Billions & The Ecstasy Of Gold - A Journal

I’ve officially outgrown mogul.

From the RICH objectives page…

Mogul is best for those who desire to rise throughout the corporate ranks, who are just starting a business or are new to Subliminal Club in general

That is no longer me.

I’m growing well beyond the stage where Mogul is the perfect sub for me - although it was for a long time and it TRULY changed my life. I’m a business person now. I think, act, breathe, sleep, socialize like one. All of my old friends know my new identity and accept it because it’s the only way I’ve ever acted around them for a long time.

Thank you Mogul. It’s been a great year and a half (combined listening of Ascended Mogul Qv2 and Mogul ZP)

Now it’s time to make way for the Ecstasy Of Gold.

I started listening to EOG (alongside a loop of lovebomb) for the first time two weeks ago, and the results were insane. My sales closing percentage went from 5% to 35%… a mix of eog and LB, I’m sure.

I didn’t feel much, but people were very receptive to me, and I thought to myself “well, wait, why am I pitching a 1K/mo product that people only stay subscribed to for 2-3 months, when I could pitch a 6K product and charge the whole amount up front!?!?!?”

I had been afraid of charging high prices or asking for a lot of money my whole life - one loop of EOG and I collected 6X more on a sales call than I ever had in my life. The very first person I pitched it to bought it. Then when I pitched it again, but at 7K, the next guy bought it. The next 2 guys that got offered 9K for the same exact product also bought it…

I’m about to raise it again to $10,000, and I know it’ll still sell.

We also increased the price of our main product… from 1K/mo to $2300 on the first month, and 1500 a month after that… and people are buying it. Again, EoG SHATTERED my wealth ceiling on the first loop. We’re also setting the expectation now that they have to stay for the full 5 months, not just giving them the freedom to leave whenever they please.

Over the last 2 weeks since starting EOG, we’ve onboarded many clients (35% of people who hop on a call with us), created processes to make our lives easier, and despite having a record-breaking month in March, thanks to Mogul, we 2X’d our record-breaking month in May yet again, thanks to EOG. And we’re only 2/3rds of the way through May… so that might become a 3x with a bit of luck and hard work!

Over the last few days, I started to feel some hard recon from EOG. I’ve learned that really I have better results when I listen to less loops. I’m going to try and fluctuate between 2x and 3x a week, while having at least 2 days rest between listening days, more often than not.

I plan on having EOG be the main driver of this stack, most certainly, but I’ll definitely be supplementing it with some smaller support-subliminals like…

  • Commander
  • Executive (or LE)
  • Love Bomb
  • RICH

Depending on which part of EOG I want to support and accentuate. I believe having a primary subliminal and a support subliminal is a more effective method for fast results than two major programs (emperor + wanted, etc). Simply due to the fact that between Emperor and Wanted there are probably 100 goals, all of them different, whereas with EOG + Love-Bomb, for example, there are all the many goals of EOG, but then Love Bomb really just enhances the goals of EOG and draws them out to become even more prominent.

Love bomb would enhance EOG’s “High Status Aura,” for when sales calls are important.

Executive would enhance EOG’s productivity boost, for when “grind mode” is important.

RICH would enhance the MAKE ME MONEY NOW aspect of EOG, for when sales calls are important (different mechanism than LB, possibly same results).

I’ve been REALLY impressed with both Love Bomb and Limitless Executive. I’m considering making a custom of them. I just need to figure out whether my favourite executive function enhancing sub really is LE, Commander, or the Exec.


tagging @lorenzo and @Davisnwc and @ksub for any input on running EOG,

and tagging @Nero because of how powerfully EOG enhanced ALL of Mogul’s scripting, that I might even say try running a few loops of EOG early on in your listening career, to enhance financial subliminals effectiveness for the rest of your life. Also, this is a sales-centric marketing agency, so very relevant to you my friend.


@Billions thanks for tagging me brother, looking forward to following your journey with EOG.

I am completing my last couple loops of Chosen From Within and Rebirth (decided to do a little healing before committing myself) then I am moving on with Ascended Mogul + Limitless Executive :pray:

YESSSS genius.

Healing beforehand is always the patient and strategic play. Way to go.

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Congrats man, it’s amazing what a year and a half of commitment can bring.

I admire your commitment and drive to your goals, looking forward to following your journey.

So are you running stage 1 of EOG? I can’t tell from your post if you’re running all 4 in order or a specific stage + LB. Either way, looking forward to following :slight_smile:

Good point! Running only stage 1 right now.

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Listening Day XYZ… idk… but it’s May 20th.

EOG 15 minutes
RICH 5 minutes

Felt like listening to a full loop today, EOG hasn’t been giving me a whole lot of recon.

Going to have a 5-7 day washout on June 1st.

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Phenomenal program overall but it looks like it works its magic best for those like yourself who just started or are already running their own business. EOG St1 and rich would probably make a good stack for anyone though to help heal money issues and attract more of it simultaneously.

