Ascended Mogul Experience

I am running Ascended Mogul (AM) currently. Let me know your experiences after 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

How have you changed???

Let’s throw that question back at you!

How long are you running AM, how have you changed?


Haha Michel. I have been running AM for around 2-3 weeks now.

I am more self-reliant for my personal stuff (other than reconciliation issues - which I am understanding more and more everyday. Just started journaling this).

I get self-doubts and anxiety in the morning when I wake up (maybe because of reconciliation) . But from reading discussion posts on subliminal results. I am assured that this is good for you in a way that you actually care about achieving your goals. I remember reading @SaintSovereign’s post somewhere AM will cause deep changing within oneself.

I am more career oriented (I was slightly lost 1-1.5 years ago) of what I exactly wanted in life.

I am living more in the present moment not worried too much about future.

I am driven and taking action more than ever.

I don’t sweat the small stuff.

Also on running AM, I have no urge to seek female validation or think about female at all. Its all about my goals and purpose in life which is what I wanted.


Yep, that sounds like results :wink:

I’m 4 months in with Ascended Mogul and only now I’ve recognised the pattern of looking for “love” and validation from women. No longer.

More important is looking after yourself, respecting yourself, improving your body, getting fit, dressing sharp, finding and having personal and financial goals… and of course becoming more of the alpha man.
Watch out for physical shifts - you might develop a physique out of nowhere.

Ascended Mogul is one of the most slept on subs out there - it makes you alpha extremely quickly.


Hey @Michel

What is your opinion on Ascended Mogul Vs Emperor?

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Emperor is a different beast. If you want to spend every waking day building your own empire, Emperor will do it. But at work it will piss off your colleagues and intimidate your boss.

Emperor is next level alpha. If you already have your shit together (high paying job or own job, own place, women on rotation) it will excel. If you’re just starting out, expect a ton of recon until you level up.


@Michel So for someone starting out Ascended Mogul I’d better?

So for someone who has a regular job in corporate it would be probably better to just stick with AM rather than with Emperor.

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Emperor can work in corporate; it’s been reported that bosses have become intimidated and/or deferring to them, some even offering them pay raises and equal stock in the company. Do see @OldChap and @Yardbird journals. Co-workers do seem to get irritated by Emperor’s massive confidence.

Overall AM will get you recognised and promoted within the worksphere whereas Emperor wants to challenge it and even surpass it. If your level is already quite good (already alpha, earning good money) Emperor is a better bet. If you’re just starting out, Ascended Mogul.


That is why I started totaly from start. Right now running only Ascension, after some time will switch to AM and then later to Emperor.



Need your advice.

For an engineering student who wants to go high in his career. Should I keep running AM? The reason I ask is because I am not as competitive as I used to be. I need that fire in the belly.

I am 23 years old btw.

How long have you been running AM? If it’s under 3 months keep running it, maybe add Limitless for your studies.

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Thanks so much.



What would you add/change after 3 months?

Just curious.

Also on QV2, only 1 loop a day?

Depends on what you want to achieve.
That fire in the belly drive could be achieved with Limitless Executive + AM. That would get your ass in gear big time. Everything else (alpha, women, respect, career prospects) is already covered.

Ultimately it’s up to you, always check what your goals are and pick a sub to fit. Those who get the biggest results are those prepared to stick it out.

1 loop each day (to start off), take two rest days off. Keep a journal to track your changes.


I am running Ascended Mogul in my stack. Have been running for about 3 weeks now. I had ran Emperor in my stack for about 7-8 months before removing it for AM.

AM is much smoother from my experiences so far. Less recon and less irritated on AM versus Emperor.



Hey bro!

Can you give me some more insights on Ascended Mogul v Emperor

A lot of insights have been mentioned by Michel in this thread.

I will provide mine.

With Emperor

  • Productivity boost, grinding mode
  • Getting irritated when nagged. (Been like this before subs)
  • Not liking time wasting, preferring work efficiency and effectiveness.
  • No desire to look at porn. (Asc. Mogul has this effect I’ve heard too)
  • Not much desiring in dating but then again I work from home online.
  • Being comfortable with myself, strengths, habits, quirks, weaknesses.


I went with the lighter script of Ascended Mogul and dropped Emperor recently. Running EmperorQV2 at two loops in my stack was too much. Rather not risk getting angry in my teaching work.

Feeling more at ease with AM along with less listening days. Still productive but not as much compared to Emperor.


I listened to Ascended Mogul for 5 weeks total. Since I’ve stopped listening I’ve noticed some major changes.

  1. I actually like/enjoy working and being at work.
    That’s probably the biggest thing for me because I’ve disliked working since I was in highschool, I’m 33 now. That’s definitely an identity level change.

  2. I’m not afraid to stand up for myself or any of my fellow coworkers.
    Another big change. I’m usually that easy going guy that just goes with the flow. Lately though I’ve had a good attitude but I don’t mess around if someone isn’t getting treated right or someone is disrespectful to me. I got nominated for a union officer position because of this.

  3. My productivity increased.
    I’ve always been productive doing something I want to do like a personal project, because of that I’ve put projects at my job on the back burner. I’ve since changed this, I figured out how to manage my time to get work done on time and finish personal projects.

I’m sure other changes happened but the three here are the most pronounced. Especially the first one, I’m still surprised by that. I honestly never thought I would enjoy working.