Are ghosts real?


@DarkPhilosopher what do you think about that?


I bought my house almost 15 years ago and about two years later I started to see at night, what looked like two children chasing each other around the house playfully. I never saw them right in front of me, they were just barely within my peripheral vision. I never said anything but six months later, my then wife, who had said for years that she could see spirts, told me “You know we have the ghosts of two children here.” Sometimes I hear them laughing also, faintly. There are months when I don’t notice them and then out of nowhere they reappear. The last time they returned, about two months ago, from their longest hiatus, I addressed them for the first time and said “You can stay as long as you want. I don’t mind. Just don’t bother my son.”

I’m not ready to proclaim that I see ghosts, but it’s an odd thing to see and hear for roughly 13 years, especially when someone else reported it before I even mentioned it.


Is it possible that ST4 has opened up tbe third eye ?


What are you asking me? My theory on ghosts or if ST4 can have some sort of crazy effect?

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Both, how you would interpret this all.

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I think it you jump to ST4 too soon, it may be quite overwhelming, which may lead to some weirdness as your subconscious is attempting to discover where all these instructions and beliefs belong without having a proper frame of reference. If it can’t place them, it stresses and you can manifest weirdness and what they call cognitive dissonance, which manifests as confusion and suggestibility.

As for ghosts, I don’t think I’ve ever met any. I’ve had times when I got creeped out enough by the feeling there was something there that I slept with the lights on. But then again, I wasn’t able to sleep for days after the Doctor Who episode about what lives beneath the bed. That was one of the most creepy episodes ever to me. Every time I went to bed for over a week, I jumped on top of it from a safe distance.

Those times when I felt like there might be something there, I sent thoughts out explaining that if it was possible for it to show itself without scaring me, to do so. If not, please go. That and the constant affirmations that only good and positive energies may exist in my house every time I leave have kept my house quite a warm place.

If we take a peek at the people that have studied the things causing such a conflict in the Alchemist thread, they believe that our etheric/energetic bodies only exist in the material plane for as long as they are connected to our physical body. When the body dies, the energetic body starts losing its grip on the physical world and they might have enough battery power to stick around for about two weeks (which is why some belief systems cover mirrors and believe that the recently deceased will come by to say goodbye). After those two weeks, the battery runs out, the spirit lets go of the physical plane and moves on to the astral plane, where the process repeats itself. In the astral, they let go of emotional attachment before moving on to the mental plane. And so on across ever more abstract planes of existence until they are able to completely let go of everything and be at peace, wherever that may be or whatever they may become.

Is there a way for a spirit to stay in the physical plane indefinitely? No idea. If the above theory is to be believed, that can only happen if they get their energy from somewhere else. Or someone else. Which would explain why people are often urged to let go of their deceased loved ones so they may be allowed to move on.

PS As for third eye opening, that would be the domain of Alchemist. The base program likely.


Hahah upppps… Seems like my subconscious is manifesting something … lol

This is actually a really good answer. Quite frankly, I did not think about that.


What about dreaming about ghosts?

After finishing my exam, my fear of ghosts vanished as quickly as it came. No more am I afraid to look into the other room or walk by it at night. No more do I feel watched when I want to go back.

However, today (12 days after my exam) I was dreaming about two/three ghosts.

Dream Journal Entry
My old Drama Teacher and I were both sitting at a table. I was telling her about my life after highschool when an old lady / a nun walked in my view and headed towards my teacher. The figure was looking disgusting, wrinkled and miserable… image
(This is the closed I found in a quick search).
I never have seen such a terrific body. She had something that looked like a pregnancy belly BUT not on her stomach side but on her BACK.
She sat down on the lap of my teacher, and my teacher began to press the belly. Things were flushing out on my teacher’s lap…

OKAY, I stop here, I think you can picture it…

Anyway, I was not looking away in my dream as I was telling myself that as a future doctor I need to be able to watch such scenes.

The nun sat down at the table and turned into a ghost (or I figured out that she must be a ghost idk). I was asking my teacher what do I need to be aware of? And she told me I should never ever touch a ghost, especially not with my little finger. At the moment, the ghost stretches his arm out and tries to touch me. I can dodge in the last second. The ghost begins to chase me around the table. First, we just start to walk, then we run… faster and faster. After a while, I am super exhausted and feel like I won’t be able to run any longer. I beg my teacher to do something, help me. She can’t and shouts that I can’t stop running. I try to influence the ghost. “Stop it! Leave me alone”. No reaction. “Why me?”… I get to know that a ghost needs to touch somebody to stay alive. It is like a wedding. The ghost needs to touch somebody with their small finger to marry him, to stay by him and to stay alive. In my dream, I can remember that I meet another ghost the other day (in an older dream) who wants to marry too. I tell her about it, and she stops… And begins to be super excited about it. I just need to tell her name of the ghost.
I forgot it but my grandpa still knows it. I asked him quietly so the ghost would not hear it. However, I could not understand him so we planned to meet outside in one minute. I told the ghost while my grandpa was going outside. Suddenly, the ghost was in a panic telling that he was sensing that my grandpa was lying on the floor. I looked through the window but could not see anything as it was black outside. I opened the door and there he was… dying on the floor. He tried to stutter the name of the ghost who killed him. It was something like “Baron”…

