Alpha Omega ZP^^^

Alright…just documenting that my plans are as follows (tentative beyond June 2022)


Emperor ZP
Commander ZP
Stark ZP

These programs are what make up my Alpha Omega ZP stack. I mentioned some time weeks ago that the combo of emperor and Stark ZP seem to help me develop in all the ways I want and in some ways that I needed to help get myself to the next level.

It took some trial and error but finally commander ZP is the sub that seemed to both enhance and perfectly balance both these subs out. With other subs it’s like I was just too much either angry or happy. This stack as I mentioned before gives me the perfect balance between power and happiness and the commander enhances the power and authority aspects of emperor internally and externally…while boosting the charisma and status aspects of Stark in the same way. Commander also grants me the gift of self mastery which is being expressed in everything that I do, say and think. I swear I’d stick to this stack alone the rest of the year if I didn’t have potentially more exciting plans on the horizon.

Being that I now have a few months of experience with ZP titles under my belt, and after a few days of experimentation I have a good gauge on how this stack effects me mentally and physically, I’ll be running the stack on an intuitive basis. I don’t plan to run it every single day, but when I do I’ll be using all three titles back-to-back as I get the best synergy outta the entire stack that way.

My sessions will be either:

light - 5 minutes per sub
Intermediate- 7 minutes per sub


Full - running all 3 titles for the full 15 minutes

I’m in no way encouraging anyone else (rookie or pro) to follow this listening pattern. I also plan to do washouts of varying timeframes every few weeks. I of course, take full responsibility and accountability for whatever may happen (good or bad) due to potential overexposure and in no way will hold subclub responsible for whatever happens from said potential overexposure. The results are mine alone to bear.

Next post will give a sneak peek into my plans for the rest of the year, but is contingent upon results I see with this stack, amongst other factors.


Next stack I plan will be strictly with mind’s eye ZP and ascension chamber to help boost my conscious and subconscious manifestation powers and abilities. Not sure if I plan to do one or two cycles of that but either way I consider it a warm up for…My “World Breaker” custom ZP subliminal (which is currently in the design phase).

I’m glad emperor ZP at least boosts one’s positive manifestation abilities and I’m starting to see it work it’s magic which is why I chose to leave ascension chamber out of my current stack.

Forgot to mention in my last post that the alpha omega ZP title came to mind, as basically I seek to be the alpha and omega, the all, basically the god and supreme creator and sustainer of my personal reality. This particular current stack may not get me there but I see it as a stepping stone.

Now as for my world breaker custom, the idea behind it is to create a tool that helps me develop, cultivate, boost and enhance my manifestation powers and abilities on the conscious, subconscious and superconscious levels. I’ve already chosen what modules and core will be in there but it’ll be a while before I actually order it. Gotta see if any mew modules drop, I have questions about how adding certain modules may effect the entire custom etc. something I won’t worry much about for the next few months however.

It’s the middle of the night and I’ve already been up for 4 hours planning this custom, and my subliminal usage for the rest of 2022 as well. I Thank the cognitive boosts from both emperor and Stark, and the executive functioning boost from commander for having me up so long in the middle of the night lol.



Either we are variants of each other, or we’re more in sync than girls during their period weeks :rofl:


Rofl…didn’t even see that you made that post 2 days ago lol. This is crazy but definitely no coincidence. @Billions is the third variant low key.

  • Although very subtle I’m starting to see the power building within myself when I look into my own eyes in the mirror.

  • Head manager kept calling my name when I came into work earlier like he was super excited to see me.

  • Large drop in female attention as far as I notice but the ones that are paying attention seem very focused on my presence. The one I have a playful connection with is getting much more obvious with her interest, and trying to set up a lunch date. I can admire the effort so I may go ahead and look into actually trying to get to know her more. Instead of just waving she wants hugs now, keeps watching me from afar while playing with her hair and when we’re close she keeps finding excuses to touch me. Wanna know what’s funny? Prior to ZP she payed me no attention lol. I think she’s attracted to strong men because she didn’t seem to show much interest before I started emperor ZP. Now with commander in the mix her signs of interest are becoming blatant and she doesn’t care who’s around when she shows these signs.

  • Deals dropping left and right and even matched my personal record for the most sales I’ve made in a day, head manager even screamed out that I was making deals like crazy to the entire sales floor today lol. Truth be told every day is different in sales so no matter how my day goes I never let it get to my head.

  • Had a 2nd occurrence where a coworker kept trying to look at my face when I spoke to see what I looked like, was guy this time.

Not sure how much I’ll be visiting the forum after today since over the next 8 days after this I have no days off (basically busy even with side hustles even on my official days off). Ive been keeping an offline journal though and pasting what I write in it, into forum posts. I’ll still be documenting results as much as I can. Pretty sure it’ll be along the same themes…money and attention lol.


How do you know this part? Did he say something?

His body language, when I turned to talk to my neighbor at work (guy I was sitting next to), the dude kept looking back every few seconds although I wasn’t addressing him. My dreadlocks often hang over the side of my face so it’s like he seemed to want to put a face to the voice. I also noticed when he turned around he would stare directly at me for several seconds and not even glance at the guy I was talking to. This happened 3 separate times within 2 hours. Not sure what he found so interesting


He was looking at Commander Emperor StarkQ, that’s who.


Lol all I have to say is prepare to attract weirdos if you’re ever gonna try this stack

  • Lately I’ve been feeling much more grounded and able to handle situations most would consider stressful with ease. This is starting to grant me insight on how easily others give away their power to situations and other ppl easily and without a 2nd thought.

  • Sometimes it feels like time slows down when I need to get things done the most.

