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note from higher self:
(copying this from you know who you are :wink: )

what if there were no answers from a certain level of thinking-it’s that thinking that has me seeking in the first place.

what if actively THINKING DIFFERENTLY was the answer

(I’ve use proper grammar to keep this distinct from a Mac commercial )


I think aspects of them would stick with me forever at this point
confidence, a certain degree of productivity and focus, and clarity, what I’ve healed,
dominance with woman, work, and life, a degree of flow, because these are all in my experience and have shifted me from the inside out, and certain would lessen over time,
like the insane drive and push of Emperor , or perhaps some of the aura and manifestation.
But I couldn’t say for sure. That said I know have the visceral experience of these effects and can tap into them forever to some degree. The subs don’t add anything new, the bring out the best in us from my understanding. No influence or experience lasts forever in our identity and being if it is not acted on, nurtured, or cultivated

I believe long term permanent growth has occurred , and there is further to go


I’ve added it in the past for quite some time.
It’s very hard to explain but

  1. Increasing sense of people’s actual intentions
  2. Visceral sense if people have your best interest in mind or not
  3. highlighting where people manipulate, not even always intentionally, but unconsciously to get their needs met as survival mechanism
  4. Social charisma, charm, status, attention, and savvy
  5. A sense of doing things that benefit you-I forgot who said this but someone said you get WIFI-what’s in it for me. Not in a greedy way, but in a healthy win-win way
  6. healing from past and current toxic influences that have made or are making me feel powerless
  7. And of course a viscerally understanding awareness of, and ability to act on the 48 laws of power. Since Merger of worlds I can literally just know the laws, I’ll do something and then the law will flash in my awareness. I have not read the book yet, although I have in the past look at the table of contents.
  8. It occurs like your playing a social/ relational game on a whole other level-like you see in multiple dimensions and of what’s happening, where every one is at, and who want and will do what.
  9. Less social concern and anxiety
  10. Increase admiration, and attraction from others-but not necessarily sexually, but respect, admiration. It could lead sexually but as I mentioned different mechanism than the sexuality of primal or the dominance of Emperor, or even magnetism of Stark.
  11. Less interest in everything that doesn’t benefit you directly, on Emperor I strive for excellence and integrity in work, when I add PCC, I look to do the best job with the least effort and attention.

if I think of more I’ll post it.


thank you!
but this is all an experiment, I don’t know what will stick yet
I’m not running regeneration currently :slight_smile:


That is very True!

“The subs don’t add anything new, the bring out the best in us from my understanding. No influence or experience lasts forever in our identity and being if it is not acted on, nurtured, or cultivated”.

Also if I may, I’d add that we are constantly changing and thus our experience, influence, and feelings will change and evolve with “I”.

Thank you Azriel for your details!


here are some more effects of PCC

I fill gaps in work and socially with fast instinct, some someone reaches out to me and a colleague, normally I’d wait until the other person responds or give it a day at least, now I immediately act on it.

I also normally try to see the best or look to see the best in everyone, on PCC is someone does something overtly shitty or crosses a certain line, I lose all interest in them, and depending on how bad what they did was have an instinct to ‘destroy/ruin’ them if they are too deeply involved in my social circle and affairs. I have not acted on this, but its there. It doesn’t feel malicious or anything, it just feels like appropriate response to covertly aggressive or destructive people


Your most welcome,
glad you or others may be getting value from it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reppay bro.
Do you think if someone started using the subs with self doubt and social anxiety he can become somebody completly unrecognized and new? like a more friendly outgoing guy - even without the use of subs after a while?


Yes its possible if u take enough action then u will over come self doubt and social anxiety…
Its the experience that you keep and is permenant with you…
Its like crossing a road…if u keep thinking of it you will never cross but if u take that step to cross it u will know what it feels like to cross it and with crossing it all the time you will get more comfortable with that experience thus it becomes a very pleasant experience which you keep for life.


Yes, 100%
Even before subclub
I used subs to create permanent evolution in who I was and how I related to woman and the world.

And subclubs subs are a lot better than those.


I posted this in a PM and though it may useful to put here.

This is in regards to why healing can be difficult -this is my understanding of it not necessarily saying this as the absolute truth of anything

you have to experience or go through pre-language emotions, traumas, and states, which can feel like confusion, falling apart, deep terror etc…feel it to heal it and release it…you also have to navigate your life still with some of these experiences still present. You will only perceive what you are ready for and can handle with the right processes and/or subliminals.