He died and with him the name of the ghost who wanted to marry… And now I was in danger again



You just HAD to put the images in my head, dd ya? :slight_smile:

Now there’s no accounting for taste, but I’m assuming you meant horrific here…

I doubt I’m qualified enough at dream interpretation to be of much help. So maybe the following helps, maybe it is not applicable at all to you. Feel free to do with it as you will. And if you really want an answer, find someone that is better at these interpretations.

So going completely on intuition here...

Usually it not so much about the thing itself (a ghost in this case) but about what they represent. In your dream, you are experiencing a loss of control. Not only will you lose if you get touched, but a ghost by its nature can not be killed/stopped. Add your grandfather who is dying before passing on his wisdom, another thing you have zero control over.

It reminds me a bit of the serenity prayer (intentionally taking out the religious aspect here):

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can
and the wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time,
enjoying one moment at a time.
Taking this world as it is,
not as I would have it.

One of the biggest lessons we all need to learn is to know when something is beyond your control and stop fighting it. Instead we learn how to adapt ourselves to work with it or around it in order to get where we want to be.

Is there anything in your life over which you are trying to get control when part of you knows that would be impossible?


Seems like now we know what my subconscious understands under high-quality woman :wink: hahah

It’s freaky how accurate you are. I had this one big exam I worked one and a half months for, which seemed impossible to pass in the beginning. However, for a Khan nothing is impossible and I tried my shot working 10 hours a day every day. Now I got my exam results…
It seems like I would need just one more question to pass the exam…

However, the result (if I pass or not) depends on how well other people wrote the test; so I still have a slight chance if I get extremely fucking lucky. For now, I have to wait till 6.9 and 26.9 to get my end results…
So yeah this is exactly what is bothering me right now.

Since Khan, I dream very vividly but I don’t have the skill to interpret them well yet. For the beginning, it would help to have a professional dream interpretation. Do you have any experience with that or can even recommend me something? :wink:


I have so rarely remembered dreams that it would do little for me. So I wouldn’t know what to recommend. So far I’ve been accurate 3/3 times by going on intuition, which is a rather new experience for me. Intuition, that is.

You’re keeping a dream journal, so you must already be analyzing for recurring symbolism and themes. Which is pretty much what I do. Once you find the commonalities, you can look those up on multiple sites and figure out which interpretation fits you best.

Remember the advice I gave before, don’t take everything literal. Often it’s about what something represents, not what it actually is. That’s your subconscious playing charades, trying to send a message in a way that you can comprehend.

Since there’s nothing to do but wait and given what you’re studying for, this one is strangely appropriate:

Of course you can always keep posting on the forum and me or somebody else may have a good interpretation for you.


Thank you @DarkPhilosopher


@friday, Khan is growing you up.

You’re very young, so it’s understandable that studies have been the most terrifying thing in your life till now.

And with this new exam, the essay, and (I’m presuming here) possibly going away from home to a college far far away…

It’s like you can no longer continue to be a kid, who thinks he can run back to his family or teachers for help. Even for your studies.

You’re entering the domain where no one controls outcomes. People do their best, and sometimes they succeed, sometimes they’re disappointed.

The Conqueror shall face his Demons, and build a solid Spine. :open_mouth:

No pro here either. Just another intuitive. :sweat_smile:

Becoming the KHAN

Haha that ep creeped me out…the arm reaching out to grab his ankle…No thanks!


That was not even the scariest part. The part where they are under the bed, and some THING sits on top of it, and then they have to look out the window while the thing is behind them and they can not under any circumstance look back or it will kill them, that’s the scary part.

But yeah, the ankle grabbing is why I jumped on top of my bed from a distance. :slight_smile:


Forgot about that part. I would say I need to watch it again, but I’ll skip it for now :slight_smile:


Long story short: yeah. I have astral projected many times and I have even been able to get my arms outside of my body while meditating. I saw a ghostly haze from my own arms.

read this book:


Depends on your definiation of ‘ghosts’.

Demons are real. It’s how magicians use black magic. As for nightmares that scare you, these are caused by satanic demons, or otherwise none as ‘devils’. Pay them no mind.


Just what is this astral projection stuff?