Best subliminal/stack to deal with helicopter parents


I’m 29 and live at home with my parents. My sister does to she’s 36 and never had a bf. I’m Guyanese and it’s very common for West Indian children to live with their parents into adulthood. It’s also common to have strict parents. I’ve been sheltered most of my life. I wasn’t allowed to hang out with friends until I was 18 or 19. my parents are helicopter parents. my mom loves to beta me up and keep me in my comfort zone. My dad runs the house And makes the rules. I’ve Been been so overprotected by my parents that I’m afraid to take risks and try new things in life. I was never taught to become A mature man. Thanks to the redpill especially rollo tomasi when it comes to the redpill, dr Robert glover, Jocko, Jordan Peterson etc I’m learning to become my own man now at 29.
I understand the easy answer is to move out.
my parents have their own health issues as they are in their 60s and I want to be able to help them.i help them out a lot in the house btw. I just want to be my own man and be able to make my own decisions without mom and dad telling me what I can or can’t do. I want to be able to live up to my potential.
I’ll give a example few months ago I was thinking about becoming a emt So I mentioned it to my mom. She told me it’s dangerous and not a good job don’t do it. Then she told my dad and my dad told her to tell me don’t do it, I’m 29 it’s not their decision what I want to do. I understand I live in their house but still.
all of my inner issues stem from me not being able to express myself as a man and be my own man. my porn addiction stems from this as well. I repress my sexuality because I was shamed as a child by my mom and sister for liking girls.

My question is what is the best subliminal/ stack to run to overcome helicopter parents and overcome my father whose tyrannical and a mother who loves to beta me up ? Would ascension ? emperor? Khan st1 ? Deal with this issue of mine ?
ascended mogul is part of my stack and I’ll be doing a review Of it in June
But what is the best stack or subliminal to deal with this issue ?
if you have read this far I love you :heart:
@SaintSovereign @Fire would love to hear from you guys as well whenever you have time

Ascension + Regeneration + PCC not working

Man I sympathize with having controlling parents.

Like you said, you already know the ultimate answer is to move out. It’s difficult to go against parents who raised you; I personally have a complicated relationship with my mother. I love her dearly but man she has a special skill for getting under my skin and triggering me, and even my older sisters (she’ll make subtle demeaning comments to them, but that has to do with her own self-esteem issues).

IMO, providing shelter while a kind/caring gesture, is also a form of control.

Do you have the financial means to move out?

Given that subliminals aren’t necessarily the answer here, I’d personally go with Emperor or Khan. Emperor helped me immensely with buckling down and becoming financially independent. Khan is also a good option, but I’d be wary of getting into arguments with your dad since there seems to be a power dynamic going on there.


I’m looking for a full time job since I got my hours cut back. I’m looking at different avenues as well such as getting my substitute teachers license, I do security for a living. To answer your question directly though I’m financially dependent on them and don’t have the money To support myself on my own.
my sister is worse off then me in some ways not all. I was able to live a little you know since I’m a guy, my parents weren’t as strict on me as they were with her.
She has the book smarts and the good job but lives in her comfort zone and never had a bf or kissed a guy.
my goal is to become become financially independent, and live up to my potential as a man and be able to actually be a man without feeling shame or guilt about it.
I’m currently running ascended mogul, mainly for my porn addiction I’ll do review of AM in June. Based on emperors description and seeing how it forces and pushes you to grow in some ways uncomfortable as it may be, the subliminal to go with for my controlling parents problem.
I relate to your mother making demeaning comments to your sister. When I go against my mom even though it’s for the greater good in my life it’s like it kills her inside.
I had a good Filipino friend who was raised by a single mother and his aunts. He was also textbook nice guy like me. What he taught me was how his mother,it was also common in the Filipino culture according to Him for parents to shame or guilt their children when they wanted to make there own life Decisions. For example he wanted to move out and his mom made him feel like he was betraying her and it literally felt like death to her.


I had a similar situation with controlling parents. I don’t think that subs will do as much good as they could until you get out of there. I’m not saying to stop using until then though, they might help you get up the will to get there.
It sounds like Ascension might do you some good in the meantime, but I think that the important thing is for you to get to a place where you can stand on your own.
Then run Khan to repair the damage and move on as your own man.


