Letting go and not worrying about everything


What would be the best stack or single subliminal to be able to relax , let go , and not give a flying fuck? I’m considering Sanguine, Regeneration , & Primal . I let shit get to me far to easily and I just want to let go and have fun no matter what I’m doing . Especially during my ride share job

Anxiety relief?

I would suggest focusing on a healing stack a idea perhaps would be

1 × Rebirth
1 x Limit Destroyer
2 x Regeneration

Keep in mind you must take action and confront your fears and let the stack do its magic.


Emperor x 4
Rebirth x 6

Blackadder had some good suggestions, but Regeneration could cause some shit to come up. Emperor is just, no holds barred, “I don’t give a fuckery.”