A Testimonial of Health and Weightloss using Emperor Fitness ST1 and ST2


Yesterday was just another Sunday over here and as I do every Sunday, I checked my weight in the morning (same time every weekend) and was very relieved to see that I was finally in the normal-weight category for my height.

Felt a rush of victorious euphoria for sticking with this 8 month journey where I did OMAD+Keto (and now OMAD+Carnivore for the last 2 weeks so far). OMAD = One Meal a Day.

Had lost 33kgs (73lbs) over the course of this journey. And have to lose another 7 kgs (15lbs) to sit safely in the middle of the range of normal weight. But that’s gonna be easy to do and I give it another two months to reach my target.

For this I had used Emperor Fitness ST1 and Emperor Fitness ST2 (ST2 being specifically for weight loss) these 8 months to help me with sticking to my diet plan. These were part of the stack along with other subs.

ST1 was something I played the longest especially for healing benefits and it surely boosted my energy levels when before I used to be easily tired even when on a normal diet. ST1 also helped me manifest my keto and carnivore diet plans thanks to the sub’s Nutrition element. I spent a lot of time listening to testimonials and did the research before choosing these diets and the OMAD fasting routine.

ST1, I believe, has also manifested many other ways to help me with my various health issues which I won’t detail here since it’s too personal. But believe me when I say that it will guide you to food, doctors, places, healing modalities, etc that are good for your health.

I must add that I didn’t exercise since I didn’t want to stress my body with my weight but have already started with pushups and lifting some dumbbells a few days back inorder to add exercise to the mix. Will do this at home and later add some yoga too.

Weightloss is mostly diet though (80% of it or even more, compared to exercise) and if your food is good, you will be fine. Like the saying goes, “let your food be medicine and let your medicine be food”.

Exercise has its own benefits though especially for blood circulation, strength and flexibility. And since am in a position right now that I don’t have to strain my knees and legs as much with my current weight, am gonna add it to my lifestyle.

Have Emperor Fitness ST4 in my current Terminus Custom so am not using the separate stages of Emperor Fitness anymore. It has all the stages in it anyway.

To conclude, here I am, sitting with a grin on my face wearing the tightest pair of jeans I have in my wardrobe. And it’s still loose. I might need to purchase pants that fit me better. And that’s absolutely a good problem to have.

PS: Aegis: Survival Instinct is also a good program to add to EF ST1 if you need more help with your health.

PPS: in all this, how could I forget SubClub? Thank you, @SaintSovereign and @Fire. The subs helped me in ways I couldn’t imagine.


Major props! This is an impressive feat especially during coronavirus.


@SubliminalUser - heh. Good catch. I used to tell some of my closest friends what am doing to lose weight but they don’t want to hear it since they are going in the opposite direction during 'Rona season lol.


I’ve been doing IF for 2+ years now although my window (and more) expanded during this time. Not focusing too much on weight loss at this time though, since I am focused more on strength goals, of which I am at records levels at thanks to my home gym. An extended fast near the end of coronavirus should help in losing weight.


@SubliminalUser - good going, bro :+1:


That is awesome to hear! Gratulation my friend


Thanks a lot, @friday


Awesome bro! I am overweight too…I am afraid of the hanging / lose skin when I will drop weight. How do you deal with that? Or is that not the case with you?


@aaa - intermittent fasting helps with losing the extra skin too. One Meal a Day is the way I do intermittent fasting but you can do it with two meals per day too but with a gap of a minimum of 8 hours fasting between meals when you don’t take any calories. Water, Black coffee/tea or green tea without sugar is fine.

The other option is exercise. You can do exercise with intermittent fasting too but I prefer to lose some weight before starting it.

Like always, a good diet is important. Do look into keto diets.

Do loads of research. You can ask your question about loose skin on youtube and you will get loads of good answers.


Congratulations ! Feels good to wear those used-to-feel-tight jeans ain’t it? lol!

I have been doing IF myself, 20 hour fast with 4 hour eating window - sometimes switching to 18-6 fasting. Have been hearing a lot of good things about OMAD. Going to try it out soon too!

lots of respect and keep up the good work :muscle::+1:


Thank you, @joefso. And yes, you are right. Feels good to feel better than when I was younger. Must be at least a 10 year old pair of jeans and it was tight when I purchased it too lol.

But good going for you too. I have immense respect for anyone who can discipline their cravings to do this.

IF is the best and it undoubtedly does wonders to one’s health as it does to weight which am sure you have experienced.

Since you have already done a 20hr fast, it’s just a couple of hours away to OMAD which is basically a 23 hour fast. So am sure you can do it easily. Good luck!


If and OMAD are amazing to burn the fat off :muscle: good job!


@WhiteTiger - exactly! Must admit that at first I found the fasting concept outrageous. Even my family did. They thought fasting was just a way to discipline the spirit by hurting the body. Which is partly true since you do feel hungry at first but it’s good for your body, mind and soul. “A sound body leads to a sound mind” anyways.


Lost 20 lbs during the covid lockdown with omad, it’s great :wink:


That’s awesome, @WhiteTiger. You are a more lean and mean white tiger now :stuck_out_tongue:

And me, my poor wings don’t have to bear that much weight anymore lol.


Yeah, I don’t think it’s good for your bones to have so much weight, especially fat weight! Must be hard on the body structure. :open_mouth:

Did your walk or movement improved?


@WhiteTiger - oh yes. Good question regarding walking. Reminds me that:
-Walking got easier
-Am sure running would be too but with my eyes am not gonna try any time soon
-Can stand and walk for more periods of time due to less weight
-Easier to sit cross-legged on the floor
-Posture is better and straighter since the weight on the stomach has decreased
-Feeling more masculine since estrogen decreases with decrease in body fat
-And since the fat on the loins decreases during weightloss, might have gained an inch down there. It’s a Male Enhancement miracle module lol!


Hahaha glad to hear it, I’m always urging my friends (and everybody) to eat healthy and exercice…yet nobody do it, keeps eating pizza, chips and drinking alcohool in excess!

I have huge respect for what you did!


@WhiteTiger - thanks, man. Maybe you could encourage them by telling them they could increase the length of their peepees that way. That would at least make them pause for a moment :grin:


Lost 8 kgs over like 2-3 months only by not eating sugar. LOL

And I wasn’t even eating a lot of sugar before like those people who drink Coca Cola all day long instead of water