Ascending to Limitless


Starting today September 23 , 2018 I am running a Ascension Mogul stack. Like I just posted on the Emperor development thread I’m going to run this for six months as a quasi Ascended Mogul but also to give each enough time to do what they are meant to do on their own


Just curious, why are you changing subliminals so much?


At some point, you’re going to have to decide for yourself what you wish to choose - evolution and progress no matter what, even if it isn’t “optimal”, or indecisiveness.

While on one you might fall on your face every now and then, at least you are not standing still.

Decide to run something for a month starting off, then do so no matter what. Doesn’t matter what subliminal it is: Emperor or Ascension, ours or someone elses. What matters is that you train your willpower muscles - same as the gym.

No matter what. Be uncompromising on your success.

I’m looking forward to your progress man. Hit it.


My advice to you would be this - focus on getting a month of Mogul first. Don’t make grand plans of listening for 6 months to a year and so on.

Get a calendar, make a promise to yourself, then put your head down and mark down each day of listening until you hit a full month.

Mogul will help you achieve the motivation and the desire to do your job, and will even manifest a lot of new opportunities for you, but you still need to keep your discipline and take action.

Yeah, these can drag you down, but it is important to recognize these beliefs as something that has been implanted by someone else - hence not actually yours. You are completely free to get rid of them, because they are in your domain.

Take responsibility for those, and take action on changing them. You probably already know what you can change, you just need to start putting it into reality.


I’ve been running only Emperor for the last three or four days and I feel that given my goals and what I’ve been researching and reading about indolence and inertia that was prompted by an article I read as well as what @Fire said about feeling physical pain if you aren’t building or working on building empires , I’m paraphrasing what he said, that Emperor is what I feel I should use and stay with.
I’ve always known I was capable of far more than what I have accomplished or not at any given time. At some point you get sick of making the same mistakes or constantly finding yourself in the same situation year after year with no real changes except for your age. I have posted before about how I was raised by incredibly toxic biological and step parents. Growing up constantly having your intellectual and emotional abilities questioned. This was a decade or three before the psychiatric and psychological community began understanding what ADHD is. I was put on Ritalin at five or six years old , deemed borderline retarded, and told I would be incredibly lucky if I graduated high school. I did graduate high school , was the first of my siblings to do so, and did it with two extra credits.
That said I have spent the last three decades plus since then sabotaging myself in one way or another. During that time I have told more than one person that I know I have this unexplainable genius within me but I feel something is blocking me from it. I’m not going to say my entire adult life has been a failure. I have been happily married for the last thirteen years. The job I have now was possible because the recruiter saw on my resume that the job I held prior i held for over a decade.
This job is hourly based but you can make amazing commissions of well over 100k with the average being around 40k. This an opportunity I never thought I would or could experience and I want badly to reap the benefits not just for myself but for my family. I see Emperor as a catalyst to eliminate and destroy whatever it is that has made me sabotage myself for so long and finally get my shit together to become the man I’ve always known I can be


Like others who are running Emperor I have been experiencing anxiety the last day and a half. I’m pushing through it though. One thing I don’t believe I’ve mentioned in any post and a big reason why I’m incredibly grateful that the Subliminal Club audios are ultrasonic . I am probably close to 85% deaf in my left ear. My right ear is fine but I can only hear certain frequencies in my left ear. I know from research I’ve done online that ultrasonic subliminals are often beneficial to those with hearing loss . I’ve also having some crazy dreams as expected while running Emperor. I’m running the regular version. Not the Extreme experimental or the masked. If I could guess in getting anywhere between ten and sixteen hours of exposure daily at the moment.I have a busy week ahead of me but I should still be able to get in between eight and twelve hours daily


Missed several days of listening so I have to start over with The Emperor. Just set up my set it and forget so now I have no excuse. I did notice though during the days I missed I was infinitely idgaf about a lot of things that would normally bother me .I kept thinking to myself that no matter what happens I will be fine and get thru whatever it is