  • My emotional detachment towards people, their emotions (including my own), outcomes, expectations and events is becoming stronger at a rapid rate. This is also causing me to become more blunt. I never had much of a problem saying what needed to be said but now it’s just really starting not to matter. I say what has to be stated, even if i know it could lead to me to an outcome I may not find pleasant. I feel like all 3 ZP’s are playing a part in this in their own way, like emperor’s way of increasing my sense of invincibility and inner strength, Stark inspired reality-bending confidence and commander increasing my internal status and ability to stick to decisions I make more often. Up until recently there were times that I may have temporarily hesitated for a couple seconds but now I just have a natural way of expressing myself with a “they either take it or leave it” mentality.

I literally couldn’t care less to how ppl respond to what I say, nor when or how I say it. It’s even showing up in the way I sell to ppl. In fact I sound a bit more natural on the phone instead of going out of my way to sound how I would think corporate executives would want me to. Even then, I’m still consistently selling at a high level. Maybe one day I’ll figure out why things work out better for me when I either stop giving a damn, or just never do in the first place.

What sort of situations?

Altercations, heavy workloads, tough conversations,etc.

I see. Thank you for elaborating.

  • When I first came into work today my Boss’ Boss called me over for a pre-shift meeting and let me know that we’re entering a busy season. He looked at everyone in the meeting (just a few from the department and stated he needed us to make sales heavily to help prove ourselves to our currently contracted clients). He said we’re veterans and top tier salesman so he’s relying on us. Wait…he looked at me and said I’m a veteran?..bruh I’ve only been with the company 4 months lmao. This has to be the second time I’ve been compared to sales Vets since I’ve been here. Last time was that incident where I got introduced to company VIP’s.

  • Female attraction is heating back up and getting much more intense, had an entire new group of female trainees come into the Sales floor and stare me down today. Every last one looked like they were “ready for action” including one I thought that I thought completely lost interest in me.

  • I think I’m accidentally making a female supervisor jealous. She seems to now wants to get closer to me physically, and watch me more now. Instead of me greeting her; and her saying nothing back (which happened twice in two weeks, and since then I’ve been ignoring her existence), now she speaks to me first and sometimes hovers around me for no reason randomly throughout the day. All because she sees I’ve been joking around more with a certain female from my training group. I find it pathetic and repulsive behavior honestly. Even today she stood up and watched me for like 5 minutes after I got through joking with said female for a bit. She was sitting near us both. Well…here we go again, just like my last job…I’m not gonna be able to even hold a conversation without women watching me.

  • Speaking of women watching closely. Ms. Playful came over to me while I was typing in my offline journal and wanted a hug, I already knew what was about to happen so I clicked on to my Home Screen, sure enough before she walked away she glanced at my phone lol. I’ve been through stuff like this with women too many times. She’s getting deeper into the “curiosity phase” which typically seems to happen right before infatuation. When I think about it, maybe she already is because I keep seeing her staring at me through my peripheral vision whether I’m standing or sitting.

  • Ran an errand this morning and saw a woman who kept staring from afar. It seems to get my attention she slowly and sensually removed her jacket (even though it’s cold outside) and staring in my direction like she was stripping for me. I was the only person in the direction she was looking. Saw the whole thing outta the corner of my eye. I ignored her since I was doing some business related research on my phone though. I’m strapped for time as it is this week so I don’t wanna be distracted, and I’m starting to realize just how deep my abundance mentality towards women has increased since I’ve been running this stack.

  • No lie I ran 5 minutes each of emperor, chosen and love bomb ZP in that order after reading about the results that @Irw SO has been having just for kicks. Initially I felt a surge in aggression but after meditation I calmed down, a lot. While at work I felt random positive bursts of energy coming from the core of my being and a female supervisor who I barely interact with made very deep and extended eye contact with me while holding a pre-shift meeting. She also kept hanging around my desk a lot more even after other agents came in.

  • Love bomb gives me a massive idgaf attitude. I simply enjoy the feeling of my own personal energy and I also notice that to most people at work today I’m practically invisible. Seems the ppl I’m surrounded by respond more to dominance, status and power than love and positivity. Oh well.

  • Emperor, chosen and love bomb is an extremely potent sales combo. Emperor helps attract the money, chosen and love bomb helps attract pleasant people WITH the money lol. Makes sales much more easy fun and pleasant.



  • The head manager screamed out to the whole sales floor when I got the most major deal of the day lol.

  • Apparently the type of attention I’m getting is changing, I still ended up having women stare, including yet another one that seemingly lost interest but I also caught a lot of guys staring too. One that sat in the cubicle next to mine was the weirdest all day though. While I was selling on a call idk what made me look back but there he was, just with a mesmerized look on his face. We held eye contact for 3 seconds and he looked away like nothing ever happened. Mind you he was leaning back in his chair, and had to in order to see into my cubicle. It’s like he was spying on me but also like he didn’t realize he was even staring at me.

  • Also…lol I’ve decided that I’m gonna take this stack for a spin for probably a week or two. I wanna test it for sales and manifestation purposes due to the fact that emperor is increasing my positive manifestation powers and abilities for sure and chosen and love bomb combined can help keep my vibration high , so manifestations could happen faster and in greater abundance. I also noticed that my intuition was heightened today, and earlier I telepathically communicated to that female supervisor I mentioned earlier to get away from my desk because her hovering over me so much, for so long was getting on my nerves…she literally walked away a second later.

  • Gonna take a 3 day washout in order to clear the way for this new stack and still give Stark and commander time to breath as well.


That level of attention from women gets weird for us married guys. Is fun though

I’m single and it’s still weird as hell lol. I swear I get more attention than even the best looking women in that office lol.

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Oh. Thought you were married. Not sure now who I’m thinking of haha

Were you married before?

Yes I was, I spoke about my ex wife here and there when I first came to SC so maybe you just thought I was married from back then.

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