Ascension + Rebirth Journal


Howdy new customer here. I’ve been looking at this site for a while trying to develop enough trust to try one of your programs. I finally pulled the trigger and bought Alchemist Supreme on May 1st along with Rebirth. My plan was to use it religiously as I study Hermetics and go through my magic/psychic training. That’s still ultimately the plan, but after running it for a day i realized that what i need more than anything right now is some “masculine behavioral therapy.” I think Rebirth is partially responsible for this because during my first night of listening i kept having uncomfortable visions where i was reliving past disappointing experiences. Anyways I decided to buy Ascension yesterday and run it first while also continuing my magic/psychic training. I’m declaring here and now that my decision was final, and i will not be changing programs again until I’ve run Ascension for at least 90 days.

About Me: I’m a 22 year old above average looking black male. My life kinda sucks right now. To this day I’ve never had a girlfriend but I have gotten laid a handful of times. I dropped out of college my freshman year and joined the Marines. 2 years later I was separated from the Marines because of my mental health. All I have to show for those 2 years of my life is a pretty nice disability check which I am thankful for. I have been back in the civilian world for a little over 2 years now.
Over the course of the past 2 years I’ve developed a pretty bad drug, alcohol and porn addiction which i now have under control. I’ve worked a few dead end jobs; delivering pizzas and driving for Uber and Lyft. I tried to make a career out of insurance sales but it didn’t work out. In 2019 i watched a lot of my friends who i graduated high school with graduate college and it made me feel kinda shitty for not finishing myself. I developed some pretty powerful affirmations and read them faithfully everyday over the summer, and while I did get some results, they weren’t nearly as good as I was hoping for. In August '19 i discovered a competing subliminal producer and used their Alpha Male product. I got pretty good results from it. Im at least superficially confident and i feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin, but I’m still not where i wanna be. I think part of the reason it didnt work as well as it couldve is because i just couldnt give up PMO and a lot of my other self sabotaging activities at the time.
My parents didnt allow me to play football when i was young because i was their only child and they were both 40+ when i was born. They said they didnt want me to get hurt. When my dad was alive i used to be EXTREMELY self confident. He died when i was 11, and my self confidence/ self esteem slowly deteriorated over the years that followed, so that by the time i was like 16 i had some serious complexes. Also at 16, my 24 year old cousin came to visit one day and beat the crap out of me out of nowhere. He beat me so bad that i almost lost my left eye, and for years following i couldnt feel the left side of my mouth at all and my eye would twitch periodically. I had to learn to talk “from my teeth” in order to compensate for the nerve damage. This experience made me doubt my ability to defend myself and is ultimately the reason why i joined the Marines in the first place.


Continued: The damage to my face made me very self conscious but fortunately everything healed like 6 months ago as i was deep in meditation. It was really quite astounding!
I dont wanna make this too long so ill cut to the chase now. Being raised by a single mom during my teen years when i really needed my father, failing to make the football team despite literally EVERYBODY else making it, years of drug, porn and alcohol addiction, getting beat up by my cousin, and continued failure with women has led to a pretty hefty masculinity deficiency which i only discovered while i was running the other companys Alpha Male product. It all makes sense now, and im ready to make some lasting changes and take back control of my life.

My stack for the first 30 days:
Ascension Q
Ascension Q
Rebirth Q
Rebirth Q
Ascension Q
Ascension Q
Rebirth Q
Rebirth Q

Ascension Q as many times as possible lol

If i get enough out of Rebirth after the first 30 days then ill replace it with Godlike Masculinity and Limits dissolver for the rest of my run through.
Btw im currently working on getting a job and getting back in school. Im shooting for a degree in Business Administration. After i graduate i plan to use Dan Pena’s QLA methodology to own my own business and make big $$$. All the while continuing my magic/psychic training of course.

This will be updated weekly.


Welcome to the 'Club, @master_action! 22 is no age, you chosen us right when Q dropped, so great timing dude!

Decent stack you chosen for yourself, it’s what I started with. Both Ascension and RebirthQ are very powerful and gets to work quick. Do let us know how you get on with it.

Kinda fucked up that your cousin decided to beat you up, but sadly not everyone is all there.


Hi and welcome
Just be careful with the Q powered subliminals…these are very very powerful.
Read through the journals and see how potent they are…

Good luck


@Michel Thanks for the reassurance. I consider myself lucky for having obtained this much self awareness at this age. I feel like I’m on the right track now to be the man I want to be through and through by 25.


Welcome. You recognized what your problems were and where they came from at age 22, and you are pro actively dealing with them. That is awesome, and you are getting after it a lot quicker than a lot of us did. Myself included.
You have found some powerful tools here, and I hope you have a great journey from here.


I personally think that most people would benefit from doing college a little bit later. And possibly doing a couple years of different 2-3 month internship rotations first. Instead of applying to college, I’d have high school seniors tick off boxes of different industries and fields on an Internship Common Application. Over the next 2-3 years they would be informed of upcoming Internship openings where the application had been accepted.

During those Internship years, if one of the companies fell in love with a particular intern or if the intern fell in love with a particular field, they would be free to opt out early and either a) apply for a full-time job at that organization or b) apply to university (now with a more specific, mature and well thought out) training goal). Otherwise, at the end of those years, the person would be able to either extend the Internship period, apply for a job somewhere, or apply to university.

Back when I was in college, the student I knew who did best was a guy who was probably 3 to 5 years older than the rest of us. He’d been in the military. Maybe ROTC or maybe actual service. Don’t remember. What I do remember was that he came in with a strong sense of motivation and direction, and (to me, at least) it looked like he was getting about 3 times the value out of the experience as everyone else. It felt like he was really there.


Welcome to the forum @master_action

Just a quick note: Listening overnight was declared as suboptimal a time ago. Here you can read all about it: Experimental Listening Pattern. Also, especially with the Q subs you are running, you might want to cut back the loops:

Experiment and if you hit reconciliation, stop and take a rest day.

By the way, I am impressed by the self-awareness you already have at that age.
Keep us updated as I am already interested in reading about your progress.

Wish you all the best!


That’s interesting. I’ll give it a rest tonight and see what happens. And thanks for the compliment


Week 1:
Nothing too crazy to report. I got the usual strange dreams and stuff. I procrastinate a lot less. Rebirth has had me analyzing my life all week. It hasnt made me depressed but people have pointed out that i seem like i have a lot on my mind. My motivation has steadily been increasing.


I will also follow your journey since my first purchases will be Ascension and Regeneration.