Are auras permanent?


I noticed that ascension and many other subs contain auras…
Are these permanent with long exposure?like 1year of running the sub?


I believe it’s like building muscle. Are muscle gains permanent? Not if one stops working out /eating right for a prolong period of time.

But once they get back to work, the gains that they got previously come back pretty quick.

If you’re eating like crap and constantly having bad thoughts, your aura will be affected. In that sense I dont think it’s permanent.

Just my thoughts.


I think that before asking ‘Are Auras Permanent’, we first need to ask another question: ‘What are Auras?’

So, I’ll ping-pong that one back to you first.

What are auras? (Where do they come from? How do they function?)


The aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds the body. On an energetic level, auras are said to correspond with our chakras and our overall state of consciousness. Each aura is made up of seven layers correlating to different aspects of your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health


In that case, what we’re really asking is, 'Are changes to our overall state of consciousness permanent?".


“Are changes to our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health permanent?”

I feel that this actually clarifies it a bit for me.

What’s your opinion?


To a certain extent yes…but you need to be at it…like @Sirchiropractixalot said about eating healthy…
If u encounter a trauma or negative experience then yes the aura maybe disrupted…?I think…I’m not sure…
What do you say


An aura is a constantly in flux external expression of your internal state. It changes size, color and shape all the time depending on (channeling my inner Hermit) the state of you conscious being and your vibrational level. As well as your physical health (those energy healers can sense the field to know exactly where the root of ailments are, and the really experienced ones can even see where it is murky or hazy). You see that best with the superchargers, where you temporarily shift your state and aura towards a certain goal.

So I would say that as long as you are congruent and are able to internalize the changes the subs are helping you create in your life, your aura will reflect it. It may not always be as strong as during and after running a sub, but that’s mostly because the sub puts extra focus on it at the time.

If I’m right, it would for example be perfectly possible to internalize Sir’s dream sub and become the ultimate effortless seducer with an aura that just seems to pull potential partners in. But even then, if you caught a cold or are having a bad day, the aura would be far less effective as compared to when you’re back “in the zone.”

Hmm… how about an aura supercharger on Ultima? Sounds like fun.


If I read correctly…you basically develop the aura from the sub then you need to maintain it…


The aura is an effect. You maintain what causes it. You can (to a degree) affect the size of it, how far it reaches, through meditation and visualization (and probably some other things). But maintaining it is more inner work. The aura then follows.

Of course, I could be completely wrong.

It would explain how some can claim to have “polymorphic” or multiple auras to suit whatever purpose you need. Effectively, as soon as you shift your mind to the purpose (ie business dealings, seduction, sports, sex), the aura shifts as well. The more trained your mind is in shifting its state, the faster the aura shifts with it.


@pacman yes i believe the aura or how darkie puts it the external expression of your internal self can be effected by your mood. I have had first hand experience of this where I was down in the dumps and people around me felt it. On the other side of the spectrum when I am calm and centered people pickup on it.


Yes, I agree with @Sirchiropractixalot also.

Seems to me that there are at least two parts to Aura projection.

One part is your underlying condition. Your various levels of vitality and your various characteristics.

The other part is your ‘Openness’.

I think of a room with a bright lamp shining inside. The lamp and its brightness represent vitality, energy, health, etc.

But the doors and the windows of the room may be opened or closed. The shades on the windows may be black, or translucent or transparent.

The point is that whether by choice (for example, the ‘nonleaking’ practices of brahmacharya) or by nature (for example, a restrained, repressed personality) a person’s energy may or may not radiate and shine out as much.

I suspect that in addition to shaping the brightness of one’s light, the aura subliminals also influence one’s openness or willingness to let it shine.


So, a concise way to define ‘aura’ might be: ‘the radiant aspect of consciousness’.




I’d also heard from energy healers that the intensity of the aura is a better indication of health than how far it reaches. Not sure if it’s 100% true, but something to think about.


This is quiet true, an advanced magickal practitioner is able to expand or decrease the size of it’s Aura, either to become massively visible and attract attention or to even become invisible to where people don’t notice him or her.

The amount of etheric energy of each person confines the intensity or strength of the Aura. The size is only a matter of adapting awareness to a situation.


Not being a walking red flag is probably more permanent