. He is running it himself that way, apparently.
It’s not exactly an “official” recommendation, but definitely by one of the founders.


Hmm i may just compromise and go with 5 minutes. Currently it does seem slightly to much so a hit of a drop down could definitely be good.

Now that i think about it i think it all just comes down to me beinngway to sensitive to rejection. Not getting attraction was never the problem now that i think about it. I got attraction, i just never dared to act on it as that opened me up to rejection. Its so bad that im realisinng ive never actually asked someone out aside from when i was 100% certain it was gonna be a yes, or i already felt like i got rejected.

And now that the attraction is increasing due to wanted im forced to confront this big fear.

The impact of this fear transcends seduction, almost all my problems are somewhat related to it. it has been such a gigantic nuissance on my quality of life in so many different ways without me even realising it. In some sense it has completely shaped me to who i am.

Me realising this is quite a big step. How im gonna get over it i have no fucking idea.


You address fears by challenging them head-on. I relate deeply with everything you said, it feels like you’re describing me actually. I feel like the only way to get over that fear of rejection is by constantly putting yourself in situations where you would be rejected.

It’s definitely easier said than done. I’ve become more comfortable with rejection in most spheres, but romance is the hardest one for me to overcome personally.

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when i read this my mind came with a milion different excuses why this wouldnt work. This much ressistance probably means that this is indeed what needs to be done.

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It’s what’s best worked for me in the past, in a variety of situations.

A good mental exercise would be to work through those million excuses one by one, and see just how valid they are as excuses.

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