Budewr’s journal

He’s a great connector between east and west philosophies, and to think he died 50 years ago :open_mouth: :slight_smile:

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And today this one showed up in my feed :heart_eyes:

Be a little more kind to yourself!

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okay, i was arranging my track on abelton and i was focused on everything

then a thought came up in my head that said “holy shit you have a long road to go until your music sounds good and to learn a lot”

then a small voice or a thought replied back unconsciously that said “ill get through this no matter what”

damn that was badass

i know myself. before if i faced thought like this one " i have a long way to go and damn its a tough road ahead"

i will unconsciously respond and feel my comfort zone all over me,

but damnnnnn that was badass of emperor :smiley: its like a got a new company within me thats helping me

and today ive been forcing my ass into action, idc i wont waste any more time, ive wasted a lot

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like dude im 100% sure that voice wasnt me,

like ive lived with myself for quite sometime hahahah
so thats some badass emperor :sunglasses:

i will push myself even more

You might need to. I think dream sleep which more often occurs in greater amounts the longer you sleep.

Please use a support ticket explaining your situation and post the reply.

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i slept yesterday at 10:40pm

and i just woke up at 9:30 am,

and i still feel like i can sleep more, i remmber this happening i think when i switched to the new pattern i faced this issue, and now that i went to the legacy old pattern i think here it is again

ive been seeing dreams and dreams my whole sleep time, weirdest dreams,

me robbing a bank hahhaha. with old friends that i used to be friends with or stealing the lottery im not sure what did we steal, but the dreams are too many and i almost see them every night

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I’m thinking the subliminal is being given a lot of attention by your subconscious.

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Idk RV but all those dreams are not sub related, they’re just strange things

Bunch of weirdest dreams about robbing banks meeting old friends drugs and weird stuff that idk where its coming from

And sometimes i wake up very tired from watching all those dreams when im asleep, i wake very tired

Its like ive been watching TV all day in my dreams

Which makes me remember the time when i did a washout this happened, i used to wake up feeling tired from watching 24/7 hours of dreams when im asleep

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Todays dream was me and 2 of the people i know from the past are running from the police or something, we were about to go to jail but we escaped before we got caught

We went to an apartment, i needed the bathroom and i was about to explode so i went to the bathroom, the police were knocking on the door, and some music was playing in the background very familiar music

Very nice music actually, but i have no idea what the hell was that movie

I very hope so :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

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todays sleep quality was better than yesterday,

generally i think me needing more hours to sleep and all that stuff is just basically recon,

but today is much much better, even though ive seen tons tons of dreams getting inside each others, some people that i dont know personally join the story in my dreams

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You are using quantum limitless and emperor as I remember

  • Quantum limitless is skills building and enhancement. I am sure if you recall enough details from your dreams you will find a lot of skills training … "actually robbing banks is a highly sophisticated mission that needs planning attention for tiny details and cooperation at many levels. "

  • meeting old friends is not strange . What was your status in the dream ?! In reality in the past how they are dealing with you ?! Their success levels now in reality comparing to yours.

Dreams are one of the indicators subs working will for you.

  • if you can , after waking from the dream use what you remember as a short story starter and build upon it in writing or imagination (I prefer writing to go back to any time) … you going to love this :ok_hand:

  • keep going :muscle:

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hahhaha thats cool, :rofl: but i dont want to rob banks
jk :rofl:

actually the dream wasnt clear so im not sure if there was any goals of the subs that happened during the dream, like unlocking safes or planning and stuff related to QL

actually ive had lots and lots of dreams of old friends, with subs and without subs. i always see them popping in my dreams

i dont hang with them anymore cause i figured our life goes into separate ways

if im planning for growth, sadly i cant be around them anymore, they used to do drugs and smoke cigs and drink, and i cant afford that in my new reborn life. but i left away from them 1.5 years back so idk

what is the benefit of doing that? like writing?

i took once a course about lucid dreaming, and the way to do it is to write your dreams and write them and write them everytime you wake up

until you can realize that youre dreaming inside a dream, and you can control everything

but i moved away from that course and ditched it eventually, i felt like i need to improve my Real life hhahaha rather than my dreams,

focus on my current reality and improve it, then maybe work lucid dreaming and trying stuff up there

but whats your perspective on that?

thank you!

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The purpose :
1 - is Using all the subconscious thoughts/information that is still available from the dream … by doing this you use the the bridge you build in QL stage 1 page description ((And to achieve full balance, both of your hemispheres will become closer, enjoying a much more rapid communication between the two sides of your brain, while also bringing closer together your conscious and subconscious mind))

2- you will reach a state of conclusion // you may find different perspectives new to you // insights // aha moments

The dream isn’t clear to you after waking up … But while you sleep it has a life of its own . A full movie if we can say.

Go on :pray:

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thanks!! i will do so in my journal
once i wake up ill quickly rush to write

thank you my friend :pray:

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If you desire or need for sleep continues like this for another week, please submit a support ticket about it.

i was about to make a ticket about it, then i thought that i know whats exactly is going on since ive seen this occur before in the past. ill see how the waters feel for another week! then maybe ill submit a ticket

This is also weird

2 dreams

1st: i got outside to get some food that I ordered bt mistake from a delivery service food company

It turns out the ones delivering it was old people or old drug friends that i used to hang out with and smoke with and do drugs with

One important note is, that at that time i had some issues of self respect so they didnt respect me and sometimes made fun of me

And in the dream they were respectful and i was super me :smiley:

2nd dream:

I went to mcdolands with an old friend that i used to hang out with at high scool,

The mcdoland guy who works there recognized me cause i used to go to that mcdonalds branch a lot after school,

It was 2 am, since im plant based i dont eat chicken and i dont eat gluten also so i couldnt order anything

So i got me a sprite, then. I saw a new flavor by fanta in the drinks section

Fanta blueberry damnn it looks nice :smiley: but i didnt order it

Lastly my will power got weaken then i ordered some chicken nuggets and mozzarella sticks with chicken tinders hahahahah and then in the dream i didnt seem to eat it

I also my intention of all that was to do all that just to eat and feel full from food. Then ask my friend to pass me a cigarette, and smoke that cig and get high off it

You know the first cig gets you high hahahah thats why i did all that

Weirdest dreams ive been seeing, like what the hell is this hahahahah

Also todays sleep is much better than the past days

Also im feeling really good about something im not quite sure what it is

I feel like the subliminal is working if it makes sense? Even though results arent clear until now

But i have a good feeling about how its gonna turn out :smiley: i feel a bit grateful :white_heart:

And holy cow! I woke up 6 am right now! This is awesome! Didnt feel tired like hell and slept for over 12 hours which was a pain in the ass i get little time to workcon my goals

Now i have a full day!!!

Saw some pizza in front of me and I resisted the urge to eat

And won on my comfort zone :sunglasses:

Good props for me!