Billionaire Playboy


Welcome to my StarkQ journal !

While Khan was fulfilling my intermediate goals, Stark seems to be the perfect subliminal for my longterm vision. Of course, until Q launches…

What a nice surprise StarkQ is 1-hour long meaning the Emperor testing of the long version must have been successful :wink:


Can’ wait to see what you will do with this beast, @friday!


Are you gonna listen to Stark?


Probably, in the future. :slight_smile:

At the moment, however, I really want to get everything I can out of EmperorQ. And I’m confident it has still a lot to give!


I am feeling a weird mix of strong reconcilation, overthinking, tiredness, joy, pleasure and lust.

I just texted my old crush…


Billionaire Playboy on the run


The first three days of Stark have been truly outstanding.
I have been listening to masked and ultrasonic 1:1 which seems to get me immediate results

StarkQ feels like the evolution of Emperor, the next step. First, in the last 30 days, EQ was building this foundation of an overly-confident, sociable but commanding dominant guy who working his ass off to achieve his goals. Now there is Stark, starting right off where EQ ended. I don’t feel I am losing any results of EQ as they seem to be permanent.

Stark is working on the things that EQ failed to do. I went to bed yesterday and woke up with a strategy for what to do to resolve the problems I have in life and achieve my intentions. EQ nudged me that I have those problems, but the drive and the actual plan-making to get rid of these obstacles is so fucking strong on Stark that I never experienced something like that in my whole subliminal journal.

I am planning, thinking ahead of how I will react in certain situations and how to actually make the most out of it. The realizations I make are so radical but rational, the ideas and new strategies I develop are extremely valuable.
For example, I was allowed to join a surgery today for the second time in my life after having a traumatic incident the last time where I suddenly completely blacked out TWICE during assisting my first time in surgery. Having a father who is an amazingly talented and famous surgeon himself, and me being the son who is potentially stepping in fathers big shoes is what made the whole event traumatic. I was scared to enter a surgery room again to make a fool out of myself and my father. I felt the fear but I knew that I cannot run away from that forever, I will need to try it another time. I researched everything about fainting while operating in surgery and every trick in how to prevent it. Now today, was the day. I prepared myself and even got the “special socks” that would prevent the blackout certainly. I had them laying in front of me when a thought crossed my mind. Even when I don’t faint this time, I will feel that I was not because of me but because of an external solution. I will forever rely on the “socks” to feel safe in an operation. It was at this moment when I said FUCK IT. I will just stand my man and do it without it with the potential risk of having a second traumatic event. But when I don’t faint, I will gain the confidence that I need nothing, no external solution, no extra gimmick.
End of the story, I did not blackout today even when I assisted in two operations which were longer and more bloody than usual.

There is much much more that happened in the last 3 days but I want to take the time to write about these in extra posts. There is just one last thing I want to add here.
Since starting EQ I began to see the numbers 1313,1515,1818,1919 pretty much every other day. Today, when I made the decisions that I will assist without the special socks, I saw the number 1313. When I was in the operation room I saw 1515. And it sounds strange as I am not a religious or esoteric guy at all but seeing these numbers certainly guided me and gave that confident feeling that everything will turn out fine.


Wow! Looking forward to your other posts


In the first time of my subliminal journey, I am hitting all of these three points above.

I am currently on a no-sugar diet as I did notice the bad effects it has on my intestine and my general well-being and energy levels.

My dreams have become exceptionally intense, ecstatic sex dreams switch with frightening dreams where I am getting chased, haunted and killed. This includes dreams, where I am seducing and playing with the woman I always fancied about in the past in real life but never got because I stood in my own way, dreams where I play Tony Stark in the role of Iron Man fighting a villain in my kitchen with my whole family, dreams where my cocky attitude lead to me losing the Iron Man armour and having to vanish with my last powers every time the monster finds me before he can kill me by distracting and talking my way out of it, running away from the police because they chase and unjustly focus me - a first-time participant of a game - instead of the creators of that illegal street game, dreams where I am getting caught by the father of the girl I fuck and forced to marry her even though I don’t love her nor she or I enjoyed the sex, dreams where I am cutting other’s peoples legs and arms off so that they cannot chase me anymore but still manage to find me…

I could easily produce Oscar-winning movies from the stories, cinematography and underlying message I have in my dreams.

