Ascension, Mogul vs Ascended Mogul


If one plans on listening to Emperor at some point down the line, should the programs be purchased and listened to separately or will Ascended Mogul have the same effect of listening to Ascension and Mogul separately in a playlist?


Ascended Mogul will have a similar effect as running both separately except it’ll take longer for you to see results, due to the fact that the script is longer. But, it does open up space on a playlist for other subliminals.


I’ve made up my mind. I will be getting Ascension and Mogul separately and play these two alongside Limitless. Any future subliminals I am interested in (Gaming Mastery, Emperor, Sex and Seduction, Primal) will be purchased once I am starting to feel the full benefits of the subliminals I am already listening to.

Final question, will I still need to listen to my current stack (Limitless, Ascension and Mogul) in the future even if my playlist will likely be completely different (consisting of Emperor or the sex and seduction stack (Sex mastery, Sex and Seduction and Primal) ?


This is sort of what my post is about! What about Ascended Mogul + Emperor + Limitless? I’m a student so productivity is always on my mind, but unleashing an alpha entrepreneurial side is the ultimate goal. Could this help? This is my first time using. What’s best(if there’s a such thing)?


Hey, welcome to Subliminal Club.

Emperor is a very wide type of subliminal, aiming to push you in all the areas that matter to you and those that you might have consciously missed. It will also manifest opportunities for you to grow quickly.

It’s also a very dense, powerful subliminal, meaning it can overpower other subliminals in the stack. This is something we’ve noticed with a few people only, and it might be dependent on the individual’s capacity to process and manifest (which gets better the longer you listen to our subliminals, we took care of that).

Keep that in mind and don’t be afraid to experiment.

As for your trio, it can work. Remember though, Ascended Mogul will manifest quicker than Emperor, because it is more focused. Limitless will manifest the quickest, because it is all about learning.

My advice to you would be this - try it out. We encourage experimentation.

If you feel it’s too much alpha and business side of things, try taking out Ascended Mogul or Emperor out of the stack, or lowering their loops, and see how things go.

If you notice yourself going too focused on yourself and distancing from toxic influences (and you cannot take it/don’t like it), try lowering the Emperor loops. It is merciless - it WILL make you drop useless people from your life. Which is extremely good if you’re ready to become an Emperor and build your own empire.

As it is, there is nothing wrong with the stack.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


Not sure what your question is, but from what I understood…

The longer you listen to the subliminals, the more permanent the effects will be. Keep in mind, you are bombarded with subconscious stimuli every day, so it helps to refresh the input you have received once you are off them every so often.

But, if you switch to other SubClub subliminals, you don’t have to worry about this as much, because they can refresh each other. Still good practice to refresh with the original subliminal every so often, but you can relax about it.



Thanks for the reply @Fire , I had originally decided to go Limitless-Ascended Mogul-Gaming Mastery. However, I’ve decided on Limitless-Ascension-Mogul. I feel as if running Ascension ans Mogul seperately will hell me see more prnounced effects of both a little quicker over Ascended Mogul. (I am not prepared for Emperor at this time although I plan on getting it sometime in the future.)

Would these three (Limitless-Ascension-Mogul) give me a strong foundation for future subliminals that will be released by SubClub in the future ? I am particularly interested in the Sex/Seduction series of subliminals which will be released in the future with PrimalTech.