BDLM Size Journal

I haven’t seen one here yet, actually just found out this week about this Subliminal. I typically come back once or twice a year, but like to focus on a few in that time because I know these work very well.

So I found the BDLM one but I haven’t really seen one that follows up a ton and I’m just starting out so I will.

I’m 6". I didn’t measure girth but I can if people want to (thought I was 5.75" but someone said I did it wrong, when measured right I’m right at 6")

My wife says I’m perfect but yet enjoys bigger toys very much so let’s see how big I can get lol sorry babe but I’m sure I won’t be and neither will you!

This was taken before listening. I’ve only listened 3 times so far.

I also listen to:
Emperor (New)

But BDLM on the every other day one.
Also, switching to Divine Diamond too, I showed her and she said that it sounds really nice so we’ll both listen to that (but I kinda want that Primal Nights one too hehehe)

Anyway, I will try to update every week, but probably every 2 weeks.

Goal: 7"+
(Yes, I know that’s 1" more, I’ve seen insane results from subs here so why would BDLM be different? If we can manifest reality then to me, everything is possible and on the table)

If anyone has any tips (lol), questions or anything, I’m here.


that is not a proper measurement, get it right above the schlongadong and bonepress it. to the side is practically cheating.

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Numbers are fine. Pics not necessary


I can not do pics. That’s easier for me LOL

Then I’m 6". I have that pic too but I thought I did it wrong

then you’re 6 inches bpel.

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I can remove if you want. Just want to be as accurate as possible for people interested

What’s bpel

bone pressed erect length. it means when you press your fat pad and see your dick’s potential, nonbone pressed is what can be seen visually without pressing the fat


I appreciate the enthusiasm but let’s avoid the schlong pics.


No problem :grin: want me to edit

Oh it was :+1:

Seems like I missed quite the show :slightly_smiling_face:

Jokes aside, there’s this journal

Only recent one I know.

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You didn’t lol I had it heavily blurred with marker over it and dotted blur under that and a ruler was really all that can be seen lol

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Yeah but he hasn’t updated in a while

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Just ask him. I did it once as you can see.
Would be interesting if the results vanished since he didn’t commit for a longer period.

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I’m committed to listen to it for as long as it takes to reach my goal, and probably past that

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I did, I’m the last response lol

Lol. Didn’t see that. Or I wouldn’t have posted the thread in here :joy::joy:

He’s a little quiet recently it seems.

Yeah which I understand. Life gets in the way.

But I figured I can always start my own. The more the merrier really

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