While I lived in the moment with EmperorQ, I am now seeing the future with Stark. As we have only a limited number of time avaible in one day, Stark shows me what to prioritize and what actions to take in the times of quarantine. One of the things has been to use this time to finally get rid of my sexual insecurities and achieve my goals of becoming multiorgasmic. How?

I have been starting lately to guide myself into trance using NLP and then integrating affirmations deep into my inner mind by repeating them consciously in a certain way. I took the script from one of the best NLP and hypnosis instructors and recorded it myself and name-embedded the affirmations as I felt like this could even double the result. It is the conscious version of a subliminal so to say, or just an extremely potent and extended supercharger. I created two tracks, one for my sexual enhancement and the other with the only goal of enhancing my trance state and supercharging the sexual track. Both tracks are around 40 mins long, which I am listening to both daily. On EmperorQ, I hardly found time to do so but Stark showed me why I absolutely must, and since then never missed a day. Because of the nature of the supercharging track, I am finding that my subliminal results of Stark are also doubling when not even tripling. As an extra boost, I am often playing the masked version beneath my trance track letting the subliminal integrate while my bain is in theta state because of the hypnosis and my conscious mind is repeating affirmations like:

My mind absorbs like a sponge and I accept positive suggestions easily.
I immediately act upon all positive suggestions that I receive
My inner mind eagerly accepts the new programming I give it.

This is not even close to all the things Stark is doing right now… More on this later


It’s funny in that a super hero/ crime fighting dream is like the first kinda of dream i had on stark. Very super hero themed in some ways


First there was Emperor, a subliminal to build from NOTHING your very own empire. Then, there was Khan, where you become the man that brings empires to their knees. Now, there is Stark, where you COMBINE these empires to rule over the world.

Stark questions me daily about my future career. As a few of you know, I am currently studying medicine as I passed the entry exam for my absolute favourite university back in Summer 19 while running Khan. But becoming a simple and mildly successful doctor is not enough for me. I always had the desire to create a business out of my medical education but not even EmperorQ made me strategize about my career so early and thoroughly. And now with Stark, everything is coming together.

Stark takes my achievements, like my passed medical exam, the talk I had with the one professor who mentions the world needs medical assistants with knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, the experiences I had in my hospital internship… AND combines them to one big vision of a multibillion-dollar medical business I want to name CRAFT (a reference to the Limitless series).

Besides my medical education, I am going to study computer science, AI, machine learning and practical python programming to be able to shape the medical future of tomorrow. The digitalisation is coming and I will be one of the people who will advance and lead the medical development in that direction.

Stark manifested me opportunities from job offer to travel invitations from a professor, possibly getting myself into Harvard medical school in future. The future is bright and exciting, but now is the time to first take action in the present.


Today my day looked like out of the movie scene above. Okay, my room wasn’t that dirty like his in the first place, but I was finally throwing away the unnecessary stuff that I always wanted to get rid of. I cleaned my bookshelf, replaced the books that STILL have been there from the tenant before me with my medical books. Then going through my old documents and files, sorting them and throwing 60% away. Finished my sexual practices, my work out, and studied the language I am currently learning…

"I hadn't eaten in six hours... wasn't high, wasn't wired, just clear. I knew what I needed to do and how to do it"

I can really relate to that quote. With Stark, I am now getting closer to the “Limitless drug feeling” than ever before - even closer than on QL.

But while Stark seems very smooth, I was at the verge of a big fight with my mum today again. I have been looping it all day and got pretty emotional and mad at her.


The quarantine is KILLING me… My sexual practices and StarkQ are making me so fucking horny,

I can barely stand it anymore.