@Grimm1390 - man! Reading this was like reading my own life story. My Indian culture is similar to yours as well. Since am the only son in the family (my sisters are married and have moved out), I am “supposed” to get married, give them grandchildren and live with them.

Thankfully, I didn’t give in to the pressure to marry. At first it was hard dealing with their shaming tactics regarding that (not to mention all my relatives piling on about me not getting married). Later, they had to accept it.

Then they started shaming me for wanting to move out calling me ungrateful and a bad son. Similar to you, am not financially independent. I make excuses that it’s because of my eye issues and other health problems but I know am bullshitting myself.

Am standing up to my parents more though and I am planning some form of “escape from this prison”. As soon as am financially making a dent in the universe, I plan to move out without explaining myself. As much as I love them, I am done with their controlling ways. Also I think that they will either respect me for making my own decision to move out but more importantly it won’t matter what they think.

And bro, I so relate to your porn issues. It is possible that I have the same problem because of the same sexual repression in my family. My eyes too were opened thanks to the same good people you mentioned like Rollo, Jocko, JP, etc

Will follow this journal since I too wouldn’t mind some advice.

PS: I must admit that my Semen Retention journey right now is making me stronger and more masculine in this regard and that it is easier to see light at the end of the tunnel for any problem (including the above problem I mentioned) when I practice nofap.


Long term solution the only way I may be free from them is actually moving out. Just thinking about it I feel like I’m abandoning them that’s how conditioned I am because of them. I need to increase my money. The more money I make the more independent I can be meaning I can move out on my own. Its tough. I feel so much resistance about this issue. one day I might have to have a serious talk with them about this whole thing idk.


Emperor, most certainly. Stack a supercharger like The Commander also.


Uhh reading that part about relatives calling you ungrateful made my stomach sink and cause me anxiety, my Dad likes to throw that around how “ I’m ungrateful” or my sister Is “ ungrateful “ at times to I feel deep shame about it at certain times.
for the porn addiction as you know from that ascended mogul post where I was asking if it would help with porn addiction I was gonna do a review of it in June just so I can get more feedback on it by then but I wanna talk about AM now in regards to porn addiction. I think you will like this.
I started running ascended mogul on may 1st which was a Friday. The whole two weeks prior I was binging on porn, asmr etc like a addict.
may 1st I started running AM now I still fapped a few times because I had this fu*k it attitude because I had been fapping non stop I didn’t care for nofap. I was just caught up on the chaser effect and chasing that dopamine high.Now from may 2nd to today May 13 I have not fapped or watched porn. since running AM I have lost all interest in pursing women. Women don’t interest me. since may 2nd I been aggressively looking for jobs and trying to find ways to make more money. Making money and increasing my status is my main focus. AM killed my sex drive to go after women or fap.
Now if I see a attractive women out and about my brain still does cart wheels, I still feel attraction towards women but since running AM from may 2 to may 13 my main focus is making money and pushing myself to take on more responsibility.
Now it’s only 12 days I been running AM but I have no desire to watch porn, asmr vids, fap to girls on social media etc
Yesterday I felt a slight tingle when I saw a commercial with a attractive women in yoga pants but after a few minutes I calmed down.
It’s only 12 days I wanna see how nofap will be going on day 30 while running AM, maybe I relapse and revert back who knows, I hope not. in these 12 days though no desire to watch porn or fap, and no desire to pursue women, would have been interesting to see if there was no lockdown where I’m at would I still have 0 interest to purse women while running AM ?
AM seems to be helping me with nofap it may help you to if you decide to ever run it or include it in a stack.
Sorry for the trail off into porn addiction lol
Back to the controlling parents have you ever tried talking to your sisters about this issue ? Or are they brainwashed into that old family thinking ?
I’ve been doing a lot Of thinking and searching for advice about this issue, I came across something called energetic cord cutting. I need to look more into it. basically we can cut the spiritual cords to people family including who bring us negative energy. some people do it because they have controlling parents. I apologize I’m not explaining this topic well, here’s a video from YouTube from this Lady who explains it much better then me if your interested. This whole thing on cord cutting is new to me


Thanks saint emperor it is then since I don’t have commando


@Grimm1390 - oh a Teal Swan video? I still have the hots for her lol.

