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Hi there
So I just downloaded the app and checked it on some subliminals from other guys and… nothing happens. The Graph doesnt change at all.
Am I doing something wrong? Using a Galaxy J2.


You checked it on some subliminals from other guys. Have you checked it on subliminals from these guys too? :slight_smile:

By doesn’t change at all, do you mean it doesn’t move when you talk either? Because it should always be picking up something. For example my FrequenSee picks up quite loud ultrasonic frequencies coming from the power adapter of my ISP’s modem.


Not yet, as it’ll take some time 'til my first subliminal will be added (Where will it be added btw? Where can I find it?)
It does move when I talk and when there is noise, but it doesnt when I use subliminals. Can it be, that the microphone is not good enough?


Good question, I don’t think I’ve met a microphone that failed to pick up ultrasonic frequencies. Usually it is the speaker that can’t reach that high. You’re playing on the same phone you’re using FrequenSee on?

I’m assuming you’re testing ultrasonic frequencies here. If you’re testing masked, it would just be weird.

You can try the test file I linked to in another thread and see what it does. You should see a nice wave in FrequenSee. All the way up to the final bars when you can’t hear anything anymore.


Nope. It dropped after 20sec. I was playing the files on the computer using the monitors built-in mono-speakers. Yes, I am testing the ultrasonics.


Well, there’s your problem then, if FrequenSee registers the first part of that file, but not the ending, then the speakers can’t handle the high frequencies. Monitor speakers are not known for superb sound. Ironic then how they can sometimes sound better than the sound that comes out of the average cell phone.

You do realize the definition of stereo is 2 mono-speakers, right? :wink:


Yes I know but I dont need them for ultrasonics to work actually. Ive listened to another sub through the mobile phone’s mono speakers and it worked fine.
Do you mean I need stereo speakers for the app to work?


I have the same on my phone, the mic is only 18khz i think or lower and the speaker is 20khz. so when i run the program it show nothing, but if check it with another phone its showing.


Btw. I cant even find speakers who go from 15kHz to 20kHz. Most of them say either 15-20Hz, which may be a mistake, or 150 hz - 15 khz.
Man this stuff is confusing :sweat_smile:


It could be like @Badboi states, that your mic can’t hear it even though it is there.

I just looked up the first cheap brand-name headphones I could find on Amazon (a 15 USD Panasonic in this case, actually seems quite interesting) and it cited a 10Hz-27kHz range. Nowadays pretty much every speaker can handle it. But as you can see it’s xxHz-xxkHz. Ultras are around 17-20kHz I believe.

The question about mono/stereo has been asked multiple times, most recently in this thread. Somehow Saint never does seem to give an answer. At least none that I could find. Ultras should be fine in mono, masked I’m not certain.


Have you tried playing the ultrasonic through your phone media player with frequensee? What’s funny is I have a supposedly high end Bluetooth speaker that can’t play ultrasonics even though it’s rated to 20khz but I have a generic Bluetooth speaker with no khz rating and it seems to play it just fine at medium volume. :rofl:.

Also if you have a wired headset with the mic on it you could connect it to your phone and see if your wired mic can pick it up…


I thought you shouldnt use headphones for ultrasonics and use speakers instead?
This Hz-kHz-thing really annoys me, why cant they just use 1 unit, either Hz or kHz? :sweat:
The amazon I use (Im not American) doesnt really seem to have good information about the Hz-Range. Here it just says for example “20 Hz-15 Hz”. Yeah… Gotta figure that out

Thank you guys


I tried both, directly on the same phone and with the monitor’s speakers.


@ExploringAstronaut When you play the ultrasonic on your phone through your phones speaker, do you see anything on the frequensee app? If not it could be the mic. In that case check with another phone.


Nope, I dont. Yeah, Ill use another phone soon. Got to buy a new one anyway


I see. What audio player are you using? Also make sure any sound effects enhancers are off.




Should be fine. Maybe the mic can’t pick it up. But I’m pretty sure the phone can play it. Let me ask you this. Does the phone make static sounds when playing the ultras or that test audio file ?


Yeah I think so. Its very bad too, so I cant even really hear myself when I record my voice. Guess the model is just outdated.
But I dont actually need stereo speakers for the subs to work right?
Sorry, its all just a bit confusing


No you don’t need stereo for ultras. For masked version you should too be safe.