I am cultivating and transmuting that sexual energy as best as I can but it seems to be not enough anymore haha. More and more, I am having ecstatic sex dreams, where I am sleeping with beautiful women, touching their breasts, playing with their ass and… I will just spare you the details


Besides these kinds of dreams, I am still continuing having frightening ones. One of them was about three burglars getting into my house, trying to rob something from the basement. First, my family and I did not notice them and did NOT do anything about them. It took some time until I went down the stairs and pointed at them a gun. They suddenly picked up guns as well and started to shoot me. I could flee unhurt and they ran away as well. The dream continued immediately after as I understood this wasn’t regular thieves who needed money. This was a planned terrorist attack, where I just got in the way. They were looking for something specific but this time they first wanted to KILL ME. My family and I were running out of the house where one guy waited for us. I just wanted to shout something, when my father got shot just next to me. I could dodge the rest of the bullets and run to the SWAT team nearby. Long story short, they tried to help but could not do anything as they realized that these guys were far too powerful. So I just had to run away…

Also today, I was dreaming about me having to get into an aquarium to swim with big sharks and scary creatures out of the deepest sea, which was more looking like a mix between octopus and aliens. I first did not want to but then decided to confront my fear as I did not want to let my father and myself down as I saw my sister doing it as well.


my productivity is superb. I started to plan my next day before going to bed. BUT I am not doing the “write down three things you must do tomorrow”. That is not enough haha. I am planning and writing down a full schedule of my day including the time so that I exactly know what to do each moment. Then there is no time for watching YT or thinking “what should I do now?”. I realized that while Stark shows me my priorities to what work on next, and how to do it, this alone also drains me out of energy giving me the feeling that “I already accomplished something only by thinking about that”. But this is BULLSHIT! It is much more effective to sit down 15 mins every day to plan your day, so that you wake up, know what needs to be done, get all of it done, still have time for your side hobbies, learning a new language, sport, sexual practices. The day is much more exciting when you plan it like that.


It is almost 30 days since I started my journey on StarkQ, and it is the first time I feeling a wave of reconciliation breaking upon me. I will take a rest day, not only from the subliminal but also from work.

For the last 8 days, I created a schedule for every single minute of the day, so I always knew what I must do at that moment right now and just had to follow it relentlessly. My last 8 days have been as productive as the last time I studied for my life-deciding medical exam in Summer 19 where I worked as hard as never before. But this time I am not motivated by pressure or a deadline. There is not even one right now. This time I am motivated because I understood that certain needs to be done so that I can live my dreams. I am doing what I need and want to do and can resist all temptations on my way there.
I haven’t eaten sugar since Eastern, haven’t binged watched any Netflix episode, done my workout every single day, and lost my porn and Youtube addiction.
I know that I got rid of it because I did not fall for it when I was the weakest… when I felt tired the other day, or “burned out” and emotionally unstable due this nasty reconciliation right now. I completely lost the desire it. It is like my neurons rewired themself. Only 30 days ago, I opened a thread where I complained that NEITHER running Khan, QL or Emperor for a significant time got rid of my addictions…

And now StarkQ approached and they are gone like :ok_hand: that. It wasn’t hard, I did not try… It just happened naturally. But this is also the reason why I somehow feel odd about the subliminal. I bought Stark because it seemed to combine Khan and Quantum Limitless in a synergistic way. Right now, what I am experiencing is like I am running fucking QL St4 on STEROIDS.
BUT I don’t feel any charisma, social, seduction stuff. I am like Tony Stark in his garage downstairs not coming out for days… The one thing I certainly became is being horny as an ape that broke out of being in isolation at the zoo, broke into a Viagra factory, and then decided to at least lure a girl to his cave before going wild. The quarantine isn’t making it better and with my reconciliation now I literally cannot grasp what happened in the last days. Was this person really me?


I commend your self discipline with scheduling and being productive. And congratulations on quitting those addictions, I feel like I need to adress my frequent urge to keep checking my phone for petty little dopamine hits from trying to talk to girls on dating sites or social media. I feel like I should be getting some social reward for being discaplined, but thats delayed gratification I guess.
Keep on with the journey.


Okay… I am LOVING StarkQ.

30 days passed and I feel that the StarkQ scripting now really got integrated in my subconscious mind, not only because the platonic 30-days-mark has been reached but mainly because of the results I am getting lately. My sceptic from my last post got replaced with the undeniable truth that, on Stark and due to the foundation I was already building with the other subliminals, I now evolved in the man I always desired to become. There is not much left I can wish for and all those “I want to become more confident”, “I want to become better with women”, “I want to be like X” thoughts and wishes are GONE. I already embody each and every characteristic I want and the only thing left to do is to use 100% of my energy to persuade my goals and make them a reality.

