Anime equivalent to subliminal archetype

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I would start with some obvious equivalent:


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Light Yagami from Death Note seem to fall in this archetype too.

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I’d say this, it’s much easier to personify anime characters (or any fictional character tbh) more accurately with customs, as they give you more freedom to add specific characteristics/traits that you might not be able to get through 3 subs in a stack alone.

even the character of lelouch, PCC isn’t enough, you need to be a mastermind, think each and every move you make, be more than 10 steps ahead of everyone, as well as be the type of an alpha that can be charismatic and cold-blooded.

how many subs do you think you’d need to achieve that?
just from that one small paragraph, you can tell that you’d need PCC + Mind’s eye + Limitless/QL + Emperor + Khan.


As @Invictus said, a stack would be easier to explain an anime character.

Guts (from Berserk) - Spartan + Survival Instinct

Griffith (from Berserk) - CHOSEN + PCC

Edward Elric (from Full Metal Alchemist) - Alchemist + Limitless

Spike (from Cowboy Bepop) - Limitless + Spartan

Naruto (from Naruto) - Alchemist + Spartan

Rock Lee (from Naruto) - Emperor Fitness + The Legacy

Kakashi (from Naruto) - Alchemist + Sage Immortal

Sasuke (from Naruto) - WANTED + Alchemist

Hinata (from Naruto)) - Alchemist + Love Bomb

Every waifu in anime and hentai - Seductress. And that includes grown up Hinata :ok_hand:



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Khan is

What would be the anime equivalent of Wanted Black? or Ascended Mogul?

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Trevor Belmont, Castlevania?

I want to be doraemon, what sub to use? Lol