AFTERMATH - What followed the New Shiny Grenade that was STKS

I was all set.

Three customs (one for health/fitness, one for wealth, one for writing/creativity) all well rounded, covering all important topics. All working as intended. I struggled with Shiny New Subs Syndrome for quite some time (it hampered my initial results back in 2019/20), but it’s gotten better over time.

Then, well, STKS happened.

In normal times every single one of RM:UWX, WB, KB, Genesis and the revamped DR:LD & LOTS would have been the prime sub of the stack.

I’m running KB (finishing St. 3 cycle tomorrow) with LOTS and DR:LD, I ran Genesis with KB St. 2.

These latest subs have been a quantum leap for me. Energy levels are much higher due to KB, they are waking up and animating a lot of dormant structures in my life (mostly social). It might well be, that the other subs feel so much stronger and the results so tangible, because they are “powered” by KB.

The two biggest surprises were Genesis and DR:LD. Genesis gave me a good bit of recon, but disolved a very unhealthy “play it safe” attitude (linked to the wealth ceiling), that happened very quickly and felt quite liberating. I’ll get back to it in time.
DR:LD feels weirdly light (I’ve been running DR:LD 5 min. on rest days for the last week with not the slightest bit of recon or overload) and like a catalyst helping the other subs to manifest results. (again, it might well be powered by KB)

I am contemplating, if a custom still makes sense. The results with these programs are by far the best I ever had. KB will stay in the stack.

Let’s see what the next New Shiny Grenade brings.


Wow, those subs have been game-changers for you! With KB powering up your energy and the amazing results from Genesis and DR:LD, it’s no wonder you’re considering if a custom is still necessary.

Instead of constantly changing, try sticking with the same ones for a while to maximize their benefits. Consistency is key for lasting change. Once you’ve fully experienced their effects, then consider moving on to the custom subliminal. Patience pays off!


A couple of thoughts. Sub hopping hasn’t been a poblem in 2022 and 2023 anymore. KB is set as one part of the stack and I will keep DR:LD on the side. The third slot will be the only changing now and then.

That being said, the new batch brings results incredibly quickly. After one cycle of Genesis “play it safe” is gone and the rather sober assessment about which subs to run (I normally love impuls shopping when it comes to self-improvement stuff) is also clearly set, with a lot more going on under the surface. DR:LD is hard to put into words but with 3 x 5 minutes it has dissolved an awful lot of blockages.

The mechanics for SC are just a bit different to other producers. You don’t have to listen to subs 24/7 to get any results, less is more. And while for many others you better never stop listening to their subs, if you still want results, my guess with SC is, that at a certain point you are more or less done with a specific sub and many (most?) results will stay.

It’s probably ZP. With Q and QV2 for me there always was a strong, fundamental blockage, similar to what I felt with other producers or with most hypnosis files. It’s IMO my very stubborn critical factor, VERY change averse, (I am very much a creature of habit and ritual) very good a letting only the tiniest, carefully filtered bits through.

As ZP highlights and works with what is already there, it seems to get around the CF in a way. But I suspect that also means, especially for healing subs, as soon as the sub worked through all the given aspects, results will slow down (what’s following is probably more pattern knitting for permanence than working on the “building blocks”) and it could be a good time to take on the next sub. (Not saying that I am there with any of the mentioned subs, far from it.)

It would be helpful if the scripts reflected that and encourage the listener to stay with a sub as long as some building blocks haven’t been worked on and to contemplate changing the sub once everything is through. (Especially true for healing sub, probably not necessary for “open ended” subs like KB.)


Perfect! It seems like you’ve found a system that works for you, and that’s awesome!

Sometimes, by trying out different subs or shifting our focus, we can uncover remarkable results that surpass what we initially expected. It’s all about finding what works best for you.As for SubClub , their unique mechanics indeed provide a fresh take on subliminal programming.

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That is the key. I love the idea of customs very much and at some point in the future I will try QTKS but these new, focussed programs seem to work best right now.

RM:UWX e. g. is so “complete” in a way, it’s conceptually similar to my old writer’s sub but with a lot more meat to it.

When programs with one’s name come to SubClub I will definitely upgrade.


Continuous development of body energy system whith Khan Black is fascination. Concentrating e. g. hands or feet I can warm them when they are cold. Sounds banal, but I couldn’t do that before.


Really tempted by HERO: Origins, but I will stay with Khan Black St. 4 and the health/lifting sub for now.
Started using the updated version yesterday:

  • Paragon Complete Core

  • Legacy of the Spartan Core

  • Beast Unleashed Core

  • The Aligner

  • Stonelike

  • Inexhaustible

  • Harmonic Singularity

  • SPS: Cardiovascular System

  • SPS: Endocrine System

  • Equilibrium

  • Fusion Optimized

  • Deep State

  • SPS: Lymphatic System

  • SPS: Integumentary System

  • Health Codex

  • Joie de Vivre

  • Plateau Transcendent

  • Mosaic

  • Naturalizer

  • Tyrant

Paragon Complete is new and it seems to click very well with LotS. Also new is SPS: Lymphatic System. It works as intended, pee frequency increased quite is bit. Plan is to get back in shape, so far it’s going great.

Maybe I’ll try HERO: Origins in a custom with RM:UWX down the line. Really interested to see how skill and physical aspects would work in a writer’s custom.

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Washout Day 3.

Not much to report. Still no recon with Khan Black Stage 4 or the new health & training sub even though I swapped it in on the last cycle day for the old health & training sub.

