Mogul V2 and EOG question


If you’re someone who has always been limited in what you earn , don’t understand how other people afford certain things , and am always somehow sabotaging yourself financially as well as is your biggest source of stress, are Mogul V2 and EOG the best option of audios to run? I purchased Mogul but I am unable to afford EOG at this time so I am considering running Mogul for the next six months to a year

Anxiety relief?

Do you believe you deserve to have money?


@DarkPhilosopher Not really. I have always felt I am forever going to struggle and not have much


And now this is going to change forever. Congratulations for choosing a new life and a new you.


This will change all you feel and think about money .
I use Emperor just a month and I can feel the difference and my next step would also be EOG but before that I wanna run Emperor for another two months.

And mogul as far as I know is entirely focused on business and money as sales page says .


The reason I ask is your message made me think of those lottery winners that lose everything because deep down they don’t believe they deserved it. If you think that may be your case as well, it’ll take a bit longer to overcome it. You may have the advantage of having Mogul here since it will deal specifically with monetary wealth, so it will focus on overcoming such beliefs right from the start. Other programs do more and may take a bit longer to get there.


@DarkPhilosopher I get it. I’m actually in a similar situation mentally. I can be doing really well financially or have a great opportunity to get myself and my wife ahead and I somehow end up sabotaging it. I often feel cursed with how I can so easily sabotage a great situation or opportunity


You’ll love Mogul. I think your plan to run it for 6 months is awesome and life changing :slight_smile:


@AMASH Thank You


Honestly I don’t think I have ever been so driven or determined to stick with something as I am with running Mogul for the next six months. Self Improvement related that is.


Well, use that motivation to turn it into a habit!

A myth in the self-help community is that motivation should last. Motivation just gives you the initial spark, and you use that energy to make the behaviors that will get you to your goal habits. Then you do them whether you feel like it or not. Because human beings live in a state of constant automatic behavior.

Maybe that is fortunate, because we can program ourselves. Or maybe it is unfortunate, because we are not as creative without being forced to be.


I’d add to that:

Do you believe you can CREATE money @JCast?


I like what you’re doing @Michel :wink:


@Michel At this point no. I am starting from scratch or whatever you want to call doing daily labor jobs to keep my wife , myself, and our cat from being homeless and sleeping on the streets. I’m currently going through the hardest time I ever have financially. I am not expecting money to fall out of the sky or something similar.


One thing that actually helps is if when you do get money, no matter how much, to you it is completely expected and normal. Having money doesn’t come as a surprise, it’s not unusual. You have money, and you will have more of it. Period. It’s a good belief to have, and you can train it with some willpower.

Although as far as your subconscious programming is concerned, it helps if at least silently you confirm that you expect more like it. I’ve started doing that to traffic lights and I honestly think they are starting to go green more often when I approach. Manifestation is a curious thing.

Considering that even in your circumstances you feel the need to mention keeping your cat from being homeless, you have my admiration, James. I am looking forward to your journal.


Funny about traffic lights. Here over the past few months, I’ve been testing my intuition and/or precognition (Not sure which it really is) with lights.

If I’m coming up to a red light intersection where I can get to my destination either by turning with the left arrow go straight though, I try to “sense” which of the lights will be green first.

Hard to say for certain, but seems like I’m getting “hits” more and more.

When it works, I am silently “grateful” it worked…trying to reinforce whatever is happening in there. Maybe I can strengthen my intuition that way and let it eventually generalize into other contexts too.