Breakdown Breakdown


Okay so I know I talked about how I used EOG ST1 for 60 days. But I wanna add in I’ve been using Khan ST1 since I convinced my friend to get into subliminals. So it’s been about 3 weeks and I gotta say my life has sorta went down hill with intense anger, suicidal thoughts and just life crumbling. However today has been a spark of hope; although tommorow I gotta go to court by a unreasonable cop. Shits intense I will say that, but I may stop using it after this week and just go back to EOG and start ST2.

Honest Review of Khan

Sorry to hear that things are so shit. Do you think ST1 so far has helped you at all deal with your emotional struggle?


I feel like When I decide to get EoG I’m heading straight to stage three.


For Khan, ST2 is even rougher than ST1, and it looks like EoG is the same according to this journal: Ecstasy of Gold - Now or Never . If you try to move to ST2 on either of them before ST1 has smoothed out, there’s a good chance things will get even worse.

Do you meditate and/or do some sort of conscious emotional clearing regularly? I’ve found that smooths out the process and makes it go faster.


I think its better not to skip stages. The program is designed in that way for a reason. Ofc its open for expiriment but most users who are jumping stages arent pleased with the results. I can confirm st2 was harder than st1. St1 wasnt hard on me


Problem is you are never ever going to have enough time to clear every single issue or trauma you have. Its best i think to just do ST1 for 30 days and move onto a new stage.


I get the same thing you’ve been experiencing. I can’t blame the subs for it in my situation because I’ve been like this before them but I have noticed that subs can make me more irritable. which then has a spiraling effect and one thing leads to a nother and then next thing I know I’m at the bottom of a freaking pit. For me I have to put my foot down on this negative wussy thinking I get into. This is like fuel to the fire for me and is where everything gets so [email protected]$ed up.

Lately I have been noticing the slightest form of anger before it builds and have been able to destroy my negative thinking before it gets worse.