One observation about the Khan Black Stages:

It is my impression that the repairing of energy lines as well as refining, focussing them and building new ones (St. 1 & 2) works best when the system is at the same time flooded with energy. Probably because repairing & building takes some energy, but also feeling or better sensing new possible energy substructures you need a good amount of excess energy.

I won’t go back to St. 1-3.


That was all fascinating and I’m going to re-read it. But I don’t understand this last sentence. Could you elaborate?

(edit) I think I understand now. You mean name embedment in Major Programs, as opposed to just in customs?

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I think, name embedding is planned (or it least was some time ago) for programs in the main store.

The wording wasn’t good.

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Yes, exactly!

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This was mentioned a long time ago and it was said that it was 90% done, but from there nothing happened.


Last 10% are always the hardest.

And to keep it in perspective: Khan Black (and Genesis, which I only used one cycle) have an insane impact right now. I’m good, if name embedding is still some time off.

I used a similar version of the health/training sub but with KB4 I had to adjust with SPS: Lymphatic System, because fat loss and muscle gain accelerated quite a bit. (I’ve no crazy regiment, just 3 days rowing (1 hour), 1 day weight lifting (~1hour), 1 restday).


I think I slowly understand why ZP is working so exceptionally well for me in contrast to other producers.

When I work on a new concept or a story I normally start with a clear frame and clean metaphysics and rules how it all works. Starting with the big structures and putting in ever smaller bits and pieces, evaluating every new one (and re-evaluating every already installed bit with every addition) till I am done. The forming of opinions works in a similar fashion. They take quite a while, but when they are formed, they are normally well founded and differentiated. I think something similar is happening during the formation/change of believes, though the most basic parts have been set for decades of course.

The mentioned “tiniest filtered bits” are the small snippets of suggestions that do not contradict the whole already established picture, mostly filling in open, untreated corners of believe, while most of the central suggestions collide with (and shatter against) dozens of evaluated and re-evaluated blocks of believe.

ZP on the other hand sneaks right into my MO.

It is just re-evaluating single building blocks (under the microscope, with an applause track, from a fresh, excitingly new angle). With every re-evaluation the openness to shift, relocate, magnify and change the color and vibration of the block grows and everything is happening naturally and in the given personal context. And it feels just great.


Goodbye STKS and thanks for everything!

As there are a lot of changes coming businesswise in the coming months for us (renovation of an old building (with complex tax and financial state support situation), implementing KI, starting two new (online) venues and a couple of unorthodox business ideas).

Nouveau R.I.C.H. seems like a good idea. It is also time to finally tackle my perception problem of money, to push the business forward and to make all this a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Yesterday I ordered:

The Gentle Opening of an Oyster

I. Dragon Reborn: Limit Destroyer Core

II. Nouveau R.I.C.H. Core

III. Stillmind

IV. Free Pass

V. Virtue Series: Diligence

VI. Treasure Finder

VII. Organization Perfected

VIII. Tyrant

IX. AI Whisperer


XI. New Dawn

XII. Khronos Key

XIII. Pragya

XIV. Joie de Vivre

XV. Typing Mastery

XVI. The Spotlight

XVII. Reading Mastery

XVIII. Avatar

XIX. Trailblazer.

XX. Fortune’s Favorite

Let’s see how it goes.

Very early impression: Stillmind and Virtue Series: Diligence are present right away without taking much action. Both work exactly as advertised:

I have a very clear mind for decision making and boring, shitty tasks are done as they come in.

Joie de Vivre is just great to have customs working on unpleasant, difficult topics. A great result booster in its own terms.

Longterm I will probably use 3 customs (health/training, innovation/business, hypnotic writing) and stay with them.

With every new pack more and more must have modules fill up the 20 possible slots. With TGOoaO I only consider XVIII (Avatar) expendable and I (Dragon Reborn: Limit Destroyer), XI (New Dawn), XV (Typing Mastery) exchangeable once they have done their thing.

Health and Training is still a bit in flux, the custom for hypnotic writing is close to finish:

The Essence of Honey

I. WANTED Black Core
II. Renaissance Man: Ultimate Writer X Core
III. Entranced
IV. Temptation
V. Directly Influencing Aura
VI. Symphony of the Glyphs
VII. Voice Master
VIII. Song of Joy
IX. Dragon Tongue
X. Current Invoker
XI. Power Talk
XII. Eyes of Zenith
XIII. Aura of Craving
XIV. King’s Radiance
XV. Edge of Falling
XVI. Panther
XVII. Void of Creation
XVIII. Mosaic
XIX. Joie de Vivre
XX. Destiny Directive

Ultimate Hypnotist (or whatever it will be called) will be implemented if/when it is released. I tried to divide the custom into hypnosis and writing, but it doesn’t work. Presenting and reading the stories, probably in a podcast setting, is integral, so TEoH covers both.

Expendables are: XVI. (Panther), XVIII. (Mosaic) and XX. (Destiny Directive).

The one open question: Where to put Khan Black St. 4?

Put it into TGOoaO after DR:LD is “done” or keep it solo as the 1st sub on listening days with one of the three customs as the second one?

What do you want this to do for you, and how might Khan Black fit in there?

Khan Black (4), which I am running right now, has been the most powerful subliminal (and life?) booster I’ve ever ran. I have the very strong feeling, I should keep it in any stack in some way.

KB4 has been the fuel for longer and further social, subliminal and hypnotic exploration trips in the past couple of months.

To break it down: I want KB to continue power up all of the endeavours in the future as it does right now.

Integrated into a custom would it only fuel this custom it is in or would it still just give energy into the whole system?