Becoming Limitless!


A Short Introduction,
I’m a 20 year old college student that wishes that have an edge in the game and improve my overall discipline to achieve my goals. I feel as though I am lacking in discipline and drive despite my lofty ambitions so I got myself Limitless to change my subconscious programming. I aim to get myself Emperor at some point in the future when I feel satisfied with what I’ve achieved with Limitless.

Set Up
At the moment I’m using my phone speakers for the most part in either Ultrasonic or Masked depending on my mood. I plan to get a light portable speaker that is designed specifically for the purpose of playing Limitless for 24 hours a day (except when it’s charging). I’ve read that higher quality speakers may make it work better so it would be great if someone could clarify me on that. Regardless if it doesn’t, I wouldn’t want my phone speakers to be possibly damaged from playing 24/7 or if I made a mistake and played it too loud for too long.

Night 1 (Masked)
I bought the programme at night before I went to bed. I’m not sure if it was placebo since something quite strange happened, my mind went racing to find solutions to problems at a faster than normal speed to some relatively simple personal problems I was going through. I soon went to sleep afterwards with no dreams that I could remember of.

Day 2 (Ultrasonic)
Tried out the ultrasonic version and it seems something that I would prefer to use when going outside where the Masked version would be an annoyance. I seem to have taken more steps to apply for my temporary job out of impulse and instinctively went and took my piano notes to study later that day. I procrastinated soon afterwards though and I went to sleep with not much else to say since I spent some of the day studying subliminals.

Night 2 (Ultrasonic)
I couldn’t sleep well since I took a nap in the evening. When I went to sleep for some reason I calculated how many cycles of Limitless fits in a 24 hour cycle. I had trouble doing this (?) but I persevered for quite some time until I had the answer. Afterwards, I though about my ex and all the things she did badly after the break up. I imagined a numbered list starting from 1 chronologically since the break up in my head. It made me realize how badly she treated me and that I had to confront her on it at some point. Had a dream but forgot about it upon waking up. Perhaps making a dream journal of sorts when I wake up and writing it here will improve my recollection.

That’s about it for now. I’m curious on what the “Masked” version means compared to Ultrasonic. Whereas Ultrasonic plays at the 16KHz to 20KHz range, does Masked play at normal human conversational frequency but is “masked” by the ocean sounds?


Yes. And no. :wink:

What’s happening is actually kinda wacky and it’s shocking the subconscious can even interpret it, but it does and that’s very illuminating about the capabilities of the mind.

Make sure you study. Limitless will expand your knowledgebase, but you have to start building it first.


This is what’s considered the “healing” kicking in. Apparently, those things she did is a subconscious block to your learning.


Day 3 (Masked)
I seem to have developed a preference for the Masked version for private use rather than Ultrasonic since I keep checking to see if it’s on or not. Not much to say since I’m on a semester break over here so I’m taking a bit of a break. Currently writing up my CV for that job I’m applying while playing Masked in the background. The sound of water flowing is surprisingly calming. I plan to start studying some things that I’ve been procrastinating on the next day and hope that by writing it down there’s a sort of perceived accountability on my end to uphold.


Night 3 (Masked)
No dreams and nothing interesting to report.

Day 4 (Masked)
Noticed that I could recall what I learned from my piano notes yesterday much easier than usual. I’m able to recall playing parts of a song much easier too though I struggled a bit afterwards.


Struggled afterwards? After you stopped playing or…?


As in that I struggled playing the piece but I would say that it was due to my poor hand coordination skills rather than anything else. Should have clarified earlier.


Night 4 (Masked)
Slept relatively earlier than usual and aiming to sleep even earlier to wake up earlier as a habit. I had two dreams, one was about a female friend that wanted to stay with me but said that despite enjoying her time with me she said that we can’t see each other anymore. I interpreted it as being a sort of metaphor for all my past romantic (and perhaps familial) relationships in which they left me prematurely. Perhaps this is emotional baggage hindering my academic pursuits and it is being removed? My second dream occurred in the morning when I took a nap. This was an Inception style dream in which I was brought in deeper about 2 or 3 levels and then brought back up a level or two at random. The specifics are now lost to me but it vaguely had to do with a question of sorts though I"m not sure what kind.

Day 5 (Masked)
Still halfway through the day and will edit more later in the day. However, my piano playing seems to be much smoother and muscle memory is a bit more responsive to my quicker recollection. When it comes to mastering anything, there’s a model for advancement through the hierarchy of competence ( I’m feeling as though I’m mostly at Conscious Competence with the occasional Conscious Incompetence. My mentioning of struggling afterwards during the previous day was attributed to the fact that the first time I play a piece it’s mostly in Unconscious Competence and when replaying it I seem to go down the hierarchy by a single level. It may be due to being me enjoying the first time without much expectation or internal pressure but I’m not sure exactly what.

Had a piano class and noticed that I don’t think when learning. Perhaps my mind took in into the subconscious instead? I only repeat and follow what has been said and shown so I’m not sure if it’s a good thing but the class went well and my memory for it improved a bit.

Night 5 (None)
Forgot to turn it on I believe and went straight to sleep. Had a dream about my grandmother but it’s very vague. Not much else to say.


Day 6 and Night 6 (Ultrasonic)
Total rest day. Downloaded Ascension Lite and will be listening to both at 50/50 at Ultrasonic since a Masked version isn’t available. So far haven’t noticed any effects from Ascension but it could be due to me not opening them as much. Not much happened at night either so I shall resume my studying on Day 7 and will start getting more serious the following days. I bought an SD card for my Bluetooth Speaker due to concerns of degradation of the audio quality and the hassle of always opening bluetooth on my phone.

