Anyone has their custom built with 4 cores?

im curios cause im considering running 4 cores in a custom so i wanna see if theres a journal or a custom that has 4 cores :smiley:

considering adding limitless to my Stark+Rm+Ua combo :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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i did 3 before(HOM Wanted renissance) . idk 4 might be a bit dense . not sure how it makes a diff

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I’m sure there’s some others as well.

You might want to consider Mind’s eye to that, core or standalone.

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Strongly recommend against it. It’s too much content

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BILLionaire V3 has all 4 EoG cores

I think all st4 is a bit too much, since density plays a role

Of course if i was talking khan+ and emperor and stark with dragon reborn that would tear me apart

I read rm and ua and limitless arent as dense as ST4

I have 4 cores in mine. StarkQ, Mogul, Quantum Limitless St4, and R.I.C.H. Ultima Core. Recon was strong for the first two weeks, after that it’s been smooth sailing.


I would rethink the process. Maybe you can have only three cores and supplement with a lighter schedule with something that compliments the one you leave out. I currently redid one of my customs to have one major core that is dense and two lesser dense. That made a big difference.

why QL ST4 instead of limitless?

i usually run 3 loops everyday Stark Rm and LDU 1 loop each

in the next months ill try increese more loops of stark maybe (cause its the densist out of all of them) if i can handel it with mild recon ill want to run 4 cores in my custom

tbh 4 cores isnt really a concern, this is just my first custom with max 10 modules mauybe or 9 :joy:

i wanna run another custom based on paragon and A/SP organs and physical changes moduels (health custom) max 11 modules or 10

i wanna run both customs but it seeeems waayyyyyyyy to dense hahahha

and i wanna alsu run LDU on the side

so 1 loop of each custom and 1 loop of ldu, that would be my combo

but i think that is too much

ill have to think a lot about it :joy:

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what is that?

thats an awesome idea! i thought also of buying QL instead of including limitless in my custom and getting stuck with it

but i really like the idea of limitless in my custom

but thanks for the idea!

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My custom ;). it’s in in my journal

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will check it out! thanks

I had already used Limitless for a couple months and was happy with the results. I chose QL St4 because the sales page says it contains the entire program and can be used as a standalone product.

I do think the name embbeding makes a difference with softening the recon. I was doing fine with the StarkQ Custom and my 3 core Ultima. I didn’t start getting heavy recon until I added in Emperor - HoM. I ordered a second custom with 10 modules total, with HoM, EOG, and R.I.C.H. Crypto as the cores. I’ll slowly ease into that one. If it ends up being too much I’ll stick with the StarkQ Custom as my main for the time being.

intersting! im gonna think about swapping limitless with QLST4 :thinking:

i dont see how can name embbeding make a difference? i mean i read it makes sub more soft on you

but how? like why does that happen? its weird

I’m in the same boat as you, I don’t understand it either. Maybe @RVconsultant or @DarkPhilosopher can provide some input into that. Might me a good question to suggest for a new support article.

but ive heared one of my tutors was talking about affirimitons and he said that affirmitons work really better when you say your name before them, so it makes sense with the name embedding thing

so you were running 2 customs and you were fine? with the starkQ custom that has 4 cores right?

cause the 2 customs i wanna create its really a lifetime custom you know? it has everything i need in life,

i dont really care about small minor stuff. i focus on the major things and the minor stuff will manfiest with it too!

It could be that, I don’t know what the affirmations are or if they are in first, second, third person, or all three. I’ve seen stuff on YouTube with people saying they use third person in their subliminals and it makes them more effective.

Using all three might work because each person responds differently.

I Jon am an entrepreneur.
Jon you are an entrepreneur.
Jon is an entrepreneur.

Of course, this is all speculation because I have no idea how they do it.

Yes with just the two customs I was doing great.

I get it, that is my goal with the StarkQ Custom I plan to use it for a long time. I bought a second one because circumstances changed and my goals shifted slightly. I still want the long term benefits from the Stark custom so I will continue to listen to it along with the new one.

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thats great 2 hear!

cause i just wanna add that QLST4 or limitless Core to my custom i want that 4 core custom sauce :sunglasses: glad someone is running 4 cores with 15 modules and running another custom and hes doing great!

i know everyone is diffrent but i thought its way tooo much to run

how many modules is in your other custom? the 2nd one youre running with the stark custom

also what is your listening schedule im curios?

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