Anyone feel terrible on rest days?

Usually after 5 days of listening it’s the six day where I get hit hit the hardest when I’m taking a rest day. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s like just waking up in the morning feeling insanely depressed/overwhelmed. Everything feels 1000x harder and I just want to lay down and binge a tv show. But even that doesn’t feel good. So I’m caught in between not being able to relax and not being able to focus either. It gets better on my second rest day but this is a constant cycle for me.

I’m wondering if I should just cut back to 1 loop per day of my custom. It kind of seems like when I hit processing mode on my first rest day if knocks me on my ass.


Do you take 2 rest days? It could be that on the first one there is way too much on the backlog, so the good stuff only happens the next day. Which could indeed be an indicator you should cut back on the loops.

Yeah 2 rest days. Usually I’m a bit better on the second day but I’m still kind of feeling issues from it.

I’m really only listening to 2 loops a day so not much to cut back on. But I’ll go back to one a day and see what happens.

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Ive experienced something very similar to what you described, maybe not to such extreme. Mental fatigue, energetically drained, headaches and general lack of motivation on rest days.
Ive been listening 3 loops from monday to friday and resting on weekends.
This week I experimented with 1 loop a day and still experienced the same on the weekend, but a little lighter, next week Im gonna do 2 loops a day.

What Im thinking is changing to a 2x1 method, 2 days listening and 1 rest, maybe 5 days in a row of listening is to much input for me.


I notice the same thing on my first couple of weeks on a new sub. For me it goes away.

I think you now going from input to execution on the rest days…

I’m going to drop down to 1 loop. But I like your idea. I think I’m going to have to experiment more with my listening schedule as well.

Oddly enough if I don’t take rest days like I have in the past I feel better and more capable. But I think it’s like building up a big queue and when I finally hit my limit it’s an avalanche of stuff hitting me all at once.

Yes, something pretty similar used to happen to me on weekends. Not as intense like yours but feelings of sadness and frustration in my case, along with boredom. It goes away long enough into the sub.
Since it’s processing more the script it’s a bit normal for this to happen. Got better when I cut one loop.

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I did too, but for me that ended up exploding in a massive headache.
Both my customs are 20 module Terminus and packed with healing, so Im more and more inclined to the 2x1 schedule, in fact Im starting it tomorrow.

What helped me through those times was working with emotional healing techniques, but spending a bit chunk of my weekend doing changework is pretty tiring. Im changing the dose.

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For me I need my weekends to decompress from work. So hitting the weekend and being stuck processing emotions and basically being very lethargic was depressing me a lot.

My custom definitely isn’t as heavy. But yours seems a lot. I never even tested terminus because Q seemed more than enough for me.

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Seems like 2x1 would work for you too.

I’m catching a wee whiff of that right now.
I literally just noticed it. (Snuck in a loop of my healing subliminal on what is usually a complete rest day.)

It’s tricky to recognize because I actually have some legitimately challenging life transitions going on right now. So reconciliation seems to use those issues as camouflage and kind of sneak in.

But I noticed that my thoughts and mood were starting to generalize a bit too broadly past just those issues.

In the past year I didn’t experience much reconciliation at all. Now with Terminus I’m starting to. I notice that it tends to hit a bit more around Friday or Saturday. So that fits with the 5-6 days cycle.

I seem to remember that you already did this or were thinking about doing it, but I’m kind of late and am only just now getting on the Sanguine train. It is helping. I’m insisting on running a heavyish stack, so I’m not complaining. But Sanguine helps.

Are you focusing on the one custom? What does your current stack look like? What tends to help you the most with reconciliation?

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Hmm rest days are like a relief for me. No timing my listens around meetings where it’d be less than ideal to have my hoodie & headphones on. Or just a day without something foreign in/around my ear (I have sensitive skin so I wouldn’t normally wear them so often).

Occasionally when I wasn’t in a set groove I would end up having a rest day just to not choose one of many.

I’ve historically had a lot of reconciliation on rest days.
I have found running a terminus or an Ultima title right before bed on the night before seems to resolve this.

I’ll likely be resting every 4 day rather than two days off moving forward, using this strategy the night of the third day.

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Reconciliation on rest days is common. Your brain goes from input mode to pure execution, which can cause some issues. On the flipside, some people feel AMAZING on rest days. That seems to be my pattern, though the second day can result in some serious reconciliation.


Yup Sanguine Ultima. I’m probably going to listen once a week. Ultima titles are really dense for me.

Right now I’m rotating my customs. So one week I’ve got my more dense all around custom and another week I have the super focused music production one with Asc Mogul in it. Don’t want to make this post excessively long, but first page of my journal has my stack for the more dense custom.

The only thing that seems to help with really heavy reconciliation days is rest and relaxation, basically taking it easy because my brain feels like it’s on fire or an angry hornets nest. My whole nervous system just feels too activated. The problem is I don’t want to rest, I want to do stuff. Work on music, get stuff done around the house, hang out with friends. So it’s like a tug of war of not being able to relax fully but doing other things can be incredibly draining as well. I think I’m so reluctant to relax too because I want to make the most of my weekend before going back to work. So there’s definitely some anxiety mixed in there with having to go back to my job. It’s been rough.

I can’t say I’ve ever felt amazing on rest days. I took a whole week off once too and thought it would bloom but no such luck. I recognize everyone’s different. I’m really just trying to find what works best for me. In the past my insecurities got the best of me and I’d push for more than I could handle. I might just be of a certain subset of people who can’t handle as much.

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I feel a bit envious of you guys. For me the only difference rest days make is that like mnemosyne it’s mostly a time when I don’t have to figure out how to listen.

Looking back on it, seems I typically have nothing to report on rest days. Usually I don’t feel anything after just one or two rest days. The exception was my recent and final break from EQ before I started running my custom. Not sure if it’s because my subconscious felt motivated to “clear the queue” all of a sudden to make way for the content of my custom.

It may not be totally true that there’s so called nothing to report though as I still do seem to have processing going on during a rest day but the effects usually aren’t as noticeable as my on days.

That doesn’t sound too bad. I’d rather have that. Heavy reconciliation doesn’t always equal growth for me. Sometimes it actually delays it, like someone who works out too hard at the gym and the muscles never fully repair enough to progress. So I actually think it’s a benefit you don’t go through that. I think in a perfect world the goal should be as much growth as possible without pain. Smarter not harder.