Anxiety relief?


I’m curious what sub or combination of subs would be best for dealing with anxiety and fear?


I guess Emperor, Khan, Sanguine and Elixier would be optimal for that


There are so many.

I think a good solid stack would be:

Regeneration + Sanguine + Elixir.

Or even The Alchemist. Because when you feel one with the universe, more at ease and at home in the world, anxiety and fear melt away.


It seems you asked a similar question about 6 months ago @JCast

What progress have you had since then? Did you play subs for 6 months? And what results did you get?


I know from personal experience that emperor stacked with rebirth goes along way to ironing out anxiety issues people may have. At the time I was running

4 X Rebirth
6 x Emperor


@blackadder I will add Rebirth to my playlist. As of right now I am running Emperor V3 alone


@JCast letme know how this stack works for you. Rebirth for me worked wonders alongside emperor.


Here’s a funny audio about anxiety that I like.


@JCast` Just curious when you talk about anxiety and fear can you drill down to the specifics. Do you feel that you are not as good enough around certain groups of people ? Your boss ? your colleagues ? your friends ?. Do you struggle to standup or get your point across to certain types ?. If so what is running through your mind ?.


@blackadder I just posted a question as to what or the lack of causes probably 99% of my anxiety