Are Subliminals Powerful Enough to Create Physical Changes?


So I have seen a few “grow taller” subliminals/hypnosis tracks; is that even within the realm of possibility?

If so, it would be a shut up and take my money kind of situation :grinning: :wink:


Depends on your circumstances… some testers of ours reported physical changes, and I noticed them by myself too.

These were mostly facial structure changes - sharper jawline, better defined cheekbones. Body composition remained the same for most of the testers.

As for physical height, it would depend on your age, if you can grow more, your plates, how well you respond to the subliminal, your diet, etc.

But yes, it is possible but dependent and slower to manifest than internal changes or basic manifestation.

It won’t cause you to become a model in 2 days - it is not a magick bullet; though it will slowly morph you and guide your body to change if the circumstances are right.

We have plans for a fully physical subliminal that will include this.

Changing Physical appearance

@Fire Which subs brought about the facial changes ?


Personally, I’ve noticed facial changes on Ascension, Emperor and a custom sub.

All three have a few subtle goodies targeting physical changes, without overpowering the main goals. Of course, the changes depend on the person and the subliminal.


Ok so I am well aware of growth plates and have a good sense for how height works, I am mainly asking for people who have closed plates.

I assume that most of your customer base is already past the point of their plates fusing (at least the ones affecting vertical height), so what would be the point in including it? Or I guess you would emphasize that the height portion would only be effective for people who are still growing? I also understand that a lot of this is experimental, and in uncharted waters, I am just really curious about the possibilities of the technology.

Also, the stuff about the facial structural changes is super cool. Do you think it is an actual change in physical structure, or a result of the sub changing your self-image?


Is is possible to have the “face changing effects” in a future seduction subliminal such as primal ?


Or in SS2!


The subconscious is a wonderful thing. Everything is possible, the question is how.

Trust in your subconscious, and it will find a way. Perhaps your growth plates are fused, but your body language is horrible, taking away your height. Just one example, and that is just one of the thousands of possibilities.

I believe actual change. You can touch it and feel it being just slightly… different.

It will be very lightly touched upon, since it is in the basis structure, but no, it won’t be that noticeable.

For Primal, I want to cause intense inner changes, and facial structure isn’t important for that goal.

You will be able to get it in the physical sub that we will release, and possibly the standalone module if there is enough demand.


I agree. I have seen this again and again and it shattered my reality: Your inner reality has a much more powerful effect on women than how “cute” or attractive your face may be.


Not only do i believe that you can grow taller but i have seen results of people change facial structures from eye shape to lip structure the possibilties are endless