Started back with Ascended Mogul for the time being. I definitely have to work up to The Emperor but it’s a progression or path I’m more than willing to take. It hit me hard this evening after a frustratingly slow moving day and very little sleep I was in a foul mood for a good portion of it. Itching for a fight in some way. It occurred to me that I need to turn that itch or frustration into competitive ambition. So incredibly done with everything and every day being the same way. I’m meant for and capable of so much more. Being an Alpha King or Emperor isn’t about social media posts , subreddits, or YouTube videos. I used to think that eventually something would happen or someone would do something to make life easier. Now I realize and understand how everything really is in my hands. It’s not anyone else’s job to do what I need to do to improve myself and my life. Nor should it be. I’m officially done doing weak beta things that make up a weak beta life. That’s no way for an Alpha King or Emperor to live or be


Got an amazing amount of sleep last night and because of that I definitely feel a huge amount better today than I did yesterday. I’ve always known how important getting enough sleep is.


Mate how long were you on Emperor ?. I know for myself its been a very tough ride and its only been 36 days in. I was tempted to switch to Ascended but alittle voice in my head told me not too.


Probably two weeks give or take a day or three. I will openly admit I came from a shite background where self sabotage , indolence, and inertia were the norm. I seriously debated starting with Ascension and working my way up as I had a lot of fun on my brief run with it a couple of months ago . My feeling is that no matter what you choose to listen to it should be given a minimum of six months before moving on. I didn’t always feel that way obviously.


Day 3 now with Ascended Mogul. I should probably point out that prior to switching to this for a week and a half I was running Ascension and Mogul as a stack. I’m having the most fun with Ascended Mogul than I have ever had with anything self improvement related. I feel all weaknesses inside me rapidly being destroyed. There are times where I feel like I’m almost itching for a fight or some sort of competition. For a guy that used to do everything possible to avoid any form of confrontation this is huge. On the Mogul end the knowledge and know how to be as great at my job as I want to be is also rapidly coming together. Took a meeting with my supervisor and his boss to finally understand why I haven’t been progressing the way I would have liked to be at this point and since that meeting four days ago I have gained more insight about what I need to do than in the last three or four months.


Hi Jcast do you feel am is working faster for you than emperor, i have been running emperor for 44 days and i am having ups and downs one minute i am feeling really good then low. I am thinking of buying am as i have recently bough ss and i have a feeling the 2 programmes will run better together, Maybe i am not ready for emperor yet who knows? But with am and ss i will get all the things i want to achieve at the moment a money mindset, alpha male mentality and women seduction :slight_smile:


@slickman Definitely. Way quicker than anything I experienced with Emperor or any other subliminal maker. Ascended Mogul is head and shoulders above anything offered anywhere. To paraphrase another subliminal maker " Ascended Mogul is the foundation for The Emperor to do what it’s meant to do ". I plan and will spend six months with Ascended Mogul then move on to The Emperor. Run Ascended Mogul and become the best version of yourself then run Emperor and then SS. Six months each


Thanks for the reply Jcast i am thinking the same, start with the foundations first and build your way up from there. I will buy AM tomorrow and start on that and maybe listen to an hour of SS here and there especially if i am going out on the town


Day 4 with Ascended Mogul. One of the biggest issues I’ve struggled with and have to somehow reconcile is that of wanting to be minimalist and frugal but still make a lot of money. Something in my brain/mind that says you can’t do both for whatever reason. I feel that this block is one of if not the biggest block I have in increasing my income . I would love anyone’s input on this. Any thoughts @SaintSovereign or @Fire


Over the last several years I have tried literally every so called " Alpha Male " subliminal out there. In less than a week of Ascended Mogul I feel more decisive and masculine than with anything I’ve ever done previously. This stuff is scary fucking powerful


Just bought ascend mogul i am going to give that a run for 6 months with some ss in there as well then go on to emperor after that. Jcast remember we were doing that other popular alpha male sub that was a blast as well. These subs seem much more advanced though.


Maybe the subliminal brought it to your attention, so you can resolve it. Or maybe the subliminal is handling it, but helping it out cannot hurt. Try any of the “blocker” resolution methods out there, EFT, Sedona, whatever you prefer and see what happens. And of course keep us updated.


Hit the wrong playlist on my tablet last night and ended up listening to Ascension the whole night. Not going to argue though as the dreams were crazy and fun. Had a rough day yesterday and all it took was a night of Emperor Extreme to feel much better. I know a lot of what I have been struggling with lately is I’m letting stupid shit get to me.