Since I’m completely new to subliminals I don’t seem to be getting the amazing effects I see in others so I wonder if anyone else has the same experience? My subconscious seems to need some more warming up before getting up to speed like everyone else so I’m optimistic of what is to come.


Using subliminals are like going to the gym. To get best effects, you must use them regularly on an established schedule, and you must place yourself in situations of strain so you can adequately gauge your improvement. The subliminals are literally just challenging your subconscious to behave differently. The subconscious must rise to the challenge to achieve synthesis between what the subliminal is attempting to achieve and what it already believes — that’s how progress is made. You won’t “feel” a change by virtue of running a subliminal. You feel it when you realize you’re responding differently to a situation.

My subliminal journey

That definitely explains why or how looking for outward changes isn’t the best choice. Especially the last two sentences


Day 7 to Day 9 (Ultrasonic)
I’ve been going out with friends these past few days so I couldn’t use the subs as much as I would have. Noticed that the effects of Limitless is starting to kick in when I’m thinking of things. I seem to constantly analyse options and solutions to a problem I had in my head with the arithmetic portion of it being overall better. I just bought a book in a subject I’m interested in and I would love to learn and integrate the knowledge from the book into my overall database of the mind. I have changed the ratio of Limitless to Ascension LITE from a 1:1 ratio to a 2:1 ratio with Limitless Ultrasonic and Masked playing after Ascension LITE on my Bluetooth speakers in daylight hours with my phone playing 2 Limitless Ultrasonic and 1 Ascension LITE at night.


Day 10 to Day 28 (Ultrasonic)
Been playing Limitless and Ascension LITE as usual, generally consistent throughout the day and night with some days missed. I’ll talk more about my experiences of Limitless at a later point since I want to examine what it does specifically. So far with Ascension LITE I feel a tad bit more confident so I decided to get Emperor since there’s no point in delaying.

I have been debating on getting either Ascended Mogul or Emperor since I’ve read that some people have been struggling to keep up with Emperor, and that they decided to go to Ascended Mogul instead. I wouldn’t know if I’ll go through the same things so I decided to just jump into Emperor and will be listening to Experimental Ultrasonic version. So now I will replacing Ascension LITE with Emperor and keep up the same schedule I mentioned in the previous post with Limitless and Emperor being at a 2:1 ratio.

I’m curious on people’s overall sentiment on Emperor, would be great if I could hear on your thoughts about the sub as I get into it.


I’ve been listening to Emperor for 2 periods. The first period was like 25 days or so and now I’ve been running Emperor for like 2 weeks again. It has been pretty smooth for me. But you are right that for a lot of people it’s quite a tough subs. I wouldn’t be suprised if it’s gonna be tough for me aswell at some point.

The main things I notice is that a lot of times I really don’t give a f*ck about what other people think of me. This makes having social interactions so much better and easier. I’m also talking slower. I also started to rationalize a lot of my fears, this has really helped me doing things I was normally afraid of.And in general I feel just more confident. Oh and the last thing I noticed is an increased attraction from women. Unfortunately I am don’t really good with women.

This are the things that come to my mind now. But I’m sure there are some other subtle changes.


I’m gonna scrap the whole Day thing since I could just look at the dates on the top right hand of the post and I’ve added different subliminals at different times. Got myself Emperor the next day of my previous post and bought Libertine and Rebirth recently. So far I haven’t really felt the effects of Emperor but it may takes a bit more time. Got myself those dreams that everyone talks about though. I play Rebirth on my phone since putting it in my portable speakers might mess up the ratios and I play Libertine 3x in the morning. Noticed that I feel a lot more horny than usual for the day when I put on Libertine. Will report more later.


The dreams means you’re starting to really process the subliminal input. Next, you’ll start getting what I call the “reactions,” because they aren’t quite “results” in the way most people define it, but they’ll start acting a bit different in situations, or finding themselves easily angered by people treating them wrong. Then comes the results.

Also, try to run Libertine on headphones.


I feel a lot more… grounded/confident when I go out these days. I don’t feel reactive to others and it feels great. I speak with a nice cadence and a bit slower (though with much room for improvement). I plan to get Godlike Masculinity and definitely Beyond Limitless to enhance myself. Getting the Aura module doesn’t seem that important to me as I think development of the self extends naturally outwards and the projection of an underdeveloped self does seem counterproductive. Also trying to find time to play Libertine with headphones.


So it’s been quite a long time since my last update! Unfortunately due to poor discipline in running the subs I often forgot running them most of the time. Months passed by without any significant progress in terms of my goals and I aim for today to be the day where I start being serious about it once more. I plan to slim my stack so that I can materialize the results faster. The stack is as follows:

Day : Beyond Limitless x2

Day and Night : Emperor + Limitless loop

Night : The Elixir x1
Dreams x1

Now this is where I type out my goals for this year, and I’ll have three main ones.

  1. Achieve excellent results in my academics (in 2 months), succeed in competitions (at least 1 national competition) and in the workplace for internships (>= 2 months).
  2. Obtain a healthy body and mind. (30 minutes of Meditation, 1 hour of exercising)
  3. Get a wonderful girlfriend that is able to empathize and connect with me on an emotional level.

I’m not sure if Emperor is able to help with all of these goals directly, but I plan to input Emperor and Limitless into my stack for a period of 6 months from this day before I make my judgement to add any more (major) subliminals. Time spent listening to subs will be around 16 hours for me.

EDIT: Adjusted stack.