Advice needed here

There is this girl I meet when she was 17 still in college, I started playing with her, teasing her and just liking her feminine energy as a woman. At a point I asked her to be my girlfriend.
On the long run this girl started liking me, calling me up to 10times a day from there she started writing love letters to me. She is caring, God fearing,cook well ,good in bed , neat.
I started loving and currently dating her but my problem now is-

•She is too slim that I don’t feel comfortable walking with her in public especially around my classmates
•My male friends always make fun of me and always ask me whether this the best I can go for?

I have told her about her body structure a lot of times (how I don’t like it) which made her cry a lot saying that she didn’t create herself.
This is the major cause of up to 7 breakups we did in the past but she keeps on coming back.
The worst part is that this insecurity about her shape keeps on coming back and today I brought up the issue again.Now I don’t know if I should break up with her because of her structure or work on it (which I don’t have money for )
Am confused :thinking:

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How old are you and her now?


The one thing I learned about male friends or men in general is if they are talking down to ur girl to you they aren’t real friends. If they are real friends they should respect ur decision to date whatever girl you want to. In my past there were girls I was kinda meh on and went to my friends to ask them for advice and when I showed them a pic of of her, they talked me out from pursuing the girl. They would find something wrong with her looks wise and once they said it I lost interest in the girl because I valued what they Thought. Now that I’m older and I like to think wiser in some aspects if I could go back in time I would have pursued those girls. I wouldn’t have cared what my friends thought. Some of those girls too were really quality feminine girls my loss. Another thing is guys get jealous. When they see u with a girl they will throw jabs trying to sabotage u and make u single again. You have to look out for that.


Am 24 and she is 20

Yes actually that’s true, She even told me how some these my classmates approach her behind my back.

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As In hitting on her?

Yep see there’s ur proof right there. Those same friends who ask you is that the best you can do ? Are the same friends who would get with her if she showed interest in them

This part confuses me. Is she an unhealthy weight?

Yes.I don’t know actually according to her.

Too slim actually.

According to whom?


her height and weight please

She actually taller than me a bit.
Let me estimate
Ht : 5.9ft
Wt: 50kg

Was she always this way?

Compared to girls here in Algeria.

Yes , she is before I taught she will change as she age but it’s not as I thought.

Was it a problem for you when you first met her?

To me and compared to her folks .

Is she happy with herself?

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The first time I meet her it’s wasn’t the sexual attraction that made me approach her.