Anyone here tried the Hemi-Sync guided meditations from the Monroe Institute?

What were your experiences?

Any important takeaways?

Ive tried the gateway experience from them. It works really well and the brainwave technology definitely managed to get me really deep. That said there is one thing that greatly annoyed me. The hypnotist has a tendency to stop talking and let you “explore” certain trance states for yourself. This usually leaves me with a lot of confusion and takes me out of the trance since im just not sure what im supposed to be doing. I can see that this type of approach will work great for some people but for me it made some of the files very tough to get through as i kept getting annoyed and taken out of trance. Despite this small gripe i have with the program, it works great and definitely does with its supposed to, it makes astral projecting and other out of body experiences a piece of cake.

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wow man, so far I’ve not had any OBEs

do u have some advice?

did u go thru all steps without skipping anything?

did u repeat sections to go deeper and stuff b4 moving forward?

I usually repeat sections untill i feel ive gotten everything out of it. 90% of the time this seems to be just ones though.
In my experience thus far, OBEs themselves are really easy, its just going deep enough to be able to get them can be a challenge. All i can say is, dont stress about it and let it happen, the rest should be happening almost by themselves. Also there are different degrees of APs, sometimes it feels imagined, but that doesnt mean it didnt work. Always just assume it worked and pretty soon youll have the intense experience you expected.


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I think the admins and mods know the difference between subliminals and guided meditations and how one product cannot and does not replace the other

I understand but it has had its problems. Not with guided meditations exactly but with even other non-subliminal products.

Don’t worry, am not policing the thread or anything. Just passing on my experience from before where different products were discussed but eventually were discouraged.

Maybe this topic is fine. @RVconsultant please advice

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No one can stop you doing guided meditation. The thing is we don’t know how any meditation product might impact the subliminals.

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I have tried them on and off. I have never been able to astral projection with a guided meditation. I have used the product @TheDerpinator is talking about but did not have the same level of success. I still use Hemi-Sync tapes but mainly for relaxation when I am having trouble sleeping. My personal favorite track is Beyond Worlds, it’s the most relaxing one I have listened to.

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In which wave is Beyond worlds, I can’t find it

I don’t see a reason to think guided meditations(GM) might interfere with subs…

GMs are simply when there is some music/beats and a guy guides you with a loud voice to do and feel things.

There are no stimuli that are below the threshold of consciousness.

@Elme had said in his SM journal that meditation did get him results faster.

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In the beginning I remember other self-help, including hypnosis or guided meditation being encouraged. What changed?

On topic: I use Hemi-Sync and love them over all other producers. I think it comes down to their attitude towards products. Like SubClub, they do research and testing, rather than just slap binaural audio over some words and call it a day.

What were your experiences?

Any important takeaways?

Any suggestions? other than relaxation I haven’t gotten anything else from them

I don’t know. I think the general idea has been to only run SC without other modalities.

I should have clarified. Beyond Worlds is a stand alone meditation track. It isn’t guided it’s just music with binaural beats.

I haven’t run Hemi Sync but I do own all the levels of Holosync. I stopped running it when it the instructions advised about running binaural beats. I may continue running Holosync in the future because the their concept of a Stress Threshold fits right in not only with my goals but also how I see mental and emotional maturity

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I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Harris at a conference, just a few months before he passed away. Fascinating man and work!

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I used their sleep program. When I had insomnia, only that worked, no other audios, and I didn’t want medicine. I also used Gateway Experience, it was a great exploration of consciousness. And Shaman’s Heart is the best meditation audio ever. It has consistently brought me to deep levels of meditation, again like no other audio. Although it isn’t for everyone.

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is this available on YT?

Can you please share more about the meditation aspect of Shamans Heart? I’ve considered it but haven’t seen enough reviews to know if it’s worth a purchase.