Also healing involves initially putting your attention-on something we’ve labeled as ‘negative’ and we manifest where our attention lies, so it may appear, to the childlike part of us, that our life circumstances are getting worse, when our attention is on the part of us that needs healing. This is not actually the case, but can feel like it. The less judgement you have of yourself or your life, the less you label things good or bad the easier the process will be. It doesn’t always have to be hard though and running a sub like regeneration will help greatly


Do you belive all traumas can be healed and recovered completly?
And if so, is healing an ongoing task since we keep getting traumas from time to time,
or maybe once we heal our past, our subconcious is already developed enough to not let new events
stagger and experience the same emotions that we once did when we were little children?


My belief is
our originally imprinting and emotional issues is essentially downloaded to us from our family and environment in the first 7 years of our life. Most of what people struggle with or experience difficulty/suffering on in life is simply the reoccurring cycle of those unresolved emotional wounds of those 7 years. Whatever emotional healing is needed around those first 7 years can absolutely be healed/resolved to such a degree where it no longer dictates one’s life. New traumas, PTSD, can of courses happen after then but from the spiritual perspective I believe, they are actually just recurrences amplified of the first 7 years. When we say ‘why does this keeping happening to me’ were actually referring to the feel/emotional makeup that is responding to different situations-not the situations themselves. All this can absolutely be fully healed, through subs, meditation, psychedelics, spiritual study, therapy, MDMA and therapy lol, different paths for different folks. PM me if you want my personal recommendation.

no, in any moment we can have, be, and choose exactly the life we want. I don’t mean this in some positive thinking way or as self blame. I mean we are at the source of and are responsible for our personal experience and the quality of our life. Read the Gulag Archepeligo by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn or Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl , to see how this plays out in the worst of conditions possible.

The world is simply a reflection. Directly working on healing, makes this easier, and less pitfalls, but is not necessary… As healing is an automatic consequence of attending to what we have ignored internally when we stop trying to fix symptoms and deal with their causes and/or healing is a consequence when we live our lives in alignment-you can see that in a secular way as alignment with personal vision and authentic desire or spiritually, as alignment with higher purpose.


Experiment Day 4

Emperor Q 1 loop
1 hour
Emperor Q 2nd loop right after
3 hours
Emperor Q 1 loop

1 hour later Azriel Q

I didn’t get enough sleep the night before so perhaps not the best to assess.
I woke up driven to get a jump on some work stuff. but as soon as that completed the drive died down.

Again spent the day more chill, hanging with a girl, and taking care of myself more than on anything visionary, or particular productive.

I wonder if this is a Survival Instinct effect. I’ve been needing to slow down a bit for quite some time, and it does feel like a good reset. The last two days are very unlike my normal behavior. It’s almost like I am resetting to when I crank up the speed it will be more aligned.

As the experiment days continue, my normal routines and structures are falling apart,and I’m doing things more by the spur of the moment. My sense of being above and causing my life rather than along for the ride is also rapidly diminishing. Not like I am at a loss for anything or ‘victimized’ by it, but more like trusting the moment rather than consciously guiding.

This could be a function of the spontaneous attitude of experimenting being reflected in my life, sense of direction, an effect of the sub combo, simply reconciliation, or just a natural life cycle.
Really can’t say at this point. I passed out super early and woke at in the middle of the night. I’ll run

1 loop of Survival Instinct
1 loop Rebirth Ultima-
1 loop of PCC
1-2 loops of HOM over the night

In the morning I’ll do 1 or 2 loops of Emperor X Terminus and then take off 48 hours from my last sub use and then reassess. 4 days in of essentially haphazard sub use with some minor cohesion , and I’m ready to bring thing into order and a system, but may go another week as I have more to test… I am for myself, learning a great deal of how things effect me and combine and what I need more and less of


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1.- Ectasy of Gold is unisex? Both male and female can use them? (Just to be sure, I saw the product page to include them into the Unisex category.)

Sure can.


2.- Can cycle from EoG Stage 1, 2, 3 and eventually 4 while stacking it with HoM or it would be too dense to run properly?

It’d be a very dense stack, but yes, you can do this.


3.- Recommended loops for both of them?

This one’s tough to answer. I still need to get the recommendations for building a stack, but I’d alternate days, with a day’s rest. For example, HoM on Monday, EoG Tuesday, HoM Wednesday, and so forth with a rest day thrown in."

If the above is a dense stack, what I’m doing is probably overkill :slight_smile:






new girl

“Is her name Jess by any chance? :rofl::rofl:

Long Game module? lol