Just to be clear, I am not saying I am perfect by any means but there is nothing that I feel needs to improve at this moment in time. I am shredded, having a sixpack with little to no training while I having ease to not eat any sugar and stay healthy in general. I began to style my hair very differently on StarkQ and now don’t look like the 18-years-old kid I am. Bought new and very unique glasses that express my personality and FUN FACT are almost the same Robert Downey Junior was wearing (but I never saw him wearing these epic ones before I chose them). Luck or manifestation, you can decide for your self haha. My sense of style is already on point since Khan so all that is done. But besides my appearance, I also act and behave like a smooth, confident and dominant guy with a strong fucking work ethic and joy in whatever he does. Today, I took stand for a lady and confronted a guy and telling him very calmly what needs to stop and what needs to be done. This would be unimaginable just a few weeks ago. People were coming up to me and complimenting and thanking for what I was saying, half in shock that I did what I did telling me that I seem to be the only man able to tell him something so that he listens.

But now let’s come to the BIGGEST manifestation that happened since my last journal entry and the reason why there is a picture of Steve Jobs and Wozniak above this post. I know you are curious :wink:
A friend of mine who I finished high school together, called me a few days ago. He has a business idea he wants to discuss with me. When he started to explain, I was very sceptic but I quickly realized how GENIUS this idea is. I will not go into detail about what this is all about because it is too early at this stage but what I can tell you is that it is about programming an application and extension that could revolutionize a whole niche and will certainly lead to a lot of tumult. I am not exaggerating here. I am already working with a lawyer to conduct if this will be legal as this will change how certain specific content (not going into detail here) is created online including changing the dynamics of the music industry of how it is right now. Very exciting and promising development which will especially benefit “artists” (again not going into detail here).
He will be the main programmer while I will do the marketing, interacting with the “clients”, and being like a @SaintSovereign of this company.
I will eventually need to find the balance between studying medicine, learning Polish, exercising, learning to code, doing the marketing and business side of the company, so it is pretty useful that I already started planning every minute of my day so I can finish all my tasks before going to bed every day. There is a lot of going on right now and I am very excited about the future.

Into The Unknown - (Friday's Diary)

Thats amazing! Stark really feels powerful, what listening pattern are you on?


I am currently listening to 8+ loops per day. While I do sometimes get very tired at the end of the day, I seem to handle it fine, plus also often experience “thinking breakthroughs” towards the end of the listening time. I am having a rest day every three days. However, it is too early to say if listening that much is really more effective.

By the way, I will stop my StarkQ listening for today and start fresh tomorrow with StarkQ Terminus. VERY excited about that!


Okay, I COULDN’T resist and just ran my first loop of StarkQ:Terminus. I took a quick nap before that to reset my mind as best as possible as I already listened to 3 loops of StarkQ today.

There are 4 things that happened:
#1 I did not feel any difference immediately after or during listening, however, 1-2 hours later a huge wave of tiredness overcame me. This not usual especially when taking into account that I just had a power nap and the feeling overall was very similar to when I reach normally 8+ loops of StarkQ.

#2 After the first wave of tiredness, suddenly a rise of extreme and powerful energy overcame me. I felt such a surge that I needed to move and started to do pull-ups, push-ups and boxing/fighting moves. I even beat my personal best of the number of pull-ups haha.

#3 I became very HORNY and had to let some steam off twice today.

#4 Despite having a big carbohydrate-rich meal, I began to crave sugar.

Now my mind is very busy and I am not feeling present at all. There are moments where I am so in thought that I do forget what just happened 3 secs before or “how I got here”. A little bit like being drunk but it is probably just a manifestation of tiredness.


StarkQ-Terminus is a whole new level and deserves its own thread.

I will still continue to update this journal regularly in the theme of becoming a billionaire playboy (you did not thought I was joking with the title, did you? :wink:) as I am still running the same sub only with a more powerful build method. All the discussion and detailed effects, however, will be posted in the new thread: [SOLO] StarkQ-T: Friday Becomes Ultron

Wish you guys all the best

And don’t forget to take action!