Did simon’s eog st 1 journaling method


Feeling like going slow with EOG. Am taking 2 rest days before my next listen. That’ll be on a monday night. I may listen to my mogul/rich custom instead of eog on my next listening day, just to balance out action with healing.

EOG hasnt given me unmanageable recon in any way… just the natural process of difficult emotions coming up as I introspect on money beliefs. I have no problem listening to 15 mins of eog 1. No overwhelm. Just lots of introspection.

So maybe 15 mins eog, but only 3 mins of mogul/rich custom.

Thoughts I’ve had, awakenings I’ve had…

  • my whole life, I wanted enough money to move out of my parents house and buy a place on my own… i hated having to live at home. But in the aftermath of this month’s record breaking revenue, I found myself actually comfortable living at home, realizing i like my parents, like saving money, like contributing to them. I even considered helping them buy a house and sharing a new house with them that meets all our needs, instead of a hyper-independent mentality of wanting to leave as soon as possible. That felt like a healing around a money belief that I HAVE to live on my own to be a “man.”
  • Then, realizing that I was now ok with living at home if that’s what it came down to, made me feel a lot of shame. Emotional backlash. “Is something wrong with me? Am I a momma’s boy? Am I staying safe by thinking this way?”
  • Those emotions passed, and where I’m at now is comfort living at home and comfort living on my own. I’ll make whatever decision I make when I do move out of LOVE, not the avoidance, of my family
  • looking at apartments, my business partner + soon-to-be roommate pointed out exactly how much quality of life i was willing to sacrifice just to save a few hundred bucks. I took note of that and it really changed some things for me, to realize i was thinking that way.
  • less worried about spending money, but also planning ways to be more frugal and smart about spending.
  • really enjoyed work yesterday more than usual.

Upon further reflection… i might listen to emperor instead of mogul/rich. Again, I’m a little bit done with mogul now. Trying to be more ambitious with subliminals. And i need some personl power to balance out eog healing just like @voytek is using emperor to balance out Dragon Reborn.

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I switched to GLM but yes Emperor helped me stay at least a bit focused and productive when doing Dragon Blood but in general DR overshadows no-healing subs.

I guess, your best bet would be running Ascension.

Why GLM?

I havent ran lots of emperor, the experiences I have had a re quite positive though. Really looking forward to enhanced manifestation, obsession, personal power, balanced productivity, and some serious alpha work.

Did GLM feel like a tight/focused emperor replacement?

It’s not a replacement but healing and strengthening my masculine core more thoroughly, deeper and faster. It contains a strong healing component so the process is not smooth and may overshadow the other program in your stack.

You think GLM would overshadow EOG 1?

Im basically looking for something to keep me wealth focused in the short term as well as long term.

Tbh the better solution for me might be to listen limitless executive, based on your recommendation’s guiding principles.

Im looking for more productivity so I could pick a light sub for that, whereas you are looking for masculinity, and picked a light sub for that.

Nope, unless you have some deep-rooted masculinity issues as I do. Both programs are rather light when it comes to healing. EoG1 is rather about destroying limits related to money and GLM is supposed to destroy things that stand in your way to developing your masculinity. EoG 1 should pair up with GLM pretty well.

I’ve run EoG1 along with Stark and that was an amazing combo when it comes to planning, strategizing, creativity and productivity. But it was Qv2. If not I would go with LE.

Listening day yesterday:

  • Emperor + Paragon.
  • Dreams Life Charger App (Android App)

I have covid, so, needed some healing boost.

Still feeling big shifts in terms of money beliefs. Now when people say things are too expensive or they can’t afford things or they’ll never be able to buy themselves a house, I just feel separate from all that thinking, it doesn’t grip me anymore, but it’s amazing how much it grips them.

From Dreams Life Charger app, I had a REALLY meaningful dream. Was pretty amazing…

I was driving my car, and then 5 cops pulled me over, all those cops were just in their 20’s. I was in the car with some of my best friends, we were all having fun. The cops seemed like my friends as well.

I asked them why they pulled me over?

They said one of my friends called the police because I was trying to drive my car from the backseat, and they felt a bit unsafe.

I looked at my situation with a bird’s eye view and realized I actually was in the backseat!!! My hands weren’t on the wheel, I didn’t have feet near the gas or brakes… I had no control, but even worse, I had thought I was driving - up until my friends pointed out that I wasn’t!

Everyone was really supportive and friendly and I felt loved and guided, not judged or punished.

It was a direct message: Get back to the front of the wheel and take control of your life again!


My emperor + paragon listening day was underwhelming… maybe just having covid is underwhelming… but I’m thinking @Voytek is right, and stacking a multi-stager with a small sub like GLM is the way to go.

EOG + Limitless Executive sounds perfect.

@Nero and @friday and the ADHD community, watch this journal closely and see how it goes for my results!

Not only will EOG heal general money beliefs, but Limitless Executive will pair nicely with EOG so that EOG can specifically heal whatever money beliefs are blocking me from taking relentless action in my business.

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God speed brother! Looking forward to your results as always. EOG + Limitless Executive sounds like a beautiful combination.

I am sticking with Emperor + Stark per your advice :heart:

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