Watching IT grow - BDLM journal

Hey guys, I’m starting this journal for my record and because I am sure lots of guys are wondering if this actually works so my own experience will be proof.

I measured penis erect at 15cm, it’s 5.9 inches, I measured girth with a yarn but I find this measurement not as clear cut/precise as length, anyway came up with 11.5cm or 4.5inches.

I don’t have a specific size goal, it will depend on how long it takes, but I have a max limit of 17cm, 6.7inch erect.

I will not be doing any physical exercises to help with it, I will rely on passive growth so it will be only the sub and my mind doing the work.

I listened to 2 loops yesterday and while listening I felt inspired and spent a couple minutes looking at dick pictures to give myself a clear idea how I want it to look. I also had a little scare when looking in the mirror later on because the flaccid length seemed already too long for my taste, but it’s obviously just perceptual change, I had noticed the length flaccid has been looking slightly longer and thicker after 3 weeks of KBst1…

I’m on a wash from KBst1 for a few days before I start the cycle with BDLM, I think I will not keep going with KBst1 for now and will instead either go for Regeneration, Godlike Masculinity or LoveBombFH or even just BDLM for a little while.

Anyone’s advice for a second sub to stack is very welcome as I’m new to SC, should I stack Regen, GM or LBFH to go with it? Those are the only ones I have/am interested in right now. Also Paragon seems awesome, I wonder if it could assist BDLM?


Paragon might help with any underlying physical stuff that would contribute to reaching the girth goals.

You could just use some yarn to measure girth and then measure the yarn.


We’ve been hoping for someone to do this for awhile. @Salchichon keep an eye on this one.

@Golden.Heart.Light — if you don’t mind, try to be precise with any measurements and there’s no need to sugarcoat any lack of results.

You have high flow factor on this title. Flow factor is an abstraction of sorts that indicates how fast and smooth (no pun intended) an individual expresses the script.

I know what part of the script is being expressed, but what I find intriguing is how you uniquely expressed it (exactly what we keep trying to tell the “are subs mind control” crowd — a script is expressed through individuality rather than executed like code).

Just a guess, but have you already worked through much of the mental blocks most men have about their size?


If you want to assist BDLM, go with something like Revelation of the Nectar Within, as it has the “BJ aura” which (within the realm of free will) influences sexual partners to verbally affirm how much they enjoy your eggplant before and during the… extraction process.

KB St. 1 or 4 is also a very, very stack.


Smart I just did it and edited the starter post

These starter measurements are precise, the length is, the girth I might be off by .2 inches max one way or the other, I will post when there is clear growth, probably won’t be measuring for another month or until I visually notice.

High flow factor I can agree to, I have a very flexible and open mind, subliminals have an open freeway to ride in me.
It was a strong immediate urge to visualize exactly what I wanted, I’m not so much about visualization, I enjoy peaceful tought-free meditation, but there and then it was obvious I needed to imprint my mind with an image for the inner mind record so to speak, very interesting stuff!

Even though I’m running this sub, only a small part of me really needs it (haha!), I’ve never been super satisfied with my penis size and shape but I also don’t really care as in I have higher goals in my life but this is an interesting experiment where positive or negative results won’t hurt either way (unless I forget to stop running the program, then she might…), I’m mostly excited to witness the power of mind over matter in the case of something that is not a muscle so not scientifically proven to be able to change.


Uh… why?

If you want the result, do the work.

If you said you were going to listen to LoTS without working out, that would be ridiculous.

If you said you were going to listen to Primal Seduction but not study dating or at least personal development in the slightest that’d be outrageous.

BDLM is not that different

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I suspect he’s just treating it more like an experiment to see what the sub alone can do.


Yeah. And I’m actually quite interested in how this experiment turns out.


I’m impressed with my results after just a few days. Didn’t take measurements just prior but have before.

It’s fuller. I’ll take It


I already answered this above, take the time to read before asking.

I believe in the transformative power of the subliminal and of the mind over matter.

“Doing the work” is what I’m doing by running this sub and shifting my subconscious toward this goal.

And also it simply is what I have decided to do, you can take your ridicule and your outrage to a different post.

We already know the power of physical action on physical things, nothing new there.


Aight bet. Pics or it didn’t happen. :sweat_smile:


I know you’re kidding but that would actually be solid proof. I might do a before and after pics and I might share it to those interested later on, “might”.


For scientific reasons, that might really be interesting. So SaintSovereign and Fire can back up they’re research even further. Although one person is just anecdotal.

Lol, we’ll take his word for it. We don’t want to be responsible for anyone’s pictures and legal already advised us in the past not to let people share these types of pics.


I ran 2 loops this morning.

I’m still pondering what my usage pattern will be.

Because this is such a narrow focus subliminal I’m thinking I could run it more often, physical changes need a lot more push to manifest and at the same time I’m sure I have no resistance to growing it bigger so more exposure should theoretically be fine.

The options I’m considering are:

-usual day on/day off pattern with 3 loops a day, 2 in the morning and 1 before bed.

-usual day on/day off 2 loops a day with an extra 5 min of KBst2 in the evening.

-2 loops everyday (one loop every 12h), for a week followed by two day break.

I tend towards the second or third option, third option resonates a lot, I like the second one because I get to stay in touch and keep up my exploration of Khan Black.

I’ll stick to option 1 until I make a choice.

As far as I know, 1 loop a day (every other day) should be enough. You don’t want to overexpose.

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Because of the very narrow goal I think recon will not be an issue at all, my mind doesn’t really have any complex concepts to integrate, so I think of it like sending instructions directly to the body cells, the more constant and powerful the orders to the cells the better, as the body is a pretty thick being.

Feel free to give your expanded views on my theory.

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If you didn’t do so already, I would recommend reading the Masterclass article on Processing queue.
More input doesn’t equal more results.
It could mean lesser results because your brain is to caught up in processing rather than executing. Or even worse, if it gets constantly bothered with to much input, there could be no result at all.
You need input and time to let your mind work with it. If you deliver to much input, your mind won’t find a chance to put it to use.

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