Adding Dragon Reborn to the playlist


At first I thought I would run Dragon Reborn by itself. But now since I have been having great results with Emperor + PCC (for close to a month), will adding DR to EQ and PCC be too much?

What do you guys think?

PS: PCC is a comparatively lighter title FYI. But yeah, Emperor is dense.


Maybe I could do something like this:

Months 1 to 3: DR1 + EQ + PCC
Months 4 to 6: DR2 + EQ + PCC


I’m doing a similar thing but with Stark and Khan.

My playlist is 1x loop of DR and then x3 of Stark and x3 of Khan.

I just started it a yesterday.
But I’m removing StarkQ and replacing with StarkU.


@Brandon - Ah nice! Do you feel that your stack is too heavy? Or is it smooth for you?


Sorry for interrupting, guys, How are you doing on that stack (Khan+Stark)?


At first I thought I would run EQ + DR, because my goals aren’t of healing – the latter is just for support.

But now in 2 days, I’ve decided to give DR a few days by itself first. :blush:


@Voytek - my recommendation for running StarkQ and Khan is to run;

1st Month: Khan ST1
2nd Month: StarkQ
3rd Month: StarkQ + Khan ST2
4th Month: StarkQ + Khan ST3
5th Month: StarkQ + Khan ST4

But I do wonder about whether anything will clash in terms of personality differences between StarkQ and Khan. Maybe @Brandon will be able to enlighten that.


@Simon - haha! I feel you. Am a bit undecided on this. Am leaning more towards running DR alone to maximize it. At the same time, am enjoying EQ and PCC too much.

Very tempting to run The Dragon Emperor stack of DR + EQ + PCC. Would end up making a good custom too.


@Brandon, please respond to this in it’s respective thread. No reason to derail this one.


@Simon - are you running DR for any physical healing benefits? Am wondering about this since I do have a couple of issues to resolve in that domain. In case you are, is it helping?


Well you know, you’re going to use it sooner or later, so getting it now shouldn’t be a big risk. If it’s too much right now you can always adjust the play frequency or even bag it up for later.

We frequently talk here with the implicit assumption that there’s some kind of urgent deadline for running a title. Probably because we often first start getting subliminals as responses to some personal issues that feel urgent. But I think I’m playing around with alternate schedules and timelines.

Some titles are urgent and others can be spaced out.


Naah. My issues are all mental.
I’m also not physically sensitive enough to tell if it’s doing anything there. :slight_smile:

Edit: I had more random boners than usual these two days. :joy:


That was funny @Simon! :rofl:


Warning: Exposure to this title may cause the following, Jiggly Leg Complex, Triumphant Tears Syndrome, Random Boners, Matrix Revolutions, Inverted Self-Concept Development, Intentional Thumb-sucking Disorder…


Ah yes. You do have a point there. Also, I need to remind myself what my goals are and also where my priorities lie. Hmm yup.


HAHAHA! So DR actually stands for “Dickus Randomus” in Holy Latin


ROFL! Now we know what is written behind the boxart.


I am going to join the club from tonight I will stack Khan stage 4 alongside my custom Stark Terminus lets all ride the wave together.


@blackadder - Surf on, brother!


Feels like it’s dense and it’s taking it’s time for results but as I mentioned in another thread it’s about the action taken too.

I’m interested in seeing how your stack works for you @raphael

@blackadder I’m excited for yours too, I know we spoke about it previously.