Are you mentally weak? Take the challenge and find out

Came across this video a few hours ago:

So the question you must ask yourself and answer:
Will you brush off this post, this video and go about your day?
Will you start, get a little over halfway there, and then quit?
Will you lie and say you did 500 in this thread?

Or will you actually do the 500 push ups in a day?

Currently finished number 400, only 100 left. If I can do it, so can you.


I saw this last night while going to sleep. I’m writing this to hold myself accountable: I’m doing all 500 push ups today, soon as I get to my hotel room. I’ll post here when finished.

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Oh yeah I did this back in the days.

It’s honestly super simple to achieve that in one day. Like REALLY easy. It’s all in the mind.

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Yes it was much easier than I thought. Still a bitch, but it’s definitely all mental.

Respect, I’ll see you at the finish line.

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Running off 3 hours sleep, I only did 73 :face_with_head_bandage: my body refuses to give me anymore


So when will you be trying again?

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Simple? Yes.
Easy? Depends on one’s training and current body situation.

For someone who can do 25+ reps in a single set, it’s a physically doable mental challenge.
Those of us who can’t do 5 in a set, 500 in a day is an impossible feat.


Kudos for attempting. :clap:t2:

Don’t injure yourself by attempting something your body hasn’t trained for.

Do 500 Wall Pushups, and you will understand the Boredom Conquering Challenge that this is.


Try and grasp the mentality behind this exercise. It is not limited to fitness, pushups, or 500 reps.

There are several useful principles. From “doing the doable, but boring things, that can make a difference” to “choosing one challenge every day, so every night you can go to bed feeling victorious.”


Personally, I’m considering “300 Reps Everyday for 30 Days” – with a menu of exercises. I think it’s a Stark thing to take on experimental challenges.



Super Easy to run, If I can do 200 pushups every morning running 500 before the day runs off it an easy feat.

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I love how you’re on my ass about this :laughing: ; I do a push pull split every day, so I’m going to substitute push ups for one of my push days; it’ll be soon, so I won’t let this thread die. I added Spartan to my stack, which I plan to run for a long time; I’m really looking forward to this challenge. :muscle:t4:

@Simon You have a point, honestly I’m not sure if my body can handle 500 push ups because I’ve never gone that high of a rep range before, I’ve only lifted weights, though I believe I can do it. In all honesty, my body was fatigued yesterday and I tried to at least make it to 100 reps, but it refused to give me any more reps, no matter how much mind power I gave it :rofl:


These were your words my friend.

I’m just doing what JaySolo of September 19 would have wanted me to do :slight_smile: