Auditory Imagination - Mind's Ear


While we are waiting for the release of Mind’s Eye, let’s talk about Mind’s Ear.

While my visualization abilities suck, I realise that I have a good auditory imagination and can easily play songs in my head, and sometimes even orchestral music.

I can hear people shouting or singing or saying something I want to hear in my mind.

I cannot imagine myself walking down the stairs or climbing the ladder, but I can hear the sound of the door opening in my mind, or the sound of a fountain in the courtyard.

Of course, it’s all in my mind and I don’t hear with my ears sounds that are not playing.

Wondering if this is normal? Anyone care to share experiences? How do most people remember sounds?


I guess it is partly your natural tendency and mostly depends on what you train. I remember I had very bad visualisation skills back then but I put a lot of effort into it and now its much better. This means you can learn it all, I guess. I can also hear when I want to, but Id have to concentrate on it. My primary imagination-senses are visualisation and kinestetic.

Btw it is very possible to hear, see, smell and feel what you imagine just like you would do in day to day life.

Just out of curiosity: For what do you use your imagination?


I still use mainly my visual ability to imagine. My images appear faintly like a movie screen above my forehead and they are very weak.


It helps if you start by identifying the sounds and then add the other senses on top, linking them together. What you describe as a movie screen is actually quite common. Some people have difficulty becoming part of the visualization. They can imagine an apple for example, but as soon as you ask them to pick it up, they are unable to do so.

Your skill is actually quite nice, many people have difficulty with sounds. I’m not too good at it myself, almost like I forget what things are supposed to sound like. I do have those really creepy moments when I suddenly hear a sound that isn’t there, like a knock or something like that…