Back to only Dragon Reborn ST4 and Ultima Starting July 12

This will be my schedule starting Monday July 12:

MF: DRST4 Ultrasonic
W: DR Ultima

All other days are rest.


I feel like I am stuck in an ongoing state of stasis, inaction, depression and low-level hopelessness. I need to break out of it.

Small things are great to look forward to. Tomorrow I will get up early and drive about 50 minutes to watch the Men’s Wimbledon final with friends.

I am hoping Berretini can upset Djokovic.


Have a great trip and event :slight_smile:


Thanks. We had a good time, even though the match started at 8 am. Not the most conducive time for wild revelry.

It was nice when Berrettini came back to take the first set in a tiebreak, but I knew Djokovik would come back from that, and he did to take the match in 4. Best tennis player of all time.

Berrettini should get more shots at winning slam events, but who knows how many wins Djokovic will end with. At 20 he is now tied with Nadal and Federer and is showing no signs of slowing down.


Monday run of ST4.

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Ok, so this new minimalist schedule of one spin MWF leaves huge amounts of time for processing. I had listened to Dragon Reborn 4-6 times a day since mid January. I am wondering if and how that might manifest now that I am listening so minimally?


Mostly it was QV1? How did QV2 hit you when you kept that schedule? Also, did you also make progress at that rate?

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ST1 and ST2 were QV1. QV2 arrived around the time I started ST3. I am not sure I noticed any difference.

I have noticed less reactivity and ill temper with Dragon Reborn. A bit less anxiety. Those would be my take aways from having run it.

I am hoping more manifests as I continue running it and ratchet down the listening time.


I am really in a tough place of stasis and procrastination at the moment.

I have a consultation with an astrologer tomorrow. Should be interesting.

A friend mentioned this. Very expensive but intriguing. He heard both Rogan and Tim Ferris discuss it.

No subliminal again until tomorrow. I have gone on a journey from trying to get as much saturation time as possible to where I am now, which is to play a sub three times in a week.

Had my natal chart consultation. Useful. Put me into a reflective and kinder state of mind that I manifested in interacting with the counter person at Subway.

Running Dragon Reborn Ultima.

I keep wondering how this one functions and how it is different from the main sub tracks.

I have been listening to this since April 29th, but not absolutely consistently.

Wondering what short term effects I might notice?

Also wondering if this is the best option for my Wednesday listen. If I am listening literally three times a week is this a good choice for my second listen? I guess I will discover.

Two thirds of my listening is complete for the week.

I guess one aspect of listening so little to the subs now is I feel less invested in them and have fewer expectations from them.

Lowered stakes.

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Running DR ST4 for Friday listen before beginning weekend break.

I am kind of wishing I could keep Survival Instinct going from my previous stack. Is running it once a week, too little?

W - Survival Instinct