It’s an interesting concept (the energy cord one) and I will look into it. Frankly not heard of it before.

And yes, I did talk to my sisters. They do agree with me on it but don’t really offer support. Which is fine since I plan to stand on my own no matter what.

Your review of Ascended Mogul really peaked my interest. Although am still going strong with my NoPMO, AM is still worth considering. Or the stack recommended by SaintSovereign.

Right now am running an eye healing subliminal from some other maker so it will be a while before I resume with SubClub. Not yet seeing any major improvements in my eyes yet but am gonna be a bit more patient with it.


I hope the eye healing subliminal works for you man. i just said a prayer for you about your health issues. back in 2013 I was mr nice guy and also mr new age/ spiritual guy so teal swan, Wayne dyer, Louise hay, Gabriel Bernstein etc were like my gurus.
as I was running AM I was reading up on it and I’ve seen Michel and 2 other users say something similar how they lost interest in women while running AM. AM killed my sex drive to go after women and fap.
it’s only 12 days so not a big sample size but like I mentioned above my sex drive to pursue women or fap is very low. I instead feel a drive to make more money and take on responsibility meaning take on jobs that are out of my comfort zone. I feel the urge to take on responsibility as Jordan Peterson would say.
ascended mogul may be the go to subliminal for nofap fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: I’ll give another update on June 1st about it


@Grimm1390 - thanks a lot, brother. I truly appreciate your prayers.

And yes, I was into the New Age before too. Including some of the names you mentioned. But these days I wonder about it. I feel it is too feminine and am trying to reconcile law of attraction to a masculine frame.

Wishing you well on your Ascended Mogul journey💪


I came across an etheric chord cutter frequency on youtube that you may be interested in to assist with chord cutting. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share the channel name though. They don’t do subliminals, but use frequencies.


Thanks brother you can pm me it and Raphael as well. I’ll check it out. Have you tried it out before ? Or have you have tried cord cutting, how did it feel ??


I agree. Do pm me a link too, @Fractal. Thank you.


I come from an indian background and had similar treatment. The only way to go about this is to move out and disconnect with your parents. You might be forced to burn bridges however thats the sacrifice you have to make to have your own life.

The problem is your fathers father probably dominated him so he will naturally dominate you and your family. If do not comply he will shame you “you are not a real man if you choose that career” “you do not care/respect your family”.

Emperor is one of the best subs to help you get your own way but you have to got move out.


Yea my dad had a lot of his own issues growing up especially with a abusive Father, and step father. He had his own issues with his mother , siblings, and step siblings. As I got older I could see he wanted Love From them and didn’t get it. he was raised in A dysfunctional family growing up. The scars still remains And from time to time,especially when he used to drink, he would bring up his life story about his father and mother etc
I Want to end this family/ ancestral karma. I want to free myself from this problem I want to help my sister as well but that’s a whole different story.
I understand I need to move out. I’m gonna have to prepare myself and start working more, I need to make more money so I can pull the trigger.
I’m scared to add emperor to my stack to be honest because I know It’s gonna manifest things where I have to deal with this problem head on. I’m gonna have to face my mom and dad.
I’m gonna let my mind, body and soul rest and add it to my stack in the morning.


@Grimm1390 yes my father also has mental issues thats why he is so aggressive and dominating. Back in his day his father use to beat him with a belt if he never complied with his wishes. My father yearns for love i can see it in the cracks in his personality but I just cannot seem to get through to him. His beliefs are set in stone.

Now first of all i want to say DO NOT be afraid of Emperor. I remember V2 was harsh and really pushed me. The new version is not as harsh but still does the job well but in a much more gentle way. It will help you change your life for real if you action everything it pushes you to do.


You may also want to try regeneration…it will heal the past trauma etc…


we are very similar. My dad had a rough childhood with getting beat and having emotional hurt happen to him which I think did the most damage.
I got beat myself with belts growing up unfortunately it’s a common thing in the West Indian community and seems like the Indian community as well.
My dads wants his families approval step siblings as well. He doesn’t see it as step unfortunately his siblings do. They see him as “ not a real brother “ They use him and only call him when they need him. His inner child is wounded just like your dads possibly. It’s really a sad thing.
As for emperor bring it on